Going to Our Wedding Venues in Sorrento, Italy


If you followed my Instagram Stories final week, you have been privy to a complete lot of photographs of me stuffing my face with pasta and pizza, you fortunate issue. I also posted some glorious Italian scenery shots, which I’ll now devote the subsequent month or so milking. Tom and I have been in Sorrento viewing our wedding venues, in preparation for our large day there subsequent year. How thrilling!

In standard Dannielle Lily style, I’ve relied virtually exclusively on gut feelings alternatively of following any logical route for preparing our wedding. I suppose you could say I’ve gone arse about face with the complete issue. We booked and *shock horror* paid our deposit obtaining in no way noticed our venues. It is most likely pretty regular for couples who pick out to have a location wedding, but it has triggered me a lot of be concerned. We had in no way even been to Sorrento but I just knew, when my location wedding venue hunt led me to that beautiful tiny town in Campania, that it was our spot

Wedding venue viewing in Sorrento

And luckily, our brief check out this previous weekend proved to us that it definitely is heaven on earth. We fell in enjoy with Sorrento and cannot wait to go back this time subsequent year, with our extended households in tow. However although, fate appears to have other plans for us – which came to light only when we got residence from the trip. I’ll clarify all nearer the finish of this post. Let’s concentrate on the satisfied bits initially, eh?

A couple of factors to check out your location wedding venue ahead of the large day

Sussing out the journey

We’re keen to maintain travel instances as brief as feasible since we’re asking a lot of persons to go all that way for our wedding as it is, so we had a tiny panic since our journey from Naples Airport to Sorrento took virtually 4 hours. I had study on-line that it is supposed to take significantly less than 1.five on the bus, so I was worried that our guests would be annoyed about such an unexpectedly extended transfer. I later discovered that we had selected to arrive on a national vacation and that is why the roads have been crazy. Lesson discovered: verify the wedding date does not overlap with Italy’s national day! Our extended journey was just down to terrible preparing on our aspect and it shouldn’t be an situation when our wedding guests do the very same trip.

Building fears

I was scrolling by means of Facebook a couple of weeks back and saw photographs that virtually brought my heart into my mouth: the spot exactly where we had booked our ceremony was becoming renovated! They hadn’t communicated this to any of the brides and there have been a lot of angry persons in a Facebook group I’d joined for tips about weddings in the region. Second lesson discovered: often enquire about regardless of whether there are any building plans that may possibly influence how your wedding appears ahead of you book the venue!

Fortunately, I saw the venue with my personal eyes and the renovation is now quite considerably total. I believed it was an improvement so I’m satisfied with that. It was in fact pretty emotional, standing in the spot exactly where we’ll say our vows subsequent year! 

Obtaining the sizes suitable

The day we went to see our reception venue, I had a slight hangover (once more, standard Dannielle style) so it curbed my excitement a tiny bit. The venue turned out to be considerably a lot more spacious in actual life than it looked in photographs, so that was a satisfied surprise. I had study in online reviews that the photographs do not do the venue justice but it produced me really feel greater to see it with my personal eyes.  It also produced me wonder if we really should invite a lot more guests! 

Generating neighborhood buddies

One particular unexpected benefit gained from undertaking a pre-wedding trip to Sorrento was that we gleaned neighborhood insight we may possibly not have got on-line. We got chatting to a neighborhood barman who had just been to an occasion at our reception venue and he assured us the meals was awesome, so that place my thoughts at ease. I’ve missed out on items like menu tastings since our wedding is abroad! The barman also gave us his quantity and mentioned to get in touch if we required something. I hope he’s prepared for our rabble of wedding guests to descend on his bar subsequent year!

Contingency plans

We decided to view a back-up reception venue the day ahead of we went to see the a single we had in fact booked. It was good but not as good as ours, so I’m 100% specific we’ve picked the very best solution for us. And if something goes incorrect with our personal option, at least we’ll know exactly where to get in touch with. It is often beneficial to have a security net, suitable?

However for us, it turned out to be the ceremony venue we required to be concerned about.

Shop the appear

And then it all went incorrect

The terrible news came the day immediately after we got back from our trip. I got an e mail from the wedding planner and opened it with a large smile on my face since I was told our date would be confirmed at the finish of April. The smile immediately faded as my eyes scanned the text. We hadn’t got our venues. The ceremony venue was overbooked, and they had got us a slot at yet another venue.

I was definitely seething. When we paid our deposit months ago, we have been told we would have to wait for the ceremony venue to confirm our date and time, and that in the unlikely occasion that we didn’t get our initially option of date, they would book us in on our second date of option. It was in no way, ever stipulated to us that we might not get the venue we had booked. The cause I opted to use a location wedding preparing agency was to take the strain out of securing each venues on our selected date, so I’m massively disappointed that they took a deposit from us recognizing they might not have been in a position to guarantee we got the venues we have been paying for. I looked at the back-up venue they had taken the liberty of booking for us as a consolation prize, and I hate it.

I’m now going back and forth with our agency attempting to safe our venues on any offered date, but if they do not handle to get almost everything fixed I’ll be searching for a complete refund on our deposit (and sharing the complete truthful encounter on-line, with the name of the corporation incorporated). I do not have the mental power to start out the complete venue hunt once more and it is in particular disappointing since we’ve spent months preparing and visualising our wedding in the venues we booked. I’m also definitely shocked since the agency knew we have been in Sorrento just days ahead of they dropped this bomb, and that would have been a good time to inform us of this trouble.

All I can do is wait at the moment and maintain my fingers crossed. I really feel a bit ashamed for becoming so upset about all of this since I know there are larger problems across the planet, but I’m nevertheless definitely gutted. Maintain your fingers crossed for us, please!

We managed to tie wedding venue viewings in with exploring Sorrento so I’ll share some weblog posts quickly about the location itself. I figure I can add even a lot more facts to them subsequent year, when we will be in Italy for virtually two weeks and most most likely going to a couple of areas in the surrounding region. If all goes to strategy, that is…


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