Texas de Brazil – Brazilian Churrascarria Steakhouse Practical experience in San Juan, Puerto Rico


From time to time you just will need to get out and indulge for a couple of hours, for what ever purpose, in what ever way you pick. For us, immediately after 3 months of upheaving our life to sell the boat and the previous numerous weeks of final preparations to fly back to Europe, we decided to go and let off some steam in the ideal way we know how – meals! Simply because it is normally far more enjoyable to share the very good occasions with other folks, we invited our very good pal, Orlando, to join us.

Our restaurant of selection was the Texas de Brazil Steakhouse in San Juan, just a ten-minute drive from exactly where we’re staying. Whilst neither of us eats a lot of meat just the sake of it any longer, we’re delighted to indulge when we uncover anything that is specifically unique.

Texas de Brazil is a single of the ideal churrascaria restaurants in Puerto Rico and this distinct branch has been open for far more than eight years. Set up in the style of a high-finish Brazilian churrascaria, Texas de Brazil has a lot far more to present than a wide choice of awesome grilled meats.

Even the salad bar is a culinary encounter in itself and you could effortlessly take your meat-no cost good friends along for a meal with you! Japanese sushi maki, fresh selection of gourmet artisan bread, imported cheeses, fresh buffalo mozzarella, steamed asparagus with strawberry sauce, Brazilian hearts of palm, grilled Portobello mushrooms, Greek olives, shrimp salad, sautéed mushrooms… the list goes on!

Of course, the heart of the purpose we have been there in the initially spot was not the salad bar, awesome as it was. This churrascaria steakhouse is manned by a group of “Gauchos” who not only carve your prime grilled meat straight onto your plate, but they basically chose the cuts, prepare and grill them as properly. The people today carving your steak, lamb chops and chicken onto your plate are not waiters, but specially educated chefs, or “Gauchos.”

Sticking with the Brazilian theme, when you are prepared for the Gauchos to bring an additional reduce of meat for you to attempt, merely flip more than the little, round placemat to show the green side – green indicates go – and they’ll know that you are prepared for far more. When you really feel like taking a break or merely focusing on the meals you currently have on your plate, then flip it more than to show the red side and you will be left alone to delight in your meals. 

The excellent of the meat was exceptional, which was fortunate for me as these days I only ever consume red meat if it is exceptional! Every single reduce was cooked to a best medium uncommon with practically nothing but a healthful dose of rock salt to seal in the flavors and juices.

Accompanied by a regular-style caipirinha, our 3-hour lunch was capped off with a desert section of carrot cake, essential lime pie, and creme brûlée.

It is not typically that we devote 3 hours at the table when we go out for a meal, but this was so very good we didn’t even notice!


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