A Tour of the Amalfi Coast: Worth the Wait


tour of Amalfi coast

Please note: I spent ten days in Italy on behalf of Club Adventures. Even though this was a paid collaboration, all opinions are my personal. As normally, I strive for absolute honesty and transparency on this weblog! Extra on the tour below…

“I’m saving the Amalfi Coast for anything unique,” I don’t forget saying to a pal in London, years ago. I had just returned from Cinque Terre for the third time, a different component of Italy that is raved about for its beauty. The Amalfi Coast, a 50-kilometre stretch of coastline along the Mediterranean, kept eluding me in spite of getting so higher on my dream travel list. Saying I was saving if for anything unique created me really feel slightly superior about not seeing it however.

The truth is, I didn’t know what that “something special” was going to be. As every single birthday passed, as every single celebratory moment in life went by – graduating with my MA, for instance, or hitting a blogging milestone – I kept pushing my dreams of going to the Amalfi Coast to the side. As an individual who loves getting single and loves travelling solo, it seemed silly to wait for a romantic occasion or out there travel companion to see the coast with, and however I also knew I didn’t want to travel the coast alone with its winding roads and amazing views, I didn’t want to be accountable for driving. I knew I couldn’t trust myself to hold my eyes on the road on a single of the most gorgeous road trips in the globe.

And so, the Amalfi Coast normally seemed out of my grasp. I visited Italy time and time once more – a dozen instances, in truth – and however never ever created it there. I looked up the logistics of going to solo once more and once more, only to come to the conclusion that, yes, it was surely feasible, but no, I didn’t want to do it alone.

“I’m saving the Amalfi Coast for anything unique,” became my mantra, the Amalfi Coast becoming that location that was normally in the back of my thoughts, that location I so desperately wanted to check out but didn’t know how.


I’ve written about solo travel for almost as lots of years as I’ve been blogging (that is 16, if you are counting). Just more than 13 years ago, on Could 11th, 2006, I set off on my incredibly initial solo trip. I had currently spent the final 4 years living on my personal in Halifax, Nova Scotia, far from my hometown of Winnipeg, but travelling independently felt distinctive, felt new, felt each terrifying and exhilarating.

More than the subsequent decade, solo travel became my preferred system of travelling. I loved the freedom it afforded me, I loved that it created me additional confident, and I loved that it pushed me out of my comfort zone. By my 30s, I’d travelled to almost 100 nations, most of them on my personal. I’d also established myself as a solo female travel blogger.

tour of the Amalfi coast

Nevertheless, I also began to appreciate just when I didn’t want to travel solo. There have been instances I wanted to share the load of the travel arranging, navigating, and budgeting. There have been instances I knew the trip would be that substantially superior with an individual by my side, like a vacation to Bhutan with my mum. And there have been instances I just couldn’t pretty figure out the logistics of travelling a nation solo, in particular a single that needed a road trip (like my overland trip to Namibia final year).

And although I’d performed lots of smaller sized tours in my life – a 4-day adventure to see Machu Picchu, for instance – the notion of a “tour” seemed to go against the no cost-spirited solo traveller in me, the particular person who liked to dictate exactly where and when I’d be going someplace, the particular person who liked to regain handle. I will not lie… a couple of years ago, if you had asked me to describe a tour, I would have described this stereotype: the crowded bus, the hordes of vacationers with cameras round their necks, the restricted time in every single location. I believed of a tour as anything that would shackle me, anything that would annoy me additional than something.

And perhaps that is what some tours are certainly like. I did see tour groups that seemed to match this description wandering about Europe final month: groups of fifty individuals following a guide with an umbrella in the air, needing to hold to the pack.

But the additional I looked into the Amalfi Coast, the additional a tour seemed to make sense. I just necessary to locate a tour that would take care of the logistics – transportation and hotels, primarily – but nevertheless let me do my personal point. The finest of each worlds, in my thoughts.

