Renting a Car or truck in South Africa


Driving in South Africa is not as intimidating as it may well sound at 1st sound. The nation is 1 of the best locations in the globe to rent a vehicle mainly because it is pretty self-drive friendly. Public transport is minimal in the cities and primarily non-existent in rural locations.  

Renting a vehicle is also 1 of the very best strategies to get about and discover the nation at your leisure. I’ve road tripped in South Africa lots of occasions, and can honestly say that renting a vehicle is inexpensive, protected and very advised.

Right here are some fundamental points to know about renting a vehicle in South Africa that will assistance make your encounter as smooth and practical as attainable. 

Renting a Car or truck in South Africa

Renting a Car in South Africa

Should really You Rent a Car or truck in South Africa?

Renting a vehicle is possibly your very best alternative when going to South Africa. Buses are offered but these are only inside the significant city limits and even though they are inexpensive, lots of solutions finish very early in the evenings or do not run on weekends and not absolutely everyone desires to use hop-on-hop-off tourist double-decker bus.

Even though there are constantly taxis, it will possibly finish up becoming additional highly-priced than if you are renting your personal vehicle and paying for your gas as you go along, as gas costs in South Africa are additional than cost-effective for guests from the US or Europe. 

The bonus is that you can choose up your vehicle from the airport the moment you arrive. But you will want to make positive you leave the larger cities with a complete tank mainly because there are fewer gas stations out of the cities.

You will be in a position to choose your personal occasions and shouldn’t have significantly difficulty on the roads mainly because they are typically in great situation. They also have a lot of road indicators along the way written in each English and Afrikaans.

Do not overlook that they drive on the left if this is a thing you are not applied to, but do not be concerned – it appears additional intimidating than it basically is. In the worst case, you will be turning on your wipers 1st as an alternative of your turn signal.

Cheap Car Rental in Cape Town

Safari in a Rental Car or truck in South Africa

Even though lots of nations in Africa do not enable you to enter national parks without having a safari firm, in South Africa self-drive safari is the very best way to see wildlife. Plus, the expense can be drastically lowered if you are carrying out it on your personal.

You do not need to have a 4×4 vehicle for a safari unless you want to. I’ve completed it without having definitely any troubles in a modest Chevy. Road are very great in Kruger NP.

1 issue you should really verify for is if the firm has an excess mileage policy. Some rental agencies I researched had a limit on the every day mileage with an excess charge for each and every further kilometer driven. It is certainly greater to pick rental with unlimited mileage upfront.

Kruger National Park presents lots of campsites and there are no restrictions on rental automobiles getting into the park. Study my very best ideas of self-drive safari in South Africa.

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Car or truck Rental Insurance coverage in South Africa

It is mandatory that all vehicle rentals prices incorporate fire and third celebration liability insurance coverage. The latter also covers you for harm or injury to individuals or house outdoors of the rental vehicle. 

You can get covered by your credit card such as American Express, but this depends on the agreement you have with your card provider. Otherwise, you can book it on the web and you do not have to spend something further at the counter. 

Person rentals will then go over with you the optional coverage that they present. This could incorporate a Collision Harm Waiver, Theft Protection as effectively as Private Accident Insurance coverage. It is then up to you to choose the packages that very best suit your requirements, maintaining in thoughts that without having these added insurances you may well be responsible for all damages to the car.

Specifications for Renting a Car or truck in South Africa

By law, you need to be at least 18 years old to rent a vehicle in South Africa and you have to have had your license for a year. 

Is a US Driver’s License valid in South Africa?

Yes, it is. All you need to have in order to rent a vehicle in South Africa is a valid license from your residence nation, as extended as it is in English.

There is no longer certain requirement to have an international driving license and these days US driver’s license holders can also rent manual automobiles (it didn’t use to be that way in the previous). 

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Finest Car or truck Rental Businesses in South Africa

You can examine vehicle rental firms at Uncover Car or truck Employ. Rates, availability, and offers alter all the time, so see what’s offered in the course of the time of your trip.

I personally rented from Hertz, Thrifty, Price range and Drive Africa.

Best Car Rental Companies in South Africa

Suggestions for Driving in South Africa

  • You may well want to guarantee that any automobiles that you rent have a GPS integrated or have a functioning WiFi connection to verify Google Maps.
  • 1 critical tip for renting a vehicle in South Africa is to book a vehicle effectively ahead of your trip in higher season and South African holidays so that it is waiting for you when you arrive. I’ve produced a error of not pre-booking my vehicle for a safari and it ruined my plans.
  • Particularly if you are about in the course of the South African summer season, you will want to get a vehicle with air conditioning, mainly because temperatures can get exceptionally higher. 
  • It is very typical to tip the attendants at the gas stations so you may well want to maintain some alter on you, which also may well come in handy to spend any road tolls 
  • Discovering parking shouldn’t be an concern as restaurants and hotels have a parking lot along the most important roads. Numerous of the national parks also present protected campsites. 
  • If you are driving at evening, take precautions as there may well not be lots of street lights in particular in rural locations which may well make it tough to spot individuals and wild animals. You do not want to drive more than a cute creature!
  • Parking attendants are present in the vehicle parks at all the common spots. They’ll assistance you paralel park and get out and it is customary to tip them about 20 Rand. 

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Expense of Renting a Car or truck in South Africa

Renting a vehicle in South Africa can be very price range friendly. 

It is great to maintain in thoughts that there are lots of gas stations in the most important locations and they open 24 hours a day. The costs are fairly inexpensive as well (about $two.62 per gallon).

Make positive you have some money for it, as it is less complicated than hustling with a credit card. There are petrol attendants at all the fuel stops who will fill you up, bring the credit card machine and wash your windows as you wait.

Expense can differ based on the season, so make positive you verify various rental firms through Uncover Car or truck Hire and choose your very best rental vehicle for South Africa.

I have in no way had a reduce class of vehicle provided to me or had any dilemma with rental vehicle firms. When renting and returning the vehicle from Cape Town Airport the workers even produced positive that I take added pictures of all the prior broken, so I do not charged for it later. 

Car Rental Pick Up at Cape Town Airport
Car or truck Rental Choose Up at Cape Town Airport

Can You Drive a Rental Car or truck Across the Border?

Yes, you can, but you need to have to double verify every little thing with your rental firm and a pre-written letter permitting you to pass.

Some enable their rentals only into Namibia and Botswana. Other individuals also enable Zimbabwe, but only to Victoria Falls by a particular border crossing. Check with person ones, by e-mail, to see which has the most liberal policy. 

Study the fine print ahead of creating a final selection. There may well be charges involved by the border patrol, but they alter on a normal basis. 

Bear in mind that even though, for instance, a modest Chevy can be terrific for South Africa, not all forms of rentals are authorized or appropriate for cross-border travel as other nations may well have gravel roads.

From time to time it may well be less complicated to invest in a inexpensive flight to other nations and choose up an additional rental vehicle from there.

 DON’T Neglect ABOUT TRAVEL Insurance coverage

Do not overlook to arrange overall health insurance coverage ahead of heading to South Africa. The easiest and most reputable insurance coverage is World Nomads Travel Insurance coverage. Get it before your trip to skip unnecessary troubles that may well ruin your holidays!

Any concerns? Do not be afraid to ask me!


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