Make the most of Meghalaya at NH7 Weekender 2018!


If you are reading this weblog then you have to have either booked your festival passes currently or are quickly going to book them! Yes guys, it is the maddening music festival once more in the land of clouds and hills! If the only clouds you have noticed at a chilled out music festival are smoke clouds, then it is going to modify for you as Meghalayan clouds are going to give a “run for money” to all the clouds and higher your joints can ever give you!

The NH7 Weekender is a Delighted Music Festival and the venue this year is at Thadlaskein, pretty much two hours from Shillong, Meghalaya. The dates for the festival are 2nd-3rd November.

Do not devote an wonderful Weekender lying lazily at your campsites or hotels waiting for the loud music and the fest to gear up.

Thinking about you have quite restricted time (possibly about three/four days with two days at fest)

  1. Thadlaskein Lake and Trychi Falls

Distance from Fest venue- 500 meters

Highlight- The wonderful man-produced lake is beautiful and great to devote some time. For the reason that of the close proximity of the festival ground, the lake may possibly be crowded for the duration of the day. You could rather stop by right here about sunset if you do not thoughts skipping on the initially couple of hours at the fest. Also take a quick hike to the mesmerizing Trychi falls which is hardly half an hour away.

  1. Nartiang

Distance from Fest Venue- 17 KMs/ 45 minutes Approx

Highlight- Nartiang Monoliths and a “hidden” Shaktipeeth/Durga temple. The Drive is particularly scenic and you may possibly want to get off at a single of the wonderful churches at Wahiajer. Be spooked up following listening to the human sacrifice stories from the Pujari at the temple and pose for a image at the faded yellow rice paddy fields along the journey.

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  1. Krang Suri Falls

Distance from Fest Venue- 40 KMs/ 1 Hour 30 minutes Approx

Highlight- My private favored, the waterfall is an absolute treat to watch and unquestionably worth squeezing out time to spend a stop by when in when Meghalaya. Even though the falls may possibly not be as deserted for the duration of the festival, but the green waters and bewitching falls are all you will need to calm your hangover following a crazy celebration.

  1. Shnongpdeng

Distance from fest venue- 75 Kms/two hours 15 minutes Approx

Highlight- With a campsite from Pioneer Adventures, if you have your personal car or truck and strategy to stay sober or have a driver, you may possibly as effectively book your keep right here at least for a evening. Wake up to the sound of the wonderful river and indulge in adventure activities.

  1. Dawki

Distance from Fest venue- 70 Kms/two hours Approx.

Highlight- Indo-Bangladesh Border, Be awed when Riding a peculiar boat on crystal clear waters which seems as if you are floating atop the Umgnot River, (nicknamed as Dawki River), dive off a cliff (if there’s sufficient water) in the amazingly Emerald River.

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  1. Mawlynnong

Distance from Fest Venue-100 Kms/three hours Approx.  (With an off road connecting Dawki and Mawlynnong)

Highlight- Dwelling to the mesmerizing Living Root Bridge and also recognized as the “Cleanest Village of Asia”, you wouldn’t be content about it if you do not spend a stop by right here. Verify out great locations of interests like the Balancing Rock, Garden, and Sky Bridge and so on when right here. Also be amazed at the efforts of the locals to preserve the village clean!

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  1. Umiam Lake

Distance from Fest Venue- 64 KMs/1 Hour 45 Mins Approx

Highlight- Particularly scenic lake surrounded by alpine trees. Lying on the way to pretty much anyplace in Meghalaya (if you come from Guwahati), Umiam lake, also recognized as Bada Pani is extra like a pitstop. On the other hand, I would urge you to the lake side and devote some time dipping your feet in the chilling cold waters.


  1. Mawphlang Sacred Grave Forest

Distance from Fest Venue- 70 KMs/two Hours Approx

Highlight- Thought of religious by the nearby communities, they are particularly wonderful groves. Mystical and magical, the sacred grove forest holds a lot of secrets in its womb and you would unquestionably have a small extra like for nature when you step out from right here.

  1. Laitlum Canyons

Distance from Fest Venue- 55 KMs/1 Hour 30 Mins

Highlight- Fall in like with nature if you devote some time right here in the heart of nature. You will locate rolling hills blanketed in wonderful golden covers with patches of green at this time of the year. Sit at any a single of the edges and devote some time with self.


  1. Double Decker Living Root Bridge/Cherrapunjee

Distance from the Fest Venue- 102 KMs/three Hours 30 Minutes Approx

Highlight- Double Decker living root bridge and the wettest spot on earth with a quantity of waterfalls en route. Even though, you will not be in a position to come to Cherra and go back on the very same day of the Fest, on the other hand if you have a day or two added you have to unquestionably stop by right here! Adventure lovers and trekkers behold as you will witness the most mesmerizing organic rainbow at Rainbow falls and double decker root bridges!

Perfect Route/Itinerary according to me would be-

Day 1 (Fri- two Nov)- Attain Festival Venue, en route Nong poh and Umiam Lake.

Day two (Sat- three Nov)- Take a trip to Nartiang amd devote afternoon at Thadlaskein lake.

Day three (Sun- four Nov)- Leave for Krang Suri falls in the morning. Head ahead to Dawki and more than to Mawlynnong. O/N at Mawlynnong.

Day four(Mon- five Nov)- Leave for Shillong/Guwahati. En route stop by Mawphlang Sacred Grove and Laitlum canyons.

Considering that it is Diwali and you have to be obtaining leaves (and you do not thoughts missing out Diwali at property, extend it by three-four days and add wonderful locations to your itinerary.)

You can also stop by other out worldly wonderful locations which Meghalaya has in abundance. Pay a visit to Cherrapunjee, Mawsynram, Lawbah, Mawphlanur, Nongkhum and so on. if you have ample time for the very same.

P.S. A handful of of these photos have been taken from Google Photos!


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