Taraw Peak in El Nido is up there with my favourite viewpoints in the Philippines. It could only be a 30-minute journey to the summit but it is also extremely difficult with intense humidity and sharp rocks. 

Most individuals are in El Nido for island hopping, which is wonderful but not genuinely an adrenaline rush. The beauty of this hike is that you can be up and down for sunrise and nevertheless make it on your island hopping tour so you do not waste a day in El Nido. In truth, my buddy Bryan who is the recommended Taraw Peak guide also functions as a tour guide on island-hopping trips so you will surely be down in time for a fast breakfast prior to you set off for island hopping in El Nido.



From the town and from out on the boats you will see the jagged cliffs that hang more than the town. They appear dramatic and not possible to climb but there is a route. The entrance to the hike is at a modest small neighborhood subsequent to ‘Skyline Bar’. This is exactly where I met my guide Bryan an hour prior to sunrise.

The hike winds via the neighborhood prior to you start the climb up the rocks. Possessing a guide is a thing I would 100%  recommend on this hike as it is rather unsafe and understanding, which rocks are steady and the particular routes to take is really significant. Below are the photos of the entrance from the primary street.



3 years ago I met Bryan Hamora on the bus from Puerto Princesa to El Nido. The Taraw Peak hike back then was closed due to a storm but this time I returned 3 years later and got to hyperlink up with Bryan who toured me up to the Taraw Peak Summit. Bryan does the hike numerous instances per week and is extremely challenging-operating. Most days he requires vacationers up the hike and then does a complete day of island hopping tour guiding. A classic Filipino, Bryan is humble, friendly and an individual I genuinely appreciate hanging out with.

Bryan gives headlamps, gloves (for the sharp rocks) and will meet you at the bakery in time to attain the summit for sunrise. It charges about $10 USD per particular person based on the size of your group.

To get in touch with Bryan, you can send him a message through his tour guiding web page ‘The Couch El Nido”: www.facebook.com/thecouchelnido/



Anticipate intense humidity. That is what to anticipate! Holy hell this was the most humid climb of my life. But seriously, anticipate a brief, steep intense climb and then to appreciate an epic, epic view for sunrise on jagged rocks. If you like adventure and miss this 1 in El Nido, you messed up!

The trail winds via the modest neighborhood prior to throwing you into the jungle. From the initially minute, you are clambering a lot more than following a trail or ‘climbing’. The jagged rocks imply that you are continuously concentrating so you do not misplace a step as they are unforgiving.

There are sections that are reasonably vertical but absolutely nothing as well intense. There have been lots of amateur hikers and climbers each male, female, young and old on the trail so do not be scared of this hike mainly because of the sharp rocks.

There have been a  handful of sections that have been a bit sketchy but there is generally a thing to hold on to. I’d say the level of difficulty for this hike is moderate to above typical mainly because of the rock clambering. I do not want to discourage you from climbing Taraw Peak but some individuals could struggle or get frightened so I created confident to take these two images in almost certainly the two most sketchy spots.


Right after thirty minutes or so, we reached the top rated. I merely could not think how sweaty I was immediately after just thirty minutes on the climb. The humidity was off the charts. When we cleared the final small ascent the view opened up and what a view it is. You have a birds-eye view more than El Nido town and the whole bay, exactly where the island-hopping boats are all lined up for yet another day of touring. We could see all the way out to Cadlao Island and beyond. 

I believe we spent about an hour or a lot more at the summit with about 10 other individuals who casually hung out on the unsafe spires. The top rated is not unsafe at all if you keep in the middle but if you are like me and go towards the edges there are straight drops down so these choices are up to you. Just wanted to make that clear that there is essentially zero likelihood of falling down if you just appreciate the view and in spite of the dramatic look of the rocks it is rather secure.


For the drone pilots out there, I can share with you my knowledge. I couldn’t fly towards the ocean mainly because I believe the airport blocked my drone. I could only fly away from the beach, which turned out to be fairly good anyway but just a thing to maintain in thoughts.

General, it was an amazing hike and worth the 3-year wait. Hope you head up with Bryan and say hello to him for me!


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