On living a life that is driven strongly by curiosity than by worry


Ahead of I came to Mexico, my sister’s boyfriend visited our property from the Czech Republic. He is undertaking his Masters in Biology and is majoring in spiders (yes, Spiderman as we get in touch with him) so he was so into our forest-like setting in Subic Bay. He was joined by a buddy, who’s also undertaking bio research in Malaysia, majoring in trees.

Yes, trees. My line of operate is all about connecting to people today. I am programmed to commence conversations with people today from each and every stroll of life. I’ve spoken publicly in front of physicians, lawyers, businessmen, hotel managers, and even 12-year olds. Quite a few of my pals wonder how I do it when I am not a master of any of these professions. In reality, extra frequently than not, I know nothing at all about any of this. So, how do I commence a conversation with an individual I do not have widespread grounds with?

It is easy. I am eternally curious.

“Trees?” I asked him with a roaring curiosity echoing in my head. I’ve under no circumstances met an individual who specializes in trees. I imply, what do these people today do? Plant them? Develop them? Observe them? How is it that you will go all the way from the Czech Republic to Malaysia just to study trees? I had the identical query with spiders. I actually haven’t met any individual in this “profession.”

So I asked. Eternally. Though each have been discussing biology, trees, spiders, I inserted footnotes in amongst. My sister finds it silly how I have the power to be interested in a division that does not concern me but I brushed that off. I continued asking the boys about what they do.

My mom was sitting across me, listening to the lots of inquiries I was asking. “She’s usually been like that. Ever considering the fact that she was young, she likes to ask inquiries.”

My mother is the eldest of her loved ones and somehow has come to be a breadwinner ever considering the fact that she was 18. I only grew up possessing her and my siblings as she separated with my father when I was five. She’s not from a wealthy loved ones so I’ve noticed her operate her as*s off as I was increasing up. Regardless of becoming a single mother, she raised me and my siblings with pride, perseverance, and tough operate. We went to fantastic schools and had all the issues we asked for (as lengthy as it is affordable). She under no circumstances stated no to the issues we want to do, or who we want to be.

When I was 7, I told her I want to play lawn tennis. My sister and I each did. It was a hit sport in our college. Every person was into it. The subsequent day, she purchased us new Prince tennis rackets (the most effective of its sort), tennis footwear from Nike, Wilson tennis balls, socks, and anything that we necessary in order to discover how to play lawn tennis adequately. We played the sport for 4 years till I had interests in mastering football. I told her, as soon as once more, and just like that, I got all the gears I necessary to commence mastering football.

I had no notion how she did this but I under no circumstances felt I was lacking in anything. She under no circumstances produced us really feel she didn’t have the indicates for us to reside a fantastic life. We under no circumstances could have guessed if she had the monetary sources or not. She just supported us in anything that we wanted to do.

I went to college at 17 and took International Research main in Political Science. Immediately after two years, I moved to an art college exactly where I took up Multimedia Arts. Immediately after 1 year, I shifted to Arts Management in the identical college. Immediately after an additional year, I was accepted in a study abroad system in Italy, majoring in style.

I do not imply to say this but I could have grown up with a mother who is a drug addict, not feeding her youngsters, locking them up, and limiting their development. But I didn’t get that sort of mother. I grew up with a mother who took care of her youngsters with three,000 occasions the work. She actually actually actually did it effectively.

That work is the outcome of possessing robust girls in our household. Think me, if you see me, my sister, and my mom with each other, it is a major celebration of hormones spiking all more than the location. None of us will ever relent. Mainly because of my mom, my sister and I discovered not to worry something. Ever considering the fact that we have been young, we have been told that a life exactly where you adhere to your dreams and achieve them is attainable. We under no circumstances felt restricted. We usually believed we can do what ever we want. I under no circumstances discovered how to worry due to the fact of how I was raised. She also did not impose worry on us. We grew up telling her what ever we really feel, saying issues when we really feel like it. There was under no circumstances a language restriction. She wanted us to speak like adults and frequently treated us like 1.

My mom is no visual artist but she wrote a lot. She had towers of journals at property that I attempted to study when I was eight. She wrote extremely honestly and beautifully. She was not apologetic in her writings. Mainly because of her, my journey to inventive living begun.

I began journaling when I was 9. I am fairly confident my mom study all of them but like her, I also have tons of journal hidden in the garage of my hometown. She kept them. Absolutely nothing unique takes place in the life of a 9-year old but I loved writing about my days. It could be as easy as sitting across my crush at the cafeteria or playing dodge ball in college. I descriptively wrote about what occurred to me each and every day — even if I knew the events have been not unique. I wrote, wrote and wrote due to the fact its anything I actually liked to do. It is for me. My siblings usually produced entertaining of me by reading my journals but I didn’t care. I wrote anyway.

And that was the starting of my inventive life. I wrote equally as I study. I study the very first Harry Potter book when I was 10. I grew up with total collections of Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew. I was inspired by Anne Frank’s Diary at 12. I got into reading due to the fact my mom produced a reward program at property. For each and every book that we finish reading, we would get 50 pesos (about  $1  USD) as a prize. At the time, a dollar was worth a lot to 9-year old children, specifically in the Philippines. I study as significantly as I can due to the fact I was driven by the monetary prize. Immediately after higher college, it became a habit. I no longer necessary monetary compensation in order to finish a book. I study, and that is it.

