If you have ever observed a photo of Siargao, you also most likely resided with the rest of the population by immediately adding it to your bucket list. An island with a wonderfully special vibe and culture. Siargao’s specific culture is surely a byproduct of its deeply entrenched surfing neighborhood. Moreover, it is household to millions of palm trees and quite a few well-known surf breaks. The most notable surf break getting Cloud 9 in Common Luna, a barrelling wave which attracts qualified surfers from each and every corner of the globe.

In 2016, Siargao ‘exploded’ gaining worldwide interest on line and on land. Guests to the island began to pile up, with flights rising from as soon as a day in 2016 to twelve a day in 2019. Luckily, each locals and expats are nicely conscious of the improved environmental strain. Siargao is but to have the infrastructure to deal with the influx of persons, so it is crucial that the persons of the island and these who go to are creating constructive options to safeguard its beauty. It is unspoken law on the island that plastic straws will not be applied or sold. Locals are also taking a powerful stand on littering and single-use plastics.

Siargao lastly held it is very first Adventure Bag Crew cleanup organized by Josh Lynott.

Josh teamed up the Adventure Bag Crew with The Sun Crew and Kermit Surf. The Suncrew are primarily based up north in Siargao, just close to Pacifico. They supply surf sessions and board use to the kids of Siargao in exchange for their participation in The Sun Crew’s education, sustainability, and expertise applications. As element of The Sun Crew’s sustainability applications, they organize weekly beach cleanups.




For this cleanup, The Adventure Bag Crew went to Cemetery beach. A nicely-recognized beach and surf spot in Common Luna but also household to a lot of rubbish. With regional properties scattered in-amongst the resorts which line the beach, it wasn’t really hard to immediately fill up a lot of bags of trash. Only not too long ago has there been efforts place in spot to gather the trash of locals and surrounding companies. While this course of action develops, there are nonetheless quite a few locals who are but to be educated on trash collection and disposal. 


We had an wonderful turnout for this clean up with a substantial crew coming from down with Pacifico and all the guests from The Siargao Session hosted by Josh. On leading of this, we had persons returning for their second Adventure Bag Crew Cleanup along with lots of other individuals receiving involved for their very first time. It is usually wonderful to have persons come from all about the planet to make a compact but impactful distinction. 


A huge thanks go out to Kermit for delivering a regional style ‘boodle fight’ afterward for everybody that attended the cleanup. Kermit is one more top force on Siargao in the battle against environmental sustainability.








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