One of the most extraordinary ways to explore the beauty of Greece and enjoy the idyllic landscapes the Greek Islands have to offer is via the sea – cruising around one or more islands or following a Beach or an Island Hopping course. So, with Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel being the only Yachting Hotel in Mykonos, we couldn’t miss the opportunity to do so too.
Prince de Neufchatel M/S is a luxurious, privately owned 25-meter sailing yacht – a yacht of incredible elegance as well as the only yacht in Mykonos offering such services. I lived the on-board experience, shared it in real-time both on my Instagram and Facebook channels and today, I’m sharing it with you on the blog. Let’s do that! 


Prince de Neuchatel may sail with up to 30 people, accommodate up to 6 in 3 cabins with en suite bathrooms while it may host up to 40 people when anchored. It is a unique place to use as a perfect party spot to host various events: bachelor parties or birthdays when at the same time it can be transformed to a romantic spot to enjoy a memorable first night as a married couple or even an anniversary. Needless to say that all the above can be accompanied with a Private Candle Light dinner under the stars.

“Love is in the air” aboard the Prince de Neufchatel – single, in a relationship or married, you’ll feel the romance filling the atmosphere! Trust me, I did.


All that sophisticated elegance will have you dreaming of the times back to Plymouth Adventure and Captain Kidd. The eclectic combination of luxury and comfort awoke the pirate I didn’t know I hide deep down inside. Sailing around Mykonos makes you feel like a conqueror yourself: you definitely want to conquer the mesmerizing crystal clear waters, the hidden beaches and enjoy the sea and sun of the Cyclades to the fullest – although you won’t feel like leaving the comfort of the Prince.

The wonderful captain and crew of the yacht offered us the opportunity to go on a daily cruise to explore the island.

And we left straight away!


The arrival back to Kivotos, leaves you excited, (and more in love than before I might say) reminiscing the amazing moments you experienced for the rest of the weekend. Prince de Neufchatel will help with that, as the yacht is always anchored at the bay of Ornos, adding refined elegance and luxury to the whole scenery. Having Mykonos as your base and exploring the nearby destinations on cruise, is a perfect idea. Not only you’ll have the chance to enjoy amazing views but you’ll taste a delicious Mediterranean-based menu curated by Kivotos’ chef.

That makes this cruise an one-of-a-kind experience, full of grace and elegance, an Island or Beach Hopping to remember. Should you love smaller or greater luxuries in life, you do pay attention to details and value your preferences, then this is the experience for you. A great one.




Soon, I ‘ll share my Candle light dining experience with Prince de Neufchatel on the background. 

Stay tuned!

Disclosure: I was invited at Kivotos Luxury Boutique Hotel as a guest and this is a part of my Editorial Hotel Review, as an extra facility offered by the hotel. All opinions are mine, and always will be. 


Maria Kalymnou

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