Solo travel in Seville | Things to do in Seville on a weekend break


Tiles decorate Plaza Espana

Tiles decorate Plaza Espana

I’m so lucky that Seville is one of the nearest city’s to visit from where I live in Portugal, and has been a few times, here are some suggestions of how to spend a weekend in Seville. While the city is pretty walkable, you’ll also want to embrace the Spanish pace of life, and maybe even a siesta, so don’t plan to do everything.

Also, be sure to book some of the key attractions in advance. Some can even be reserved on your mobile on the day, so you don’t have to join the vast ques, but others, such as the Alcázar, you should certainly book in advance. Also keep in mind that as with much of Spain, certain attractions may be closed on all, or sometime between Saturday – Monday, and afternoon closures can also occur.

Santa Cruz, The Jewish Neighbourhood

The centrepiece of the city, at least for tourists, Santa Cruz is home to some of the key tourist attractions and most lavish architecture in the city.

But beyond that, as I discovered with Juanfran, there are a maze of little alleys, cute gardens, and quaint restaurants to explore here and as soon as you step away from the main squares, you’ll feel like you are in a different city. Orange trees mix with gift shops and the tapas bars here are a treat, so be sure to venture off from the main attractions and enjoy this beautiful side of the city.


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