Top 5 Mediterranean Sailing Destinations You Can’t Afford To Miss!


Are you looking for a perfect Mediterranean destination for your next sailing holiday? If so, we gathered a few of the ultimate sailing hotspots on the Mediterranean that you simply can’t miss!

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All of the listed counties are catering to many different people looking for the different things, however, no matter which one is your personal favourite, all of them are idyllic sailing destinations in their own unique mesmerizing way!

CROATIA – A Coastal paradise of thousand islands and many delights

This small country is full of everlasting beauty that will take your breath away no matter if you are visiting for the first time or 100th time. Croatia is one of those hidden gems on the map of the world, that you simply can’t afford to miss! It is home to over 1200 islands, historic coastal towns from medieval times and the Roman empire, welcoming people, beautiful beaches and crystal clear sea. Her long and captivating coastline offers something from everyone, whether you are looking for active holidays, family getaways, relaxation in untouched nature, fun and lively atmosphere or exploration of history… You won’t end up disappointed! Experience the local lifestyle and completely unwind. Croatia is a small coastal paradise like no other, perfect for exploring from the sea if you want to make the most of your holidays. Distances between islands are short and island jumping with a yacht is super easy and convenient. One thing is sure, and that is you will bring home memories that you will cherish for the rest of your life!

ITALY – Experience the ultimate good life!

What better way to discover Italy and the Italian way of life, than by sailing along the coastline, right? Italy is known as the destination of excellent food, especially when it came to world-famous Italian pizza or homemade pasta made by traditional recipes that were kept through generations. Besides the amazing food, Italy is home to many superb destinations, historic towns, art and culture from different eras. It is an ideal place for history lovers but also for everyone else wishing to experience the good easy going life. To avoid the crowds and hassle on the land and to experience the true meaning of “Dolce Vita” you should consider exploring Italy from the sea! It will surely be a spectacle for all of your senses that you will not forget.

GREECE – Witness the magical spectacle of the sun

Mysterious and breathtakingly beautiful Greece is always a popular destination and it has been on the radar of many people who are looking for ways to explore the magic this country has. No matter if you are history lover, food gourmand, or you are simply looking for an amazing destination for your next holiday… Greece is a place you can’t go wrong with! On your trip, visit one of the many islands with astounding landscapes and explore the runs on land or dive into the sea. When summer days slowly starts to fade, make sure you secure a good position and watch one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world shining on the sea surface and white houses. It’s needless to say, this spectacle is the best to look from the sea in the comfort of your boat with friends or family.  

Turkey – Let yourself unwind and experience local culture and way of life!

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Hospitable friendly people, scenery that shifts from monumental mountains to calm sandy beaches, amazing lively cities, markets and food that will wake up all your senses… Yes, Turkey has it all and much more! This absolutely charming destination is getting more and more popular over recent years and it is making a statement and big comeback on the scene of touristic hotspot holiday destination. As a matter of fact, this is an ideal destination for families looking for a cruise experience that will not only please their wishes but demands of kids. There are many different activities to truly suit every preference whether it is an outdoor exploration of historical and cultural heritage or if it is exploring the sea bottom of the turquoise sea. Speaking of that gorgeous color, Turkey has one of the most mesmerizing seas, clearly also known as the Turquoise sea. A full spectrum of divine colors can be seen in hidden bays reachable by boat only where the sea is so incredibly clear and perfect for any water sports activities.  This magical paradise will seem too good to be true, but it is very much real!

Spain – Perfect getaway with a good dose of wine and fun!

Photo by Club Nàutic d’Arenys de Mar CC BY 2.0

Spain is a perfect destination for those looking to travel in style and completely freely explore all the diversity this country has to offer. When you get into depths of the culture, beautiful destinations, sunny beaches, local restaurants you will be amazed.  After meeting the local friendly people with the heart of gold you will love Spain like no other place in the world. Besides world famous cities there are many hidden gems to be explored, all from tranquil villages, and bays perfect for boat getaways and relaxation.  Besides of course natural beauty this country holds, we can’t forget to mention the Spanish wines and amazing food! Spanish people are known for their love of good food, fun nights and good wines. You can enjoy in some of the local restaurants, order some tapas or you can enjoy food on board that would be served by your Chef passionate about his job. Either way this food and perfected wines will please even the toughest critics out there.


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