As youngsters, we have been raised to compete. We have been raised to usually brace for the war. We have been told to be our most effective in college due to the fact it is the correct point to do. Medals validated us as children. It encouraged us, at the identical time, it discouraged us.

“Why bother if you can not be the best” was the cause why I moved from 1 sport to an additional as a youngster and why I shifted courses regularly that even my siblings couldn’t retain track. For lots of, becoming not fantastic adequate is anything that hinders us to go right after our dreams. It could also be comparing ourselves with other people today whom we assume have performed it much better than us. Personally, I couldn’t obtain the point that will make me “the best” till I changed paths and traveled the globe. As young as 21, I went about the globe to discover the “best” in myself.

This traveling life produced me drop faith with our educational program that seemed to be a social currency. “Trisha goes to La Salle” is what people today knew about me due to the fact La Salle is the most effective and the most highly-priced college in the Philippines. I got in with a football varsity scholarship which added effect on my social CV. I was actually delighted about bringing property the gold to mama but my curiosity under no circumstances match in a classroom exactly where I was restricted to see what was beyond that box. I woke up 1 day feeling like I necessary to discover about life in my personal terms. And so, I left the University clique and under no circumstances looked back. Of course, it wasn’t okay for everybody, most specifically my mom who’s performed anything to send me to the most effective schools I could attend. She didn’t agree when I decided to do this but she also did not oppose it. With that, I know I am supported and that I can commence the journey I wanted to embark on.

I can under no circumstances speak authoritatively about worry due to the fact I do not know it. My mother has usually been my function model and I under no circumstances saw her be afraid of anything. Even up to now that I am 30. When I left to travel the globe, there was not a bit of worry that I felt. For most people today embarking on an indefinite trip, it usually begins with “will I make it?” “What about the cash?” “What if I’m not fantastic adequate?” But for me, it was a resounding curiosity: what’s out there? What’s the meals like? What’s language do they speak? For each and every time I will move to a new city, even if I didn’t know how the hell will I get there, curiosity usually won more than worry. I usually necessary to know. I can not leave issues hanging.

Along the way, I discovered that I require to acknowledge worry even if I didn’t know how. You see, worry and curiosity come hand in hand. If we do not worry, we will cross the road with out searching. We will do stupid issues if we’re not afraid. We can even drink poison if we do not worry. I produced a choice that if I am to continue undertaking what I do, I require to be a tiny scared. I managed to do that by placing it with each other with my curiosity. No, I’m not the 1 who thinks anything terrible will occur to me. That is not the sort of worry that I want to discover.

I noticed that mastering round the globe travel did not teach me how to worry. It just taught me that I can do it extra. I’ve observed that this is not a fantastic point about living a inventive life due to the fact, for the previous five years considering the fact that I began the weblog in 2014, I did not do new issues. Confident, my operate was acknowledged.  I was invited for interviews. I produced a Television show on CNN. I spoke in lots of major conferences, just not in my property nation but all components of the globe. I speak Spanish fluently. I know Hebrew and Portuguese. I think I create effectively but from time to time I really feel like I require to enhance extra. I under no circumstances did something to advance in these issues due to the fact I do not worry. With all these private successes, I usually believed that everybody and any individual admires me and that I shouldn’t operate on becoming much better at these issues. Above all, I didn’t attempt to do anything new. My creativity got tired of waiting. The globe has somehow left me at this level of development due to the fact I am not scared.

Worry came to me this year when I was inspired by my pals, Alyne and Nas to make my personal video channel. I have written tons of journal entries in this weblog but I couldn’t obtain my voice in the video platform. I kept considering about what would make my channel distinct. I received a lot of feedback of assistance from the followers of this weblog and I want to thank you all for the lovely words of encouragement but “you can do it” didn’t cover it. I lastly came up with an notion and with each other with my group, we worked on it on a 10-day trip to Brunei. I discovered that suggestions will retain you up each and every evening unless you spend focus to it. You know suggestions not coming to life under no circumstances leaves you alone, correct? We effectively filmed my notion and followed all the shot list. We all believed that it was anything new. That no one has performed that form of video content material ahead of.

Regardless of the quantity of footages, I nonetheless do not have the inspiration to publish it. The filming occurred three months ago and up till now, I couldn’t obtain the power to place it with each other. I usually push it for later due to the fact I say I am busy but honestly, even if the video notion is cool and exclusive, I am not confident I can adhere to by way of. What if it will be a 1 hit wonder? Additional importantly, I really feel like everybody’s undertaking it way much better? Why must I be an additional noise in a major chunk of noise?

I know this is not 1 of these motivational blogs that I commonly create but I am processing my thoughts out loud: when will I handle to place worry in my life so I can do much better? I hope you are seeing the notion of worry and curiosity going hand in hand right here. For now, I am realizing the obstacles of stopping me to reside a extra inventive life and I am delighted that I am capable to share this freely with you.

In reality, I assume by writing this, I have figured out what my fears are.


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