These Travel Sandals Are the Definition of Fashionably Functional


Accurate travelers will know that flip flops are cute, but not usually the most reliable variety of travel sandals. But what if there have been a sandal that mixed a fashionable thong with a comfy sole, and safe grip, for the ultimate fashionably functional flip flop?

The excellent news is that such a sandal exists! Cue The Nimahtravel sandals from Bionica Footwear! I received tons of comments and inquiries about these trendy sandals though traveling about in the Philippines in regard to exactly where I identified a sandal that was cute, comfy, and water-friendly!

It is truly really hard to come across a thong-sandal that each appears fashionable and supplies the help and comfort you require when traveling, but these footwear have it all! Here’s a couple of factors why I adore them!

Fashionable Patterns That Compliment Any Outfit

Bionica Shoes

The colorful, trendy boho patterns on the thong of the Nimah sandals are usually in when you are traveling. They scream, “I adore going to cultural, tropical, chill locations!”, and can match with or add to any outfit! 

The many colors in the style make them pop with something you put on and will leave folks asking yourself exactly where you got them! I also adore the two-strap style that delivers a additional one of a kind appear than just one particular thick strap! Speaking of which…

Comfy, Supportive, Non-Flip-Flopping-Straps

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Standard flip flops will smack against the bottom of your foot due to the flimsiness of the straps and thinness of the soles, but the Nimah travel sandals will not! That is due to the fact the sturdiness of the straps match snugly on your feet, without the need of moving about and causing any discomfort or annoying “flip flop” sounds.

The thong aspect of the sandal is wrapped in a soft material that will not irritate the space in between your toes, even when it gets wet (Note: Depends on your toe-sensitivity)! Because there’s no flipping and flopping motion, and the straps remain with your feet as you stroll, climb, or run, there’s significantly less of a possibility for that annoying rubbing in between your toes or top rated of your foot!

Effortless to Slip On, But Really Keep On

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When I assume of common flip flops, I think about them finding flung about when I attempt to place them on or take them off. What’s terrific about the Nimah travel sandals is that they’re straightforward to slip on with their thong-style, but in fact remain on due to the fact of the non-slip grip material of the soles and stability of the straps.

Your feet will actually remain in these sandals ten occasions improved than a common sandal, saving you tension, discomfort, and annoyance! They even stayed on when I wore them in the water at the beach and at a waterfall! Which brings me to my subsequent point…

Water Resistant and Non-Slip

Bionica Shoes

You know that squeaky sound you hear with frequent rubber flip slops? Or probably that never ever-totally-dried feeling of cloth, straw, or leather-soled sandals? None of that exists with the Nimah travel sandal! 

Because the straps are safe, and the footbed is higher excellent rubber material, there’s no possibility for that annoying squeaky noise. And because the footbed is all rubber, it tends to make it all waterproof! The straps are rapid drying as nicely even even though the patterned aspect is produced of stitching.

Comfy and Protected for Any Terrain (Apart from Snow)

Bionica Shoes

As somebody who is incredibly guilty of hiking mountains in flip-flops and never ever wearing footwear in water or though chasing waterfalls, I can confidently say that these Nimah travel sandals are a game changer for comfort.

A person actually noticed me hopping along the sharp, rocky shore of an island in Philippines, and asked about my footwear, due to the fact you could inform I couldn’t really feel the discomfort beneath my soles. Because each security and comfort are vital for us explorers, these travel sandals are fundamentally a necessity. 

So if you are tired of common flimsy flip flops, and hunting for some travel sandals that match all the required travel needs, verify out the Nimah’s on!

Disclaimer: This post is in collaboration with Bionica Footwear, nevertheless all writing, images, and opinions are my personal.

These travel sandals are as fashionable as they are functional! Say goodbye to cheap flip-flops that squeak and blister, and hello to Bionica shoes that feel like you're walking on air!


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