The quantity one particular explanation Americans want to travel solo


There are a lot of causes to attempt out a solo trip, but it turns out the primary inspiration for travelers to set their personal path is not wanting to compromise.

The top rated explanation why Americans like to travel solo is setting their personal itinerary. Image by d3sign/Getty Photos

According to new analysis from YouGov, 66% of Americans have either traveled alone or would take into consideration going solo. What inspires persons to set out on their personal? The quantity one particular explanation is wanting to the freedom to make their itinerary with out possessing any input from other persons.

The subsequent most preferred causes are that 37% discover it much easier to loosen up when they are alone, even though 32% say traveling alone tends to make them really feel a lot more independent and self-confident, and travellers like specific destinations that appeal to them but not their loved ones, buddies or partners. When it comes to solo travel as a increase to self-self-assurance, this is a specifically powerful feeling amongst millennial and Gen X girls. About 41% of millennial girls and 39% of Gen X cite this as an critical explanation.

On the other hand, there are specific kinds of travel that are much better suited to going it alone. Additional than half, 57%, say they’d like to take a trip to a different US city alone, even though 50% say they would take a road trip. Fewer persons would want to take a beach holiday by themselves, at 40%, even though only 37% say they would want to travel to a foreign city alone.

When it comes to what is holding would-be solo travelers from heading out on their personal, 57% say they would really feel unsafe and 51% say could possibly would be lonely.


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