The dwellings of Arunachal Pradesh, India


May 18, 2019

Renuka Walter

How the Photo was Taken

I clicked this photo with my DSLR 5100 with 18-55 lens. It’s an Apatani village in Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, North east India. I love this photo because I really found this village unique, and as I was casually strolling through the village with a local guide, I happened to capture this frame. I thought instead of taking a usual long shot of the huts, let me capture the huts through a fencing, which I think made it more attractive and interesting. This shot hardly required any post-editing. I did use a bit of Photoshop (to add more sharpness), though.

Photo Location

Hong village, an apatani village in Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh, North east India.

About the Author

Renuka Walter

Renuka Walter is a travel blogger who likes to travel solo and extract authentic experiences from each destination that she visits. She likes to take photographs that could intrigue people and inspire them to travel.

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