Can-Umantad Falls in Candijay is one particular of the most impressive waterfalls you will uncover on the unbelievable island of Bohol, Philippines! There are also two other terrific attractions to pay a visit to in Candijay, which will make it a terrific trip. Quit off to see the Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and cool off at Canawa Cold Spring afterward.



Can-Umantad Falls is in the Candijay area (pronounced ‘Candee-high’). I drove my bike up right here from Panglao (well-liked tourist location) and it took about two hours. I was continuing on to Anda just after so I created it the cease on the way. If you program to return to Panglao it will be a lengthy journey of two-hours driving every single way.

As soon as you arrive to the Candijay Area, it is truly not super quick to uncover with a quantity of dirt roads to adhere to. Having said that, it is pinned accurately on Google Maps just like Canawa Cold Spring and Cadapdapan Rice Terraces. That created navigating these 3 attractions very quick. I have embedded the map beneath with the Can-Umantad place pinned.

There is an alternate way to get to Can-Umantad Falls from the viewpoint and to be sincere I type of wished I had taken it. From the viewpoint/restaurant for Cadapdapan Rice Terraces is a stairway major down the steep hill to the waterfall. Years ago, there was no road that went all the way about to Cam-Umantad Waterfall. This meant you had to stroll up and down the stairs from the restaurant to pay a visit to the waterfall. It was like a two-in-1 attraction. Now, there is a paved road that leads you to Cam-Umantad but to be sincere it is so steep that I would rather stroll down from the restaurant. You can see from the photo beneath how close the rice terraces are to the waterfall. I think it is just a 10-15 minute stroll to the waterfall down the measures rather than a 15-minute drive along a windy, steep, hazardous road.



CANDIJAY  TOUR (Hotel Choose-up from Panglao)

There is a terrific tour that requires you from your hotel in Panglao to the beaches of Anda, Cadapdapan Rice Terraces and to Can-Umantad Waterfall. Honestly, it is such a lengthy drive if you do it by your self that this is likely the way to do it. There will not be crowds of vacationers like at Chocolate hills and as you can see it is a gorgeous landscape. If you are interested in booking the Candijay Tour you can see it has hundreds of bookings and evaluations. Click Right here to view the facts of the Candijay Tour and make a booking for your group.



When we arrived in Candijay, we decided to go to Can-Umantad Falls very first and attain the rice terraces and hot spring on the way back. The road was fairly crazy, to be sincere. It was new and in fantastic situation but extremely steep. It was extremely windy and took at least the identical quantity of time as it would have to take the stairs down in the very first spot. 

At the bottom, we parked and paid the tiny entrance charge of 20 pesos. The nearby guys asked if we wanted a guide but to be fair that is a bit of a scam as there truly is just one particular pathway that leads you for 5 minutes to the waterfall. There is not a great deal guiding to be carried out. Possessing stated that there are a handful of off-shoots that I’m confident they could show you some small pools and other cool issues so if you negotiated that it may well be worth it to discover the small hidden spots in the location.

We headed off and stopped at the quantity of diverse pools along the way to jump in and swim. The water is a extremely vibrant blue and extremely refreshing just after the lengthy drive to Candijay. Make confident you verify the depth of the pools as the water is not very transparent adequate to see. My favored pool was one particular that truly had Can-Umantad Falls in the backdrop.


From this pool, you can head on up to the primary waterfall, which is apparently the tallest waterfall in the province. The primary cascade is 60ft but hits a plateau ahead of lastly dropping down to the primary pool. It is extremely impressive and it is terrific to be in a position to hang out in the water beneath the falls despite the fact that the water itself was extremely deep so it wasn’t the very best swimming hole. There are a lot of terrific spots beneath the falls to make your personal and hang out though reading a book or relaxing.

I’m confident you have heard about Cadapdapan Rice Terraces if you are seeking into Can-Umantad Falls but in case you haven’t make confident you pay a visit to all 3 attractions on your pay a visit to to Candijay like the Canawa Cold Spring. It is extremely feasible to do all 3 in one particular day and they are all one of a kind and make a Candijay day trip an action-packed adventure with views,  adventure, and swimming!


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