APUS Unwind Travel Pillow Assessment


APUS Unwind Travel Pillow Assessment

When it comes to sleeping on planes, we all have our private preferences. Some like the window, some favor the aisle, some can fall asleep seriously effortlessly even though other people have a challenging time dozing off.

Personally I’ve generally been a window seat girl since I like some thing to lean against but if I cannot get a window seat, I’ll plant myself face very first in the tray table.

To make factors much more comfy I’ll normally travel with a neck pillow but in all honesty, I locate it tricky to sleep sitting straight up with my neck just tilted to 1 side. I require some thing to lean against.

Lately I’ve been testing out the APUS Unwind Travel Pillow, which is an inflatable pillow that has been created to make flying much more comfy.  It has a revolutionary design and style that permits you to use it in a quantity of diverse sleeping positions. It is absolutely a exclusive item and beneath I’ll clarify why:

APUS Unwind Travel Pillow Options

Inflatable Travel Pillow

The APUS Unwind Air travel pillow was created with the assist of a skilled neurosurgeon and permits your cervical spine to totally unwind in a straight position, minimizing the tension in your neck and back muscle tissues.

It consists of two diverse components that can be inflated separately, which means travelers can delight in four diverse sleeping positions, which includes a position for couples traveling collectively. The exclusive design and style also permits for adequate air flow and a lot of space for your chin, neck and arms.

Specific air valves with removable 1-way inserts imply you can blow up the inflatable pillow in 20 seconds and deflate it in below 10. Ideal of all, if you have allergies, the pillow is created of hypoallergenic PVC that can be cleaned even with soap or detergent.

Sleeping Positions

The pillow can be employed in 4 diverse positions, as illustrated beneath:

The most thrilling position for me is the “forward lean” position which permits you to lean forward on the tray table. Your face rests in a U-shaped groove in the pillow, which has a soft, fabric cover.

The clever design and style of the pillow also implies couples can hyperlink their arms by way of it in a “sweetheart” position, sleeping side by side.

Apus Relax

Alternatively, you can just inflate the 1 side and use it as an ordinary pillow, either leaning against the window or placing it behind your back for lumbar help.

Apus relax inflatable travel pillow

My thoughts

Apus relax travel pillow

Initially, let’s commence with the size. It is crucial for a travel pillow to be light and compact, otherwise it becomes seriously annoying to cart about.

Fortunately the APUS Unwind Travel Pillow comes in a small (eight x five x 1,two inch / 20 x 12 x three cm) bag, which created it seriously quick to match in my carry-on backpack. Some neck pillows (particularly these bean-bag form ones) can be seriously annoying to carry and quick to misplace, but not this 1.

Whilst I was working with the pillow, I also employed the pouch to hold factors like my earphones, toothbrush and socks throughout the flight.

When it came to inflating the pillow, it was in fact surprisingly swift to inflate. You have to inflate the two sides separately in order to inflate the whole pillow, but the valves have 1-way inserts so you can effortlessly inflate it without the need of the air escaping also significantly. When it is time to deflate the pillow, just pull out the bigger stopper and the complete issue deflates seriously speedy.

In terms of positions, the forward-leaning position is seriously the most exclusive, given that most travel pillows wrap about your neck and call for you to tilt your neck to 1 side. I had to sort of hug the pillow with my arms and rest my head face-very first into the U-shape of the pillow.

There are so quite a few occasions I’ve woken up jaw-open and drooling when sleeping upright, so this position certainly solves that issue! The couple’s position is also a terrific notion if you are traveling with a companion, while I’ve however to attempt this position out.

If you are primarily based in the US, you can obtain the travel pillow on Amazon right here: bit.ly/Apus_Unwind

How properly do you sleep on planes? Are you a window seat individual or an aisle individual? Do you carry a travel pillow and would you use 1 like this? Leave your comments beneath! 


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