My trip to Arizona was a single of these experiences which could quickly place almost everything else out you have lived so far, out of the image.

At that precise moment when I set foot at the Horseshoe Bend of the Colorado River, I knew that this was an a single-of-a-sort knowledge. An knowledge that actually produced me set aside just about every other trip and start out organizing my comeback on the west side of North America, swooning more than the truth that I will be experiencing the Grand Canyon in its fullest.


The Horseshoe Bend is positioned in North Arizona, close to the town of Web page and Lake Powell. It is  3/4km stroll away from the parking region, subsequent to Highway 89 – south of Web page. 


It is a breathtaking scenery formed by a mix of stone and red rock walls that produce a horseshoe-shaped meander proper exactly where the Colorado River flows – a miracle of nature, in other words. The river flows to Horseshoe Bend from the Glen Canyon Dam and Lake Powell.

Only 5km away from the Grand Canyon National Park, it tends to make you really feel like you stepped proper into the Grand Canyon, while georgraphically, it does not belong to it. A pay a visit to to Horseshoe Bend is virtually usually followed by a trip to Grand Canyon but because I did not have the time to continue my trip to the Grand Canyon, Horseshoe Bend got me covered with its organic beauty and breathtaking view. At least for now.

Driving at Highway 89 in Arizona

Lake Powell 

The Horseshoe Bend-Colorado River

Just after parking your auto, a really lengthy hike awaits  you in order to attain the Canyon. A number of indicators along the way warn you about two issues: FIRSTLY of the hiking situations and SECONDLY of the safety measures just about every person need to take. There is practically nothing to make sure you are secure although hanging off the cliff to take photographs or admire the view inside the Canyon.

Due to the fact it is not a protected internet site, security is your duty. Walking about the Canyon needs to be further cautious, so head’s up.

The Canyon is also a leading meeting point for photographers from all more than the planet who stand, at the verge of the cliff, attempting to capture the sunset. A sunset that actually blew my thoughts and outshadowed just about every other sunset I’ve watched up till that time. Was it mainly because I was miles away from dwelling at the other side of the planet, living a magical moment or really should I blame it on the magnificent colours teh sky took as the sun was setting down? What ever it was, it certaily did win a location in my heart.

The indicators along the route

Walking towards the canyon


Just prior to the sunset

Panoramic photo of the Canyon

The Grand Canyon National Park remains at the leading of my list with Lifetime Trips and my pay a visit to to the Horseshoe Bend gave me the great excuse to return. Lack of time was the purpose why I could not continue on to Grand Canyon – like that time when I was in Las Vegas, in Nevada and did not have the time to pay a visit to the Grand Canyon. But I guarantee I will be back. On the road!


See you quickly Canyon! 

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