There are lots of factors why you must appreciate Boston.


The Self-Guided Tour at Harvard University was surely a single but there is extra to this city. The Boston Public Garden deserves a location amongst just about every visitor’s have to-see, have to-reside or have to-do –whatever you shall get in touch with it – list.

The Garden was established in 1837 and it was the initially botanical garden in the United States. Situated close to Beacon Hill and adjacent to Boston Popular, the Bostonian “Central Park” as it is oftenly referred to, it is a single of the greatest locations to invest your morning for the duration of your keep in the city.

The park delivers straightforward access, specifically by means of the Freedom Trail via the Boston Popular. Grab your coffee and get pleasure from a stroll amongst the garden’s 24 all-green acres. Cease by the pond to admire the swans, play along with the cutest squirrels you will ever meet and ultimately unwind on the grass – it will be sufficient to make you cancel all other plans and get pleasure from a relaxing morning in the garden.



September is great to strategy a weekly check out in the city with Falling Season becoming only a couple of weeks away – note that Boston for the duration of fall is the ultimate location thanks to the great show of fall foliage. With or devoid of autumn leaves, Boston in September was fantastic – the temperature was perfect also.

The Garden characteristics the Make Way for Ducklings bronze statue, a common attration for kids and their households, inspired by the children’s image book written and illustrated by Robert McCloskey. The statue is proper at the entrance of the Garden with the ducklings appearing to stroll towards the pond.

Across the lagoon bridge, you will obtain the equestrian statue of George Washington – as impressive the monument is, it can not be compared to the beauty of the path that leads to it – it is certainly beautiful!

The general cleanliness, supervision and upkeep of the park are not to be pointed out as they proved to be extra than superb as you can see.


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Pictures: Sebastian Hueskes



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