A few weeks ago, I had the chance to visit London and spent two nights in town: on my first night I visited Opso in Marylebone district while on the second one I attended the Cosmopolitan UK Blog Awards in Marylebone One. It was a 3-days long getaway full of blogging activity, hotel treats and pampering and of course, endless strolls around the festive London.


From the very moment I laid hands on my invitation for the Awards, I reached out to the girls also nominated in my category to organize a cocktail night-out in London.  Ι almost immediately came up with a great idea: we would meet at Opso, a Greek Modern Food Restaurant in downtown London. And as the night would certainly be long and we would need much more than a few cocktails, we sat down with Andreas Lambridis – the owner of Opso – and planned a special dinner based on the restaurant’s upcoming Christmas menu.

Opso isn’t just another Greek food restaurant in London.



It is so much more than that. For me, Opso represents the transition of greek food from its traditional roots – the greek moussaka version – to a funkier, contemporary phase. I instantly fell in love with it from day one. I loved its philosophy of greek tapas and its fine, fresh ingredients – delivered directly from Greece. But that’s not what makes Opso stand out: it is the restaurant’s team that has it established as one of the statement dining places in London. Its menu is curated by the incomparable duo of Georgianna Chiladaki and Nikos Roussos while Yannis Petris is Opso’s cocktails master. Success was a sure thing in this case.



Τhe name Opso derives from an ancient greek word [gr.OΨΟ]- meaning delicacy. Its name reflects its philosophy in food as the greek tapas served there are made to be shared around the table. Social style food is the restaurant’s main concept  – an experience you’ll live at its fullest when there. Dishes are to be shared with each other in a unique and fun greek way!

That was exactly what we did with the Cosmo girls: We had fun – the greek way!

Giannis Petris preparing our cocktails

With Alexia, my fashion girl who lives in London


The Christmas festivities in Marylebone happened to begin the exact same night we had planned our night-out. Andreas offered us the opportunity to taste Opso’s Christmas Menu before anyone else did. We enjoyed some of the most delicious, festive delicacies, accompanied with amazing Christmas cocktails.

A 10-dishes Greek Tasting Menu was prepared for us, featuring traditional greek food with a modern “twist”. 6 out of 10 of my fellow nominees were there: Katy, Tink Jayne, Charli, Lizzy, Elle and my dearest friend Alexia, blogger on Smells Like Fashion (who wasn’t technically a nominee but, who cares, she was there for a social food situation!).

From the left: Alexia, Katy, Charli, Elle, Lizzy και Tink Jayne

First Welcome! 

Andreas presenting the Christmas Menu 



Eggnog in an egg
Mushroom Macchiato
Dakos Salad
Fried Smoked Metsovone Cheese with rhubarb jam
Smoked and cured Greek ox-tongue
Venison tartare
Soutzoukaki hot-dog and chips
Snowy cheesecake
Earl grey chocolate truffles



It was the perfect opportunity to get to know my fellow nominees-bloggers a few hours before heading at the awards. This way, our “big night” was another chance for an awesome evening together. We shared a meal, toasted, took photos of the dishes, discussed a lot about traveling, socialized even more and promised to get together again – this time in Greece.


A big ‘thank you’ to Andreas and the whole team at Opso for the perfect Christmas welcome in London!

See you soon ladies!


Maria Kalymnou

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