December: the starting of winter, a month devoted to Christmas that somehow often increases our urge to travel. Christmas markets, snowy streets, colorful pairs of gloves, endless strolls about the alleys of some of the oldest European cities in the chilly evening air. That paints a image of what most of us are dreaming of living throughout a wintertime trip.

Or is it sea and sun what you are hunting for?


There are two types of winter travelers: these living and breathing for the initial snow to fall and these in desperate require of summer time throughout wintertime. Or else, these who search of the very best ski resorts across Europe at January and these searching for to soak up in some sun at February. This post is all about the initial category. Some of our preferred European cities and quick weekend getaways which are each economical and quick to strategy. A post about summer time destinations will stick to shortly just after this!

November is the best month to strategy a winter getaway, so sit back and loosen up even though I am displaying you about some of the most gorgeous European cities.



The Blue Lagoon – Iceland
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There is not a possibility that you will not obtain Iceland listed as a best winter location at the very best travel magazines or that it will not make it in the bucket lists of travelers all about the planet (like mine for 2016). If you determine to pay a visit to Iceland throughout winter, you will have the possibility to watch the most spectacular organic phenomenon – a phenomenon I myself, have only noticed from above. Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights, white nights and a breathtaking scenery consist three of the thousands causes why you must pay a visit to Iceland. There are numerous possibilities for winter sports such as the common mountain jeep tours, horse riding, snowboarding, skiing and snowmobiling on ice. Throughout Christmas time and New Year’s Eve, Reykjavik is magically transformed into a dream land with the firework show above the snowy mountains getting the highlight of the period.

The worldwide-identified Meals Festival requires spot in February – prepare for loads of tasty delicacies and lots of cold also! Even so, do not neglect to pack your swimsuit (!) and pay a visit to 1 of the most astounding spas in the nation – Europe – the planet: Blue Lagoon. Surely a will have to-see.



Copenhagen is 1 of the coldest cities – to say the least – and at the identical time, 1 of the dreamiest locations in Europe. I could create pages on the items I loved about Copenhagen each throughout winter and summer time time but considering the fact that I cannot, I hope a paragraph will convince you to pay a visit to it also. The city is certainly practically frozen from December till February as all Scandinavian nations are. Even so, there are various activities and Best Suggestions to stick to that will heat items up and make you fully neglect about the temperature.

Initial of all, the Wondercool Festival (what a excellent name!) that requires spot in Copenhagen aiming to entertain each the locals and the guests with indoor activities like concerts, unique meals activities and numerous other events. My tip: love a stroll about the Tivoli Gardens, completely equiped with gloves and a beanie to breath in the fresh and clean Scandinavian air, feeling like a Hans Christian Andersen character – do not let the cold take you down.Stroll towards the romantic canals of the city to admire the state-of-the-art architecture of the medieval buildings and head to Stroget for a memorable buying spree at the biggest pedestrian walkway of Europe. Throughout the winter, you will simpler obtain a table to love a gourmet dinner at Noma – the Mekka of foodies all about the planet. Ice Skating at Toftegård Plads is a preferred activity of the Danish – and yours also, if you give it a attempt. And do not neglect to say Hej! to the Tiny Mermaid statue even though there!


The old town of Tallinn
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The Old Town of Tallinn is devoid of a doubt 1 of the most mesmerizing sceneries you will ever see. Specially throughout the winter with its Christmas Marketplace – 1 of Europe’s most effectively-identified and very best markets. Tallinn is a rather neglected city as it hardly ever tends to make it to the list of will have to-see destinations of travelers. It really is about time that adjustments. Apart from the city centre and the historical centre (Old Town) of Tallinn, you have the chance to love a standard Estonian Sauna just outdoors the city – a tradition that has been listed in UNESCO’s Cultural Heritage of Humanity list. Strategy your keep outdoors the city to encounter a relaxing Sauna vacation – each Estonian and Finnish. Or, if you are a lot more of a city lover,organise a meals tour about the city with your buddies to taste some of the country’s standard dishes served in numerous restaurants about town.

**I was in Tallinn a couple of years ago, in January. The freezing cold – comparable to that in Moscow – could not quit me from enjoying a stroll (or 10) about the Old Town. I ended up warming up more than a plate of hot soup in a standard restaurant. A rather predictable – but astounding – thinking about the situations and temperature.



Budapest is the city of all seasons. It is perfect for a weekend getaway and as my encounter showed, best to discover in three days time and have a amazing time. The view of the city from Buda’s Castle and the Fisherman’s Bastion will undoubtedly reward your option even though a cruise down the Danube will provide you magical moments (nevermind the cold). Budapest is a city complete of life that provides several activities each day and evening. Stop by the New York Cafe, 1 of Europe’s most historical cafes, love a latte and reminisce happily that moment when you lastly decided to pay a visit to Budapest.

You will obtain a lot more causes to pay a visit to Budapest, right here. It is a best location for weekends , holidays, trips on a price range, perfect for couples or huge groups of buddies – anything.



I saved Krakow final, hoping that you are going to contemplate it to be your subsequent location. 

Completely verify out the city, study about it, study all of its secrets and I guarantee you will adore it just before even going to it. A couple of years ago, I’ve visited Warsaw and I was ecstatic by its beauty, so I did not think I would obtain a city equally gorgeous in Poland. But I was incorrect – Krakow was even a lot more gorgeous. Consider this: a goulash soup served in a bread bowl by the fireplace, standard music playing at a restaurant just by a snowy tiny alley at the heart of the city – 1 of the most magical experiences you are going to ever have. Then once again, on Saturday morning place on a pair of gloves and head to the Jewish District to stroll about the Antiques Marketplace. There, you are going to obtain cute tiny antique shops to discover. Make confident you taste the scrumptious Kabanos spicy mustard sausage and of course, book a tour to Auschwitz. Do not let the freezing cold quit you – it will be an after in a lifetime encounter.
Discover out all 17 astounding items you can do it Krakow by clicking right here.

If you are into Christmas Markets and buying, right here are my preferred. And for these of you in search of the sun at the heart of winter, I will be back with a second post: Best Summer time Destinations in the Winter. Featuring swimsuits, sun lotions, the smell of coconut filling the air and lots of tropical destinations!είναι σα να το βιώνεις υπό πραγματικές συνθήκες (και αναφέρομαι μόνο στη θερμοκρασία φυσικά).

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Which are your preferred winter destinations?


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