There’s one thing about extended-haul flights and lengthy transits, which send me into a contemplative realm. I leave behind all of my simplistic each day thoughts and start out to analyze my life from an external point of view. I start out to query anything about who I am and the path I am heading in. Thousands of feet above the worries of beneath, I have an existential crisis. Every single damn time.

Sitting in a plane seat is exactly where I do my most harsh, essential self-evaluation. Every single single motive, inspiration, and selection is questioned. My ambitions and my path are objectively place on trial and normally by the finish of a extended flight they have totally changed. It is an emotional method that normally comes with some harsh self-realizations.

Possibly it is the silence and solitude of a extended flight that provides me the space to go deeper. Possibly it is the expectation of a clean slate or a fresh start out in my new location. It could be the opportunity of an optional private reset that entices me to reflect on who I have been and how that could adjust when I step out of the terminal on the other finish of my transit.

When I book a flight of a lot more than ten hours, I am checking in to an existential crisis meeting with myself. It is not as alarming as it could sound and in reality, I shouldn’t have to have to soar across the globe in a metal tube to delve deep inside and query myself. But I do, and it is a pattern.

This week I flew for 43 hours from Bali in Indonesia to Lima in Peru. If there was ever a time that I was going to reflect it would be in the mirror of my longest ever transit.


My head floated from 1 region of my life to the subsequent producing comparisons, connections and conclusions. There’s nothing at all to hide from in this life, getting open and truthful is the only way to be no cost. As quickly as you start out to conceal you hide away from ever grabbing your personal freedom. I have no instinct to withdraw and no all-natural reaction to hide my flaws and fears from myself or from you. I’m not afraid to admit to my personal existential crisis. I practically feel if I’m not possessing 1, I’m shying away from 1 I must be possessing.


I’m presently struggling with my goal. I’ve forever stated the most relatable quote for me is, “Nobody knows what the fuck they are carrying out.”

I uncover that quote explanatory of the reality that every person is probably feeling a related way regardless of the front they could be exposing. Believe about these pals who look most confident of themselves, their profession path and their path. Following anything I have seasoned in my life so far, I uncover such a level of self-confidence and certainty frighteningly naive.

I’m struggling to accept the notion of finishing a project reasonably substantial however also reasonably modest. It depends on what it is getting compared and to who is carrying out the comparison. The reality is that none of these even matter for the hundreds of youngsters the project was aimed at assisting. Nonetheless, it is on my thoughts. For instance, not too long ago I completed functioning on Project Lombok. A campaign exactly where I worked alongside an organization to raise sufficient funds to construct six pop-up schools. We managed to raise more than $100,000 to allow a lot more than 1000 students to return to college on the island of Lombok.

This is a massive achievement and an extremely productive outcome. I really do know that and I have let them hit me wholly. It took 4 months of intensive function, bold concepts and a terrific group of individuals functioning collectively. It was an undeniable good results but when I step back and appear at the large image of Lombok or Indonesia or even the globe, it is tough to even see the scratch on the surface we produced. That could sound incredibly adverse and to a degree it is, but it is how I really feel at instances. Not all the time but it creeps in.

It is a trap of figuring out that we can not adjust the globe but we can adjust one thing and that in impact is altering the globe. This trap is as equally inspiring as it can be paralyzing. To be completely truthful, occasionally it paralyzes me into a tired state of not figuring out exactly where to start out. Also tired to start out anyplace. It is not normally but it occurs. The rest of the time, I am head down and functioning tough backed by inspiration and motivation to reside purposefully and make a good effect.

I uncover it a balancing act of feelings, expectations and an elaborate battle of perception. I know 1 particular person can not adjust the globe but occasionally I want to. It is a frustrating battle of placing your head down to function tough even though all the even though maintaining your head up and eyes open watching the world’s events unfolding about you.


I also really feel a duty to the chance I presently have. This platform, these readers, these followers. How can I let this chance slide and appear back in thirty years at what we could have accomplished collectively if I had figured out the most effective way for us to come collectively on problems that matter to us? How do I balance my need to fulfill that duty with my private life and other ambitions? You discover to juggle. 

The other component of my life that was explored through my existential crisis meeting aboard the Airbus en route to Santiago was my deep isolation. My way of life is prohibitive to extended-term relationships, deeper connection and a sense of neighborhood. That is the way of life I’ve made to be clear. No-1 else place me right here.

The continual modifications of place, intense scheduled adventures, quick-paced motion and an unlikely concept that I will make any of the above malleable sufficient to match an additional particular person or group tends to make this life a incredibly solo adventure. I recognize this circumstance is a private construct. I have the energy to flick the switch in a second if I wanted to. It is achievable that I could remain in 1 place for longer. I could come to be component of a neighborhood. I could open up my life to a lot more individuals and invite a a lot more collaborative method on my adventures and activities to suit these about me. Even so, I continue to pick not to. 

Why am I unwilling to sacrifice my private ambitions for a neighborhood and meaningful relationships, when I know so clearly they are the most crucial elements to private happiness and sense of belonging? A single and the very same. Why am I blocking that avenue?

On the other hand, would it be a disastrous waste of an chance to ‘settle’ into a neighborhood? Is it achievable to uncover a possible medium? As you can see the concerns commence to flow incredibly freely and every 1 consumes me as the internal debate ignites. Normally the fire burns as I understand lots of of the oversights and blunders I’ve been falling victim to, courtesy of myself.


The beauty of this life is that if you do appear inside and you can be totally truthful with your self, the answers are ordinarily there. The tough component is coming to terms with the answers due to the fact all as well normally they are not what we wanted to hear. 

An existential crisis meeting hardly ever has me getting into a new nation with a refined ideology of how my life must be lived. The reflection does although, uncover it is way into my believed method and future choices. I appear back to these moments aboard the plane exactly where I am in the midst of deep reflection, exactly where my thoughts are most pure. They guide my subsequent moments and they flow into my inspirations, motivations, and choices.

Like the baggage claim carousel, my thoughts circulates attempting to method the intensity of my existential crisis meeting. It will be continued on the 45-hour transit back to Indonesia in numerous days no doubt.

For now, I am in Peru functioning on a tourism film campaign for 4 days. I will post beneath the images of the week (and some all through the post above) but to give some context, I was invited by the Tourism Board of Peru through an Australian Digital Agency to be the talent for video promotion and to market Peru through social media. We visited Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Cusco, and Lima. 


It was an adventure trip so on day 1 we started with a double backward bungee and flowed into day two with kayaking and downhill mountain biking. I capped the trip off on my final day by going on a hike to a glacier lake at 4000m altitude. It was an intriguing 4 days as most of the time was spent getting filmed rather than frequent adventuring but that was the nature of this job. I was fortunate to share the expertise with Quin (@everchanginghorizon), who is a person I have looked up to as a photographer considering that I 1st picked up a camera.

This is just an additional typical week, to be truthful. Even though there was 1 final issue that produced this week a tiny difficult. Following 1 year of education, I had to pull out of the Bali Hope Ultra Marathon due to a hip injury. So I will head back to Australia for surgery on an impingement form injury in a couple of days. Life threw a curve ball. Usually place bat on ball, then run like hell and at least make it to 1st base.

If you did study this weekly, I’d enjoy if you left a comment beneath. I’d like to add a lot more private stories every week to this WEEKLY section rather than just a recap of what I did. Hopefully, I can speak truth to the experiences of my adventures and my life and that in turn can hit house with any one else feeling the very same way. 

Hope you all had seven days to bear in mind.

















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