A Pre and Post Op Diary – TRAVELLING THE Planet SOLO


Nicely, its not precisely travel connected, but it is Elle connected, so I figured that it was okay to create about my practical experience with reconstructive plastic surgery on this weblog.

Essentially, this post is going to be a collection of little diary entries from 3 weeks ahead of my initially surgery till I am six weeks post op.

Essentially, I am undergoing two operations to take away excess skin following a dramatic weight loss when I was in my teens. The initially (and most intense) operation is a belt lipectomy (also recognized as a physique lift) and requires a reduce that goes the complete way about my reduced abdomen, obtaining the excess skin reduce off and anything sewn back with each other. The second operation is a thigh lift, which follows a equivalent procedure to a belt lipectomy but with the cuts becoming in the groin and inner thigh region.

Thank you for reading and for all the help I have received in comments and DM’s – I definitely appreciate it.

Feb 20th 2019 – 21 days till initially operation

Nicely, I am certainly shitting myself. Not actually of course, but I am seriously freaking out.

It is all just coming up so swiftly, the subsequent 3 weeks are going to fly by, and then there’s no turning back. I imply, there’s not definitely any turning back now either, I have currently spent $6000 towards this initially operation, and there is no way I would be ready to shed that funds.

But nonetheless, I am obtaining second thoughts and doubts.

I have had operations ahead of, and I under no circumstances feared them the way I am fearing this a single. I know why. I was under no circumstances a healthcare specialist when I’d previously gone below the knife. I was told of the dangers, but I under no circumstances definitely comprehended them.

But now I know all about what could go incorrect. I have noticed wound dehiscence and wound infections firsthand. I have noticed sepsis come on so all of a sudden and so violently that sufferers have gone into correct septic shock. I have noticed people today almost bleed to death with DIC. I have noticed DVTs and pulmonary embolisms almost kill people today.

I worry since I know as well considerably.

I know all about what could go incorrect and what could come about to me, and worse of all, if some thing does go incorrect, I’ll have to accept that it was my selection to have the surgery that in the end produced it come about.

For the initially time in a extended time, I really feel definitely scared.

But, not going ahead with the surgery scares me even additional. I do not want to reside with this excess skin forever. I hate it. I hate the way it feels, the way it appears, the way it tends to make me self conscious and the way that I am acutely conscious of it in each single moment of my life.

I have to have it gone, and in 3 weeks, it will be.

March 3rd – 9 days till initially operation

Thank goodness, the worry has began to subside. I have been in a position to sleep a bit improved more than the previous handful of days, and my worry is gradually becoming replaced with comprehensive and utter impatience. I have reached a point exactly where I am not entirely shitting myself, and now I just want it to be all completed and I want to get began on the road to recovery.

I have had a seek advice from with my anaesthetist, I have bought my compression garments, my bag is (semi) packed and my dear Papa Burne has booked flights to come and be with me for the duration of these initially handful of days post op.

I ultimately really feel prepared. It is a good relief.

March 9th – four days till initially operation

I was so certain that this period of waiting would fly by, but now anything feels like it is moving slower than a snail.

I had difficulty acquiring to sleep once again final evening, but it didn’t really feel tension connected. Far more than something, I now just feel restless. I cleaned my complete unit yesterday, which is very the red flag. I generally hate cleaning and only have a tendency to do tiny bits and pieces of it at a time, but no, yesterday I scrubbed this spot absolutely clean and didn’t hate it.

I have these days off, two additional days at perform, a single additional day off to run final pre op errands and then it will be the day.

It can not come quickly adequate.

March 12th – Day ahead of initially operation

Nicely, I have officially been ‘marked up’. I have lines drawn all more than my abdomen marking exactly where the cuts will be produced, and I am not gonna lie, it is equally fascinating and terrifying.

My dad arrives from Adelaide tomorrow to be with me for the initially handful of days post op, which brings me so considerably comfort. Papa Burne has been there with me for all 3 of my preceding operations (what can I say, I’m defective) and I discover his presence pretty reassuring.

I really feel scared, prepared and anxious all at as soon as.

Let’s do this.

March 17th – Day five post op

The initially handful of days of this recovery had been fairly fricking brutal.

I began spiking temperatures not extended following I got back to the ward. My initially concern was that I was brewing sepsis, but the reality was that it was far as well quickly for a post-op infection.

I was at some point diagnosed with Influenza B, which I have to have contracted a handful of days pre-op, but due to the incubation period I didn’t have any indicators or symptoms till following I had gone by way of anything.

To say that I felt like I’d been hit by a bus was an understatement, but I was relieved that it wasn’t an infection. Having the flu is awful, but at least it would resolve in a handful of days and didn’t have the possible to wreak havoc in the exact same way that an infection would.

Nevertheless, these days is day 5 and I am feeling so considerably improved! I am walking about with ease, only requiring panadol for discomfort relief and just usually, the discomfort from the surgery itself has not been anyplace as undesirable as I anticipated.

As for the outcomes, effectively, I am fairly darn stoked.

My surgeon removed a whopping four.8kg of skin from my abdomen, which is kinda crazy when you consider about the truth that the complete skin of an typical human weighs in at about 9-10kg.

I am ultimately no cost from my hideous belly overhang, and I am so so pleased.

March 20th – Day eight post op

I really feel scarily standard currently.

Like, I almost certainly could have gone to perform these days! I am in virtually no discomfort, my swelling is acquiring improved all the time and just usually, I really feel definitely effectively.

I definitely anticipated this to be tougher.

May possibly 5th – 7.five weeks post op #1 and three.five weeks post op #two

My entries surely died off following my second surgery, largely since it was a entirely unique practical experience to the initially a single, and it was a single of the most painful and distressing experiences of my life.

Exactly where the initially operation had been effortless, the second was extremely challenging. The quantity of discomfort that I was in was definitely unbelievable. I was taking so quite a few prescription discomfort tablets and I nonetheless felt like they didn’t touch the sides. Right after my initially op was so effortless, I was definitely not ready for such an overwhelming quantity of discomfort and discomfort.

I am nonetheless in discomfort even now, although I am improved adequate that I have returned to perform.

I nonetheless do not definitely really feel back to standard although, although hopefully that feeling is not as well considerably additional off.

I also created a critical case of the post anaesthesia blues. I was so depressed that I wouldn’t let my nurses open the blinds for 3 days straight. I barely ate for more than a week and cried close to continually. I even began to seriously contemplate ending my connection with Dan – it is definitely disturbing to consider about how strongly my mental well being could be influenced and impacted by these anaesthetic drugs.

From a mental well being POV, I am considerably improved now.

Guess what cured me?

Travel preparing of course!

As I create this entry I am in the midst of actively preparing 4 trips for this year, as effectively as two additional for subsequent year. Getting these adventures on the horizon has definitely helped to get me back to the pleased and constructive particular person that I was ahead of.

It shouldn’t be a surprise, for me, travel (and even just travel preparing) has virtually constantly proved to be a cathartic and life affirming practical experience.

This is the final entry I will add to this post, so, as soon as once again, thank you for all the help, encouragement and enjoy that you have shown me more than the previous handful of months – it has meant so considerably to me.


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