The beyond beautiful Etihad Airways uniforms is however a different proof of the revival of aviation’s golden era.

Developed by the Italian Haute Couturier Ettora Bilotta at his atelier in Milan, the uniforms ooze classic elegance and utter style. The modern style trends presently predominating New York and Paris catwalks are completely combined with haute couture components inspired by Paris and Rome of the 1960’s.

Bilotta managed to pull of the difficult process of developing a uniform that would represent the company’s sophistication, refined elegance and effortless style, in an revolutionary however glamorous way. 

Produced in a number of distinct places about Italy, the uniforms had been by 30% hand-woven from 100% italian wool, though they had been manufactured in Shanghai, Tunesia and Bucharest from a group of 400 members. They are exceptionally sophisticated and straightforward to put on, providing a freedom of movement. Their hues and patterns are compatible with the firm logo and colour palette.

The female flight attendants’ uniform incorporates a skirt, a blazer, a pair of gloves, a belt, a hat and a scarf though the uniform for male flight attendants consists of a three-piece suit, a belt and a pair of gloves.




The hats are super retro, channeling an old-Hollywood style and, personally, I really like them. Hats are a symbol of elegance and utter charm and the Etihad one particular, is attractive.


The uniform completes an unbelievable jacket – trench coat, a crucial element inspired by the catwalks though the slim-line bags have been created in the size of a tablet.




The earth-toned makeup appear matches the uniform – and the Abu Dhadi hues in basic. In the photoshoot produced for the uniform presentation, the makeup appear seriously stands out, matching the general sophisticated appear.

The noted New York style photographer, Norman Jean Roy, was assigned to capture the uniqueness of the new uniform and he did it in an unrealistic, however totally actual scenery. The photoshoot was set at the dunes of Liwa desert in Abu Dhadi, in Qasr al Sarab desert resort.

A pret-a-porter project that manages to bring back the Golden era of aviation each aboard and on the ground.


“No matter exactly where you are in the planet, you know this is Etihad.”



Maria Kalymnou

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