10 Activities for Digital Nomads on the Balkans


Being independent, adventuresome, courageous, easy-going and hardworking are what make digital nomads stand out from the crowd and break the ordinary rules and regulations of employment. When you have the opportunity to blend your work with travel, you are able to gain loads of experience, see numerous beautiful sights, taste different foods, and enliven all your senses.

As a digital nomad, you need to carefully calculate your expenses, travel costs, food, and other amenities, and pick a destination where you would have a chance to have some fun while doing tiresome work at the same time. The Balkans has so many gorgeous hidden gems that every inspiring digital nomad has to visit. Affordable, riveting, mystic and lively at the same time, there is an abundance of activities for you to do on the Balkans. If you are still in doubt, read on to find out.

1. Go swimming in Split

split croatiaIf you love the warm weather, crystal clear sea, dazzling beaches, and perfect breeze, Split is the ideal place to be. This seaside former Roman capital is a true Croatian gem. It is hard to pick out a single place to do your work in this wonderful country since almost every village along the coastline is like a dream place for digital nomads. Split is the city that stands out from the rest ones on Croatia’s 5,800 kilometers long coastline due to its unique friendliness, comfortable places for work, and nice beaches. Roam around the city’s stunning old town, stop at the bistro to do your work while overlooking the Riva promenade. Accommodation is in the summer is rather expensive, but the wifi is extremely fast.

2. Take a stroll around Mokrin’s plains

Explore the far-flung places on the Balkans by visiting the opulent and untamed rural part of Serbia. In the north part of Serbia lies Mokrin house, an urban and contemporary place adapted for entrepreneurs and digital nomads searching for a replacement of a stressful business environment. Here the international travelers can work uninterruptedly for 24h, enjoy in glorious local cuisine, meet diverse people, and loosen up with vivid extracurricular activities. Ride a bike or take a stroll around the tranquil plains, swim in Bio swimming pool, or just revel in watching a great movie. Serbia is known for being an affordable country for digital nomads so this can be your break tour before you head out to some other place.

3. Go skiing in Bansko

In order to enjoy fabulous Mediterranean sunshine in the south and the majestic mountains in the east know that you can’t stay more than 90 days. Be aware that most Balkan countries follow the rules of the Schengen Zone. 90 days on the arrival and can stay no more than 90 days in any 6 month period. Enough for Bansko. If you are a fan of Alpine hiking, snow-capped peaks, and skiing, Bansko in Bulgaria is the place to go. Here you can get high-quality services at a very low cost wherever you go. In the winter season be prepared to pay a little bit more than the average prices throughout the year. For instance, daily ski lift tickets are around $30, but the Internet is cheap (and at great speed) so is food and the booze. Before you head out to the marvelous mountains it is of utmost importance to know how to navigate without a compass or a map in nature. Non-skiers can wobble around on the outdoor ice rink, sip hot cocoa and do their work in some of the Bavarian-style café’s.

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4. Pamper your spirit in Timisoara

Social gatherings are what distinguish people in Timisoara Romania from other Balkan cities. Since all digital nomads have a very independent lifestyle, in Timisoara you will find innumerable entertaining pastime activities that will uplift your spirit. Alongside the river Bega, you can chill in lush parks, ride a bike or go kayaking. Food is an exquisite blend of international and local cuisine, and the prices are even better. Renting prices up to 300 euros per month, on utilities be prepared to spend around 80 euros, but this Balkan city has the fastest Internet connection at the most competitive prices. The connection reaches 1 GB per second for just 10 euros per month, perfect for all digital nomads who need to uploads/download large audio, video and graphics files.

5. Have a blast in Belgrade

The capital city of Serbia might be seen tedious at first glance, but once you arrive be prepared for a world of fun. Besides visiting monuments, historical orthodox churches, St Sava Temple, Kalemegdan fortress, Belgrade for digital nomads offers inexpensive cost of living with fantastic nightlife. The city is generally comfortable and convenient for work, the internet is reliable, and people are really nice and welcoming, but it is the nighttime that makes Belgrade a must-be city. Visit the old bohemian part of the city Skadarlia, try out local cuisine while listening to great folk music. Wherever you go, you will find people dancing, having fun and simply loosen, follow the locals to find lively clubs.

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6. Chill out in Budapest

Budapest is the capital of Hungary and a rather riveting place to be for a digital nomad. The location of the country is ideal itself, being close to other famous European cities like Krakow and Vienna, nevertheless, it is gaining more and more popularity within digital nomads. First of all, across the Danube in the Pest part, there are loads of great pubs and bars such as Ruin Pubs, plus there are more coworking and tech communities evolving by the minute. In summer you have a bedazzling festival like Sziget, where you can both chill out next to the river, and dance the night off listening to the renowned musicians. It is definitely cheaper than Prague and you have free wifi even in some of the beautiful parks.

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7. Compose oneself in Bitola

If you are looking for a place to collect your thoughts, rest and save up some money for some more expensive destination, go to Bitola Macedonia. Macedonia is so cheap, that you can actually get into a hostel for $7, drink fantastic wine for $3, eat delicious food and save loads of money. Everything is homemade and healthy, what is more, the Internet is sensationally fast. The fact that it’s so cheap is due to politics, setting that aside it is a beautiful country. Since the cost of living is suitable, you can save up enough money to go around the globe in a year (almost). Bitola is a city made to be explored on foot. So no transport costs. Stroll around the Sirok street (Wide street), see the 17th century Clock tower and other Ottoman, Slavic and Greek ruins.

8. Get a groove on in Zagreb

Of all ex-Yugoslavian countries, the capital of Croatia remains a true glory. It is a vivid city full of bustling activities on every step. On the other hand, you can find a serene place to work (and a great coffee) in a few of its top-notch coworking spaces such as Impact Hub. Don’t forget to see this mesmerizing city from Zagreb’s Observation Deck. People are open-minded, they speak good English, and friendly to foreigners. This is a charming capital, however, it is pretty expensive compared to other Balkan cities. You can find nice accommodation, but at the peak of the season be prepared to pay up to $490 per month, and the average cost of living per month is around $1787. Therefore, have look at Zagreb hostels if you’re on a budget. You have free public wifi but the signal is weak outside downtown.

9. Enliven your senses in Thessaloníki

Thessaloníki Digital NomadsGreece can be pricey, but the northern city of Thessaloníki is ideal for digital nomads wanting to live a life of luxury and save a few bucks. Thessaloníki has layers of history hidden in its alleys so you fee the true marvels of various cultures and people. You can set up your work easily since almost all places are equipped with modern digital amenities, and even though Greece is still trying to get recuperated from the huge economic crisis, there are a few cool co-working spaces being opened and there has been an increase in entrepreneurship. But the best thing is the sea. In the morning do your work and the next second jump into the sea.

10. Boost up your creativity in Sophia

This digital nomad city is located in the western part of Bulgaria beside the Vitosha Mountain, and it’s less then 50 kilometers away from Serbia’s border. Nowadays, the demand for highly experienced and skilled IT developers a technician is in demand in Sophia, and for that reason, it’s attracting more freelancers and digital nomads. If you choose to work and live here, bear in mind that you should live like a local, rent an apartment with roommates, share utilities, otherwise you won’t make a living. It’s a great place to boost up your knowledge, and a fun town to be explored on foot since it continues to evolve and modernize.

No matter where you go or what digital tech you are immersed in, Balkan countries have it all. From splendid sea to venturous mountain and riveting cities.


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