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We have been traveling complete time for extra than six years now, with the final two years getting on our 37-foot sailboat. Whilst living aboard and sailing in the Caribbean, we adopted two ginger rescue kittens Captain Ahab in the Florida Keys and small Zissou in the Dominican Republic. Just since we lived on a sailboat didn’t imply that we stopped enjoying good hotels! Not wanting to leave our furry small boys on their personal, we had to get started seeking for “pet-friendly” hotels to keep in when we felt like obtaining a small bit of luxury!

Now that we have sold our sailboat, we’re off on extra adventures with our cats, so right here are some of the strategies we’ve found that Travelocity can aid with the search for the finest pet-friendly holiday!

Soon after so quite a few years of deciding on hotels primarily based only on our personal wants, we all of a sudden had to transform our complete definition of “a wonderful hotel.”

Our older cat has traveled with us by way of Florida, the Bahamas, Turks &amp Caicos and the Dominican Republic exactly where we adopted a further cat that we also brought on our travels all more than Puerto Rico.

We enjoy working with Travelocity since it is a single of the finest all-in-a single travel bookings web-site accessible for our type of travel, specially now that we have pets to assume about. They also have a cost match assure, exactly where they will refund the distinction if you handle to locate an identical trip for significantly less. This provides us self-confidence that they have self-confidence in their costs. As effectively as comparing the finest offers on flights, hotels, auto rental, and cruises, you can even book holiday packages.

Travelocity sealed the deal with all of their amazing content material and useful articles they have on their weblog about traveling with pets.

Right here are just some of the strategies that we book our pet-friendly travel and vacations:

1. Search for Pet-Friendly Hotels

Much more and extra hotels and travel brands are finding on board with the thought of getting “pet-friendly” since extra travelers are insisting on taking their pets with them. It employed to be a chore to locate hotels that accept pets and it was even very a specialized niche.

Nonetheless, these days the potential to filter hotel search benefits by “pet-friendly” is constructed proper into the platforms. On Travelocity, all we have to do is click on the “Pets allowed” tab in the filter panel to show only the hotels that accept pets inside our place and date choice. Then we can continue to verify every single hotel as standard, it tends to make such a massive distinction to be in a position to quickly locate hotels that enable our cats to keep with us!

two. Appear for Flights that enable pets on board

This component of the arranging approach can be a small bit trickier but is definitely not not possible. Firstly, it is worth saying that we attempt our finest to reserve our pet-friendly travel for trips exactly where flying is not required, merely since it is very stressful for cats to deal with. Modest dogs, on the other hand, manage flying in the cabin with their owner truly effectively and look to be enjoying the encounter anytime we see them! It is when flying with our cats becomes unavoidable, like a huge relocation, that we have to get started looking for pet-friendly flights. Only some airlines are pet-friendly – Lufthansa, JetBlue, Air France, and United Airlines are just some of the airlines that have a pet-friendly policy.

When you have selected an airline, verify the information of their pet policy, since we have located that quite a few flights will only enable two pets on board per flight, so you will will need to contact the airline to verify that they have pet availability for your selected dates. They will also have precise guidelines for the size of the carrier and of course the all-vital vaccines and overall health certificates for the nation you are traveling to.

three. Vehicle Rental

It employed to be the case that we would hardly ever rent a auto when we traveled since we normally didn’t have a fixed schedule and had time to use public transportation. Now that we have began traveling extra with our pets, we will need to have extra handle more than our personal time and to make positive our cats are as comfy as doable on the way. The only way to do this is to have our personal auto, which suggests auto rental and the finest factor about rental automobiles is that they are all pet-friendly! Just do not let them go to the toilet on the seats, since that may perhaps lead to you some problems…

four. Package Vacations

Booking a package holiday frequently gets you a superior deal and is substantially less difficult than looking for flights, hotels and rentals automobiles separately to examine costs, then attempting to piece it all with each other and handle many reservations.

When it comes to pet-friendly travel, we limit ourselves to “hotel and auto rental packages” since we will need to book any pet-friendly flights with the airlines straight. Of course, if the furry ones are staying dwelling then we can use the Package Holiday search function on Travelocity to locate wonderful package offers on flights, hotels and auto rental all with each other!

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