I get a lot of emails with queries asking how and -most importantly- exactly where to appear for a job in aviation. This post is going to answer these queries and guide you by means of the fundamentals of looking for functioning possibilities on this field.

Prior to taking any of the following actions, I assume you have ready your CV, as effectively as your self for any upcoming interviews. If not, verify out my six actions for the best CV as it is an crucial step on your way to your dream job. It is a profession to be treated in all seriousness and consistency – from the quite starting till the finish.

I ready these five actions possessing in thoughts what would my technique be if I was hunting for a job now (of course, I’ve been in this position in the previous), asking myself queries like: “What would you do if you had been hunting for a job? Which actions would you stick to, attempting to operate issues out?”. So, I came up with this list functioning by encounter – with honesty towards all of you and respect and enjoy for this profession.


Step 1: Make a decision if you are prepared to relocate.

Generating up your thoughts about wheher you happen to be prepared to relocate, is critical.

Need to the answer to this be YES, you can expand your search to airlines beyond borders. If, on the other side, the answer is NO, you should really narrow down your search to airlines operating inside the nation – which on Greece’s case are a couple of. If you happen to be not fully confident regardless of whether you want to relocate or not, you could attempt functioning on your base in order to test your self – see if this profession is essentially for you, – you could invest six months or even a year functioning as a flight attendant and then, take the huge step to relocate. While Regional Airlines are a bit unique from International Airlines, they do present a likelihood to familiarize with the field.

Need to your answer be I DO NOT KNOW But, you happen to be likely open to all possibilities and additional versatile in accepting any of the above- maximizing your possibilities .


Step two: One particular-by-one particular search of all Airlines.

This is some thing I made use of to do when I was nevertheless unfamiliar with how issues worked in this job – see, there had been no such blogs to guide me by means of. Immediately after deciding regardless of whether you are going to relocate or not, your subsequent step should really be a detailed search of each airline. Do as I did: search all key airports’ web sites and verify the list of airlines flying there. Create them down and invest some time looking every one particular Exactly where are they primarily based? Which destinations do they fly to? Do they have a number of bases? You could also do a nation-orientated search, hunting for all the UK, France, or Dubai primarily based airlines just to name a couple of. Verify all the web sites and forums (even though cautiously given that there are is a lot of dissapointment out there) and search for all the data you require.

This is some thing you should do in order to get familiar with the field. Search, take excellent notes, find out every little thing there is to know and remain alert. Regardless of whether getting a flight attendant is your life aim or just yor way to escape your daily routine, it is crucial to find out a couple of issues regarding this job. Welcome to aviation!


Step three: Verify on the internet all the Careers/Jobs/Join Us Categories.

The third step to take is to verify the category Careers/Jobs or Join us on the web sites of all airlines you happen to be interested into. This is exactly where you will locate all job openings and of course, which ones are Open for Applications. These are generally situated on the site’s footer or as a sub-category to the About Us / Our Corporation category. If you happen to be missing it then you happen to be likely carrying out some thing incorrect – there is no likelihood there is no such category. Of course you could google a couple of keyword phrases – Emirates Job Careers for instance – and you are going to be automatically redirected to the distinct category. Immediately after that, stick to the actions essential and send your CV (only if there is a vacancy) or apply on the internet.

Prior to filling your application, take a appear at the qualifications essential – just to be confident.


Step four: Verify your country’s Open Days.

On my Facebook web page, I often attempt to hold you posted about Open Days taking spot in Greece but you could also monitor your self the web sites and social media of each airline that interests you. At this point, I have to remind you that these open profession days are generally organised at hotels mainly by Emirates airlines. You could either attend an Open Day basically by bringing a CV with a current photo or by applying beforehand at the airline’s web page. They are an outstanding chance – even if you fail – to get encounter regarding the interview and every company’s demands.


Step five: Linked In

Linked In is an crucial tool in aviation. It will be additional helpful when you happen to be previous the junior level and you have currently had a couple of miles up in the air. Nonetheless, by generating a strictly experienced account on Linked In, you could join a couple of aviation groups to hold you informed about any new openings. Plus, you could connect with people today in aviation and access – at least – its’ world wide web globe. As I mentioned, your account should really be strictly experienced. 


By following the actions above and maintaining an eye for all openings, you are going to have lots of possibilities to join aviation. Do not wait for the possibilities to come your way – it is pretty not possible to occur, specially these days. Make confident you happen to be hunting previous the uniform and the concept of the job – there are a lot of sacrifices and issues following it – you may well locate it hard to enter this field as effectively as stay in it.



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