It was only in 1930, when Amy Johnson, the very first lady-pilot (or aviatrix) flew solo from Britain to Australia, flying nearly 11,000 miles in her aircraft named Jason. This was just 1 of the aviator’s thrilling flights across the globe – yet another flight worth mentioning was that in 1931 when she flew from Britain to Russia in a single day (21 hours) and from there, she continued on to Siberia and then Tokyo, setting a new flying record from Britain to Japan.


Αmy turned into a symbol for guys and ladies in aviation and she nevertheless remains a massive inspiration for ladies getting into the globe of aviation. Her flight from Britain to Australia was the dream of numerous ladies pilots for years and even her death in 1941 in an airplane crash, was an instance of how deep her like for flying was and how passionate she was about it.


Quite a few decades later, there was yet another lady who followed her measures in the globe of aviation.





Tracey Curtis-Taylor started her extended journey in October 2015 in her vintage open-cockpit biplane from Farnborough in Britain and right after flying nearly 14,600, more than 23 nations with far more than 50 refuelling stops, she completed her magical journey in January 2016.

This month she landed in Sydney, Australia.

She crossed Europe, flew more than the Mediterranean Sea, the Dead Sea, Pakistan, Oman, India, Malaysia and Indonesia and then headed to Australia.

Flying more than the Dead Sea, the Arabian and the Australian red desert she managed to overcome the incredibly hard climate circumstances triggered by higher temperatures, monsoons, cold, rain and tropical hurricanes. 



Tracey flew an typical of six-eight hours per day, followed and supported by a crew of engineers and camera crew who recorded her awesome adventure.

For the duration of her journey, she created a number of stops to take a look at schools in order to inspire far more girls to stick to their dreams. She devoted her trip to her heroine, Amy Johnson and to all lady aviators out there chasing their dreams in a function domain of males. Her arrival at the Darwin airport in Australia, located her siping a glass of champagne, declaring that these three months turned out to be the most awesome, thrilling and emotional expertise in her entire life.


These two ladies set a good instance, becoming a good inspiration to all the girls (which includes me) going right after their dreams, turning them into reality!


Maria Kalymnou

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