An Insider’s Guide to The Greatest Factors to do in Aachen


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I’ll be the 1st to admit that my pay a visit to to Aachen was largely planned with the sole intention of seeing the city’s iconic cathedral, a spot steeped in history and surrounded by legend. The city of Charlemagne is a spot recognized by a lot of names Terrible Aachen, Aix-la-Chapelle in French, Aken in Dutch, and Oochen in Luxembourgish. Great to discover more than the course of a single day, or a extended weekend if you have a tiny far more time, here’s a guide to the finest factors to do in Aachen!

An Insider's Guide to The 10+ Best Things to do in Aachen

Why you ought to pay a visit to Aachen on your subsequent German trip

The historic city of Aachen can be identified close to the Belgian and Dutch borders, producing it a meeting spot of sorts. Just an hour away from Maastricht by bus, half an hour from Cologne by way of train, and about an hour away from the Belgian city of Liege, you will need no longer than about a day to discover this compact German city.

Humans have inhabited the website exactly where Aachen now stands due to the fact prehistoric instances and current finds have been dated all the way back to about 3000 BCE. Throughout Roman instances, the preferred city of Aquae Granni was founded as a outcome of the organic hot springs that are the hottest in Northern Europe. At this time, there would have been bathhouses and a temple complicated.

a road in Aachen city centre in Germany

By the 5th-century, the city had lost significantly of its value and its administration had fallen to nearby Cologne. Of course, all this changed with the arrival of Charlemagne when he chosen Aachen to be the centre of his Holy Roman Empire. It is probably that Charlemagne’s 1st pay a visit to at Christmastime was in 768, the similar year in which he was crowned King of the Franks. Right now, Charlemagne is buried in a golden tomb in the heart of his cathedral.

These days, the key attractions of this German city are all conveniently tightly packed collectively in the city centre, even though there is tiny of touristic interest to be observed outdoors of Aachen’s historic heart. As such, you can conveniently see the finest of Aachen in a single day, or possibly give oneself a extended weekend to appreciate the city if you are preparing to pay a visit to for the duration of December for the renowned Christmas markets.

An Insider's Guide to The 10+ Best Things to do in Aachen

Greatest factors to do in Aachen, Germany

Couven Museum

Hands-down the finest museum in the city is that of the Couven Museum. Situated actions away from the city’s historic cathedral, this cultural hub characteristics how individuals would have lived in Aachen for the duration of the 18th and 19th-centuries. Housed inside Home Fey, an 18th-century former family members mansion, particulars on how to pay a visit to can be identified right here.

Aachen Rathaus (Town Hall)

With the exception of Aachen Cathedral (or Aachen Dom as it is recognized locally), a single of the finest factors to do in Aachen is to appreciate the architecture of the city’s Gothic Rathaus (town hall). Intricately carved in the Gothic style, the developing itself dates back to the 14th-century.

Aachen Rathaus (Town Hall)

Centre Charlemagne

Situated in the incredibly centre of the city, the town’s key museum is the Centre Charlemagne, a modern day cultural hub opened in 2014. Set up in a former municipal developing, nowadays the museum characteristics historical themed displays depicting the history, art, culture and architecture of Aachen. Open from Tuesday via to Sunday (10 AM – five PM), tickets expense €6 (€3 for concessions).

Aachen Cathedral on a sunny day


If you want to see the spring water for oneself, you will need only head to the Neo-Classical developing on Elisenbrunnen in the historic portion of the city. All Corinthian columns and open space, there are two fountains right here which spew out 53-degree Celsius water, the hottest spring water in Northern Europe.

Elisenbrunnen Aachen


The key square in Aachen is the Markt, a spot characterised by its a lot of cafés, brasseries, and bars. Set against the backdrop of the Town Hall and covered in cobblestones, appreciate freshly brewed coffee or some standard German fare. Alternatively, basically head to the Square on a Tuesday or Thursday morning for the neighborhood marketplace.

Aachen Markt


One particular of only two city gates from the original city wall nevertheless standing (the other becoming Marschietor), Ponttor is in the Westernmost portion of the former city wall’s Northern extremities. Right now, the crumbling stone ruins are a historical reminder of the 14th-century when the gate would have been manned by soldiers at all instances.

