There is practically nothing greater than a sunrise above the clouds. No matter exactly where you re staying in Bali, trekking Mount Batur for sunrise need to be on each and every adventurer’s to-do list. The 1.five-hour hike up the volcano in the dark leads you to a view of Mount Agung Volcano as the clouds light up beneath you at initially light. It is a magical way to devote a morning in Bali, Indonesia. In this weblog post, I will share all of the information you want to know ahead of your Mount Batur sunrise trek and detail my expertise.


Mount Batur Volcano is in the north of Bali in the Kintamani District. It is about a two-hour drive from Canggu/Seminyak and about one particular hour from Ubud. Mount Batur height is five,600 feet above sea-level, which is 1,707m of altitude. Also identified as Gunung Batur, it is one particular of the most active volcanoes in Bali along with Mount Agung, which is visible from the summit.



The ideal way to get to Mount Batur is by booking a sunrise trek, which will incorporate your transit in the van with the rest of your group. Alternatively, you could rent a moped for $five-six per day and drive up to Mount Batur. Maintain in thoughts it will be freezing driving in the morning for many hours. Though the climate in the south can be warm at evening, it gets very cold in the north and you can trust me (I’ve created the error ahead of) even a large jacket and pants will not be sufficient to preserve you warm if you are driving at three am in the north!



Get Your Guide is normally the most trusted tour agency in my opinion and who I use when I book tours. With more than 1000 critiques on their Mount Batur trek and each day tours, this is certainly the most common tour for sunrise trekking up Mount Batur. You can verify the most up-to-date critiques and see what other travelers consider. Your guided tour involves choose-up and drop-off from your hotel and a standard breakfast at the best. A headlamp and poncho can be bought/rented at the hike entrance.

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Bali is a paradise island but it can also be a really wet island. It is ideal to strategy your Mount Batur sunrise trek for the dry season, which is roughly beginning in May well till September. That is not a challenging and quick rule and do not really feel like you cannot check out Mount Batur outdoors of these months but that is the optimal period. It is not necessarily going to be unsafe if wet, it is far more so that you could have far more clouds and rain at the summit exactly where you are attempting to appreciate the stunning sunrise!

It can get very cold on the trek so bring a warm jacket but layer up as as soon as the sun has risen it will be hot. A large tip is to bring an additional t-shirt so when you get to the best you can switch out your sweaty shirt and replace it with a dry and warm one particular. This will support preserve you warm in the wind at the best.



Mount Batur is very brief. The initially half an hour is comparatively flat for a volcano trek. It does get very steep for about 45-minutes and some persons struggled a bit but for the most portion, it is a moderate trek. If you take lots of breaks it is very a moderate trek. You can take a motorbike virtually the entire way to the summit but it certainly is not important. It is a volcano hike for the non-hikers and a lot much easier compared to the quad-burning Mount Rinjani on Lombok.

The whole hike took us about five hours but we took an insane quantity of images and stops. You could seriously do this hike in three-four hours with out rushing. 



At 130 am I met the crew in Canggu and we sleepily bundled into the van and headed towards Ubud to choose up the rest of the group. It took us a couple of hours to attain the entrance to the hike. I consider it was about two.five hours from Canggu till we created it to the jump-off point. Right here we assembled, organized our gear, headlamps and had a speedy briefing ahead of we set off in the dark at about four am. 

It was very cold and most persons had been wearing a jacket and pants but I was in shorts and took my jacket off to begin the hike as I knew it wouldn’t be lengthy ahead of I warmed out and began sweating. A headlamp was important as the ground is uneven all through the whole hike.

The initially 20-minutes of the hike is quite flat and we powered via that section in the dark ahead of getting a speedy rest. The trail was quite busy with lots of groups also generating the sunrise trek. I consider a handful of hundred persons had been also on the trail though most are moving at a comparable pace so there are not also a lot of hold-ups till close to the summit. 

The second half of the trek gets very steep and is a very good morning exercise. The trail turned into a series of organic measures and there had been a handful of slips as we created the final ascent to the summit. 

The sky was now beginning to show some colour and we created it to the summit just in time for sunrise to witness the starting of the Mount Batur Sunrise. At the summit, there are lots of benches and huts. It is very a set-up and not really organic at all but at least it is organized. That does not imply it is clean. The litter on Mount Batur was quite insane and we had been truly up there undertaking a cleanup and collected 25 massive sacks of trash.


The sunrise turned out to be stunning. We had a robust layer of clouds beneath us with Mount Agung peaking out more than them and we could even see across to Mount Rinjani. As the sun came up, the layer of clouds turned yellow, orange and red and Mount Batur gradually took some light as properly. It was all more than quite speedily but it was a sunrise to bear in mind. I like getting above clouds for sunrises and sunsets and they are generally fascinating.


We had a hot chocolate at the summit and based on your tour, some persons had a standard breakfast ready in smaller kitchen huts. Lots of monkeys hang about the summit for the scraps but they are very friendly compared to the monkeys at the Ubud Monkey Forest Sanctuary.


The good portion about the hike was that we truly took a diverse route down and it was extremely scenic. We followed a crumbly ridge about the edge of Mount Batur sliding our way down. Following about thirty minutes we left the ridge and came to a stunning view of the idyllic Lake Batur. It does not appear like the Bali we know and is virtually a forest atmosphere. I virtually forgot I was on a tropical island for a small bit.


From this viewpoint, we headed down the switchbacks till we created it back to the parking lot for the lengthy, tired drive residence. We arrived back to Canggu just right after midday.


Mount Batur sunrise trek was an unbelievable adventure and for a thing that only requires a morning, it is no wonder the expedition is one particular of the most common tours in Bali.



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