The Cosmopolitan Blog Awards and me being nominated under the Best for Travel category, is the fantastic reason I am writing this post.  So, if you wanna know how I got nominated, what was the procedure like and learn everything about my exciting experience in London, then keep on reading.



Two months ago, I entered the Cosmopolitan UK Blog Awards under the Best for Travel Blog category. Who would have guessed that among 56.000 other bloggers, I would be shortlisted on the Top 10! The one-month long voting following our nomination didn’t require us promoting any kind of sponsors or doing separate posts exclusively for the awards – no specific terms and conditions were applied.


The one thing we had to do – for our own good, of course – was to ask for our readership’s support by voting us via the online system Cosmopolitan provided. Apart from voting, the final decision on the winners would be made based on a combination of factors – but we already knew that from the beginning. So, I just sat back, relaxed and enjoyed the valuable gift of love and support everyone showed me – a gift no award could ever be compared with, to be honest.

Just the fact that I was shortlisted, competing with 64.000 total votes, is really something special. For me, this was a great success.


My #RedCarpetMoment at Cosmopolitan Blog Awards



The awards took place at Marylebone One, a wonderful place in downtown London. Νone of my fellow nominees had a +1 invitation, so getting to know each other was an one-way road in order to have an unforgettable night together. And so it happened, as we spent the night sharing stories of our trips around the world rather than guessing which one of us would go home with the award at the end of the night. The Pre-Awards Cocktails night I organised at Opso Restaurant the night before, significantly helped, as we got to spent a fun night together sharing a first Cocktail Hello – I’llbe preparing a separate post on our girl’s night-out soon!
It was an overall great night – and it had evertyhing: amazing finger food with little canapés, mini fish & chips, as well as, cute candies for the sweet tooths with the signature of Cosmopolitan. Being on my #60daysreset diet prevented me from tasting them but my girls guaranteed everything tasted as delicious as they looked. Τhe list of the drinks included Cosmopolitan Cocktails – what else? – and fine rosé wine offered by the sponsor of the night, Blossom Hill Belle Blush. A mixture of emotions was in the air that night as the girl’s shared their excitement, joy and sometimes, disappointment. As for me? No disapointment and no hard feelings whatsoever!


Together with some of the travel girls Lizzy, Elle and Jessica.


There were so many beauty corners all around us, for nails, hair, eyelashes, sparkle tattoos and make up, so I was 100% sure I was in the right place!


The Cosmopolitan Magazine, the ultimate girly magazine revealed once again its face, with girlish details and fine beauty spots. It was basically what I expected, a girl’s party, with cheerful girls around, with colorful details and an incredibly happy climate. Happy climate for me at least, as I love socializing with people passionate for what they do, like me.


The nominated categories were 10 and each category was awarded a Best for Travel/Beauty/Fashion/.. award and a Highly Commended award. On my category, the sisters from Twins That Travel  won the Highly Commended award while Sophie from Sophie’s Suitcase won the Best for Travel award.

We spent the rest of the night talking, planning future trips and sharing our stories about our blogs. Each one of us explained how and why we began blogging, how much we enjoy it- especially travel blogging – and how excited we were as we have gone so far. Our night ended with mutual promises to meet again soon with Greece being our first meeting point! 


The Moment of the Awards

With my girls, Lizzy and Katy 

One of the Twins that Travel/ that won!

Officialy a #Cosmogirl!



I would like to thank everyone who supported me during the last month, everyone who voted for me (and those who DIDN’T) and everyone following Maryhop and showing me their love. all these years. It is the great amount of support I receive everyday along with my passion for blogging and traveling that offered me the chance to be nominated for the 2nd time this years on a major-scale event. It was only a few months ago, in June, when I was nominated at the Marie Claire Greece Blog Awards for Best Lifestyle Blog and here I am again, shortlisted on the Best for Travel category at the Cosmopolitan UK Awards. It is not without the constant help and support from my sister, Theodosia, the technical mastermind behind this blog and Elena’s help with the English version that I made it here.

I won’t try denying the value of an award or of any kind of recognition. It is greatly appreciated to be valued after all. However, the most important asset someone in my business should have, in my opinion, is remembering where they started from and where they’re headed at. I’m just a girl who followed her dream and, eventually, it led me somewhere special. For me, recognition comes with each like, comment, message and love vibe you send me everyday. A nomination or an award, are a great opportunity to present your work, do some networking, widen your horizon; Blogging Horizon as I like to call it. 

Each step I take on the right way, regardless of the result, is a huge success. Besides, I was the only Greek lady at Marylebone One. Hey, #Greeksdoitbetter!


Until next time #cosmoblogawards


Disclosure: I would also like to thank Aegean Airlines which pampered me by offering me a business class flight to London (a review on which will be coming shortly!) and Sony Hellas for my new, amazing Sony a6000 on which I captured both my trip and the night of the awards. Additionaly, I would like to express my regards to Samsonite – FF Group for the light as a feather, wonderful Cosmolite suitcase that carried my outfits for the trip. For more on my experience in London and the Cosmopolitan UK Awards, you can check my Instagram  and Facebook. 



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