Ponttor Aachen

Aachen Cathedral

Initial founded in 800, exactly where Charlemagne chose to centre his Frankish Empire, the baroque Cathedral of Aachen is conveniently a single of the most attractive ecclesiastical buildings in Europe. Now the final resting spot of Charlemagne himself, step insider (it is no cost to enter) and you can count on to appreciate sumptuous mosaics, intricate carvings, and a lot of gorgeous stained glass windows.

So essential for the duration of its time, that it was right here exactly where thirty-a single German kings and twelve queens had been coronated. You ought to know that if you want to take pictures inside the ecclesiastical building’s interior, you will will need to buy a photography permit for €1. Otherwise, highlights of the Dom include things like the Barbarossa Chandelier, as nicely as a lot of amazing mosaics (in total, more than 32 million stones had been produced to make the intricate mosaics!).

Aachen Cathedral

Ludwig Forum for International Art

The other key museum that Aachen has to provide is the Museum of Contemporary Art which was opened in 1991 and is primarily based on the Ludwig Collection, a choice of more than 3000 artworks. Open from Tuesday via to Sunday (10 AM to five PM), the museum charges €6 and €3 for concessions.

Aachener Domschatzkammer (Cathedral Treasury)

For these who want to get a higher glimpse into the treasures of Aachen, a pay a visit to to the Cathedral’s Treasury is an absolute ought to. Technically classed as a museum and housed in the incredibly heart of the historic city centre, the Aachen Cathedral treasury, collectively with Aachen’s Cathedral, was the 1st monument on German soil to have been classed as a UNESCO globe heritage website.

Enter the treasury nowadays and you can count on to discover gems such as Carolingian, Gothic, Late Antique, and Staufen artefacts. Open just about every day of the week, this is a single of Aachen’s ought to-see attractions and highlights include things like a Gothic gold bust of Charlemagne, the hunting knife of Charlemagne, and the Ottonian Cross of Lothair.

Aachener Domschatzkammer (Cathedral Treasury)

Consume Aachen Printen

The most renowned meals export from Aachen is its ‘Printen’ biscuits. As such, these spicy biscuits, which traditionally are produced in flat rectangles, but  Now listed as a heritage solution, significantly in the similar way that the Cornish Pasty is, bakers in and about Aachen are the only individuals permitted to make and sell this ought to-sample cookie.

Eat Aachen Printen

Aachen Spa

Given that Roman instances, Aachen has been a spa city. In reality, this is a single of the predominant motives that the Romans, and then Charlemagne, chose to make Aachen a important hub for not only trade and administration but also for relaxation.

Right now, the German city is dwelling to a complete host of spa and wellness centres. Most notable include things like Carolus Thermen Terrible Aachen (dwelling to no much less than 15 sauna and spa rooms!) and the picturesque Quellenhof Hotel and Spa. Even though you can book to remain there, guests can also buy a day pass which grants access to the spa!

Exactly where to remain in Aachen and travel guidelines to know ahead of you go

Like a lot of a European city, the key attractions of Aachen are concentrated close collectively and so the city is finest explored on foot. With a lot of cobbled lanes, you will want to put on comfy walking footwear. Additionally, even though most individuals speak English, you will want to discover a handful of words of the neighborhood language, in this case, German. Bring along a straightforward phrasebook like this a single to assistance you get by.

Subsequent, Germany, like significantly of mainland Europe, makes use of variety C and E. This indicates that if you are travelling from the US, Canada, the UK, and a lot of other nations, then you will will need to buy a travel adaptor. This all in a single adaptor contains USB ports and functions with a number of distinctive plugs.

Best Things to do in Aachen

Throughout our remain in the city, we booked a space in the ibis Designs Hotel Aachen City. Clean and comfy, we especially enjoyed the complimentary breakfast (the continental breakfast incorporated delights such as a substantial selection of juices, cold cuts, cereals, and my private favourite, a pancake maker!).

Otherwise, there are a lot of other accommodation possibilities in the city to suit just about every spending budget. For instance, for reasonably priced luxury, the Art Hotel Aachen Superior is nicely-reviewed, and a lot of of its rooms include things like amenities such as balconies, a bar, and even a sauna that you can use for an added charge. Throughout peak season (i.e. the summer time and at Christmas), the finest areas to remain fill up rapidly and so you will want to book your Aachen pay a visit to nicely in advance. Verify the finest accommodation costs for Aachen right here.

tomb of Charlemagne

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An Insider's Guide to the 10+ Best Things to do in Aachen (Aix la Chapelle), the city of Charlemagne in Germany. What to do, the top attractions, and where to stay!


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