You know exactly where this is going.

tour of Amalfi coast

More than the previous year, but in particular more than the previous six months, I’ve been functioning definitely really hard on getting the healthiest particular person I can be, each in physique and in thoughts. Element of that concentrate on well being has been to reduce back immensely on paid collaborations or sponsored trips for this weblog. Even though I only accepted about 10% of the delivers in the previous, I wanted to reduce that down to virtually nothing at all, so that I could concentrate on what I definitely wanted to create and post about. I vowed that, for 2019, I would only take two or perhaps 3 collaborations in total.

The other component of that strengthening of my mental well being has been to visualize a healthier and good future for myself. As well typically, in the previous, I would visualize the future and assume only unfavorable thoughts: what if I shed my freelancing gigs? what if I cannot afford to travel to X place? what if no one desires to function with me once more? what if every person stops reading my weblog?

In the previous six months, I attempted to turn that all about. I began considering definitely optimistically about my function and my private life. I began imagining my future differently: what if I’m fortunate sufficient to check out Mozambique this year? what if my readership grows? what if I get a couple of definitely cool collaborations, like a trip to the Amalfi Coast? *cough*

I told you you knew exactly where this was going.

I’m not saying that placing this out into the universe was the sole cause that Club Adventures reached out to me and asked if I wanted to attempt out their modest group tour to the Amalfi Coast a couple of weeks later, but c’mon, I gotta give the universe some credit for that.

tour of Amalfi coast

But perhaps, in some techniques, it did really feel like fate. I was dying to get to the Amalfi Coast in 2019, and I had currently began considering about seeing it on a group tour. But substantially like my former on the web dating profiles (hah), I had a incredibly particular list of needs. I necessary the tour to be modest, no additional than 10 or 15 individuals. I necessary the tour to have a concentrate on regional experiences, in particular if they involved meals and/or alcohol (I imply, this is Italy, immediately after all). I necessary all of the accommodation and transportation to be taken care of, but I also necessary a lot of my personal no cost time to wander, take images, and expertise the Amalfi Coast solo.

Enter Club Adventures. A tour organization that sets you up with a regional leader – an individual who knows the location like the back of their hand – and also limits the tour to modest numbers. They took care of the hotels and the transportation in Naples, Sorrento, and Amalfi, however I had tons of no cost time to do what ever I wanted to do (i.e. sit in the major square of Amalfi and drink lemon spritzes). I could join the group for dinner if I wanted to, but was also no cost to go off on my personal anytime I felt the have to have to.

tour of Amalfi coast

“I’m saving the Amalfi Coast for anything unique,” I mentioned for all of these years, but in reality I was just attempting to figure out how the hell I could travel the Amalfi Coast comfortably. Searching back on my ten days on the tour, I wouldn’t have changed a point.


When the Amalfi Coast ultimately came into view on the winding roads from Sorrento, I couldn’t support but tear up. It had currently been an amazing six days on the tour we explored Naples, from its underground caverns to its scrumptious meals we discovered how limoncello was created at a regional farm outdoors Sorrento we took the boat to Capri, an island renowned for its glamour we met tons of locals who shared their way of living (and consuming) with us. And now we had the Amalfi Coast in all its glory: the colourful buildings perched on jagged cliffs, the turquoise waters illuminated by the sun, the craggy coastline that went off into the distance as far as the eye could see, green hills and rocky landscapes crashing into the azure waters beneath.

It was, for lack of superior words, really like at initial sight. All these years that I had been dreaming of seeing it, and it was additional than worth the wait.

“I’m saving the Amalfi Coast for anything unique,” I had mentioned a thousand instances. The truth is, the Amalfi Coast is unique sufficient on its personal, and I’m eternally grateful that I ultimately got to see it.

tour of the Amalfi coast

Thank you to Club Adventures for such an awesome tour, and for producing my Amalfi dreams ultimately come correct. I had an amazing time on their ten-day tour in Italy – additional details about that particular tour right here. I would strongly propose this tour for solo travellers and for modest groups/pairs alike once more, I loved the truth that all accommodation and transportation was taken care of, but that I had tons of no cost time, also. All the hotels and transportation solutions have been incredibly comfy and central (we stayed correct in the heart of Naples, Sorrento, and the town of Amalfi). A unique thank you to my regional leader, Andrea, for his wealth of details and superb photo-taking expertise!



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