Practical experience the Wonder of Isla Espiritu Santo and Meet the Sea Lions of Isla Islotes!


Isla Espiritu Santo is the most stunning island in the Sea of Cortez, or the Gulf of California, and is a UNESCO Globe Heritage internet site! It is a treasure situated two hours by boat from La Paz, aka “the Pearl”. (There employed to be a lively pearl fishery right here, but it is now all fished out. Just a further reminder of why we will need to practice sustainability!) La Paz has a statue along the Malecon, aka Boardwalk in English, that has a pearl in a shell. The statue is not right, the pictured shell does not make pearls, but it is the believed that counts, correct?

isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
The Pearl, or La Paz, on the Malecon

La Paz is the fantastic spot to be if you want to stop by Isla Espiritu Santo. The island is a National Park as nicely as a Biosphere Reserve Unesco Globe Heritage Web-site, and is really nicely protected from poachers, hunters, and industrial pirates. The island was protected from a casino becoming constructed due to the fact Mexican donors, American donors, and Globe Wildlife bought the section of the island that was for sale! It would be a travesty to inflict this island with a resort or casino. There are no settlements, no a single lives right here. It is a valuable instance of correct, unspoiled nature. Isla Espiritu Santo was formed from volcanic activity, just searching at the colors and layers of this desert island is a wonder. The guidelines are supported and practiced by the folks of La Paz, and the tour businesses seem to comply willingly. I discover that pretty impressive.

isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
Just appear at the wonderful colors of this island! From the dramatic blues and aquas of the ocean, to the reds and earthy tones of the island itself.

My trip in March 2019 was with Red Travel Mexico, an eco conscious tour corporation which concentrates on the magic of the Baja. I co-sponsored a trip with them in December 2017 as nicely, and that trip incorporated diving in Cabo Pulmo. Our December trip to Espiritu Santo was cancelled due to higher winds, but final month, I visited the island with Carol Guttery of Wayfaring Views, and her husband, Ken. The climate was significantly far better, and we located ourselves off to Isla Espiritu Santo with Pedro from Red Travel Mexico to snorkel with Sea Lions in Los Islotes!

We headed to Los Islotes exactly where the Sea Lion sanctuary is situated, and we could hear the barking and ruckus from pretty a distance. A single stays away from the huge males, or bulls, due to the fact of territorial behaviors on their component. Also, from June till the starting of September, you can’t get in the water with the sea lions as they are mating, and hence aggressive. You can see them, but you can’t snorkel with them at that time.

isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
Carol and Ken on our way to Los Islotes!

Pedro gave us all the guidelines and regulations of snorkeling with the sea lions of Isla Espiritu Santo, and I was shocked (upset, actually) when I located out that all folks, except tour guides, will have to put on a life jacket. In most circumstances, like snorkeling with whale sharks or manta rays, you can put on a life jacket OR a wetsuit. Wetsuits are really buoyant, and it in no way occurred to me that I would be forced to put on a life jacket. I have to confess it was a enormous disappointment to me to have to put on a single, due to the fact I knew if I couldn’t dive, and goof about, I wouldn’t be in a position to actually play with the sea lions. We all had some really enjoyable encounters with the sea lions, they are as well adorable, and enjoyable to play with, but subsequent time, I will dive it. I actually do not like wearing life jackets. I’m pretty skilled in the ocean with snorkeling and diving, so it does not improve my encounter to inflict a life jacket on me!

The sea lions in La Paz, or Isla Espiritu Santo, are playful and so cute. I’d been diving with them ahead of, so I knew they would want to bite my fins and attempt to steal my GoPro Camera. I was correct, I had to shoo a couple of them due to the fact of their insistence on wanting my camera!

isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
Sea Lions are so Quickly!
isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
Cameras, strobes, and fins are of specific interest to sea lions! Curiosity is their middle name! Photo by Carol Guttery.

We snorkeled a small following we left the sea lion location, and it was quite, but considering that we had been currently so cold, we decided to get on our way to our private beach for our private lunch!

The beach was surrounded by red rock and a clear, shallow cove. It was so stunning.
isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
I was attempting to get close adequate to photograph a actually cool red crab, but I didn’t feel he’d let me get as well close.

Red Travel Mexico ready us a yummy lunch of ceviche, quinoa, and pops (beer is out there as well!) I can’t endorse the corporation adequate. Red Travel Mexico has professional guides for every single trip, and they are constantly on time and thoughtful about what folks on the tour want to do. When walking on the La Paz Malecon, you will be approached by a lot of folks supplying trips to Isla Espiritu Santo and snorkeling with the sea lions, but I urge you to resist them and book with Red Travel Mexico as an alternative. It is significantly far better to go out in unfamiliar territory with these who are professionals as an alternative of people who just want to run you out there and do not actually care about something but your dollars. Caution, constantly caution!

We headed back to La Paz tired, but complete of meals and satisfied with our amazing snorkeling with the sea lions! Carol, Ken and I had a wonderful trip, and we would all happily book once again with Red Travel Mexico.

isla espiritu santo, los islotes, sea lions in La Paz, snorkeling in cabo
A stunning sunset in La Paz!

Following we had been performed with our day, I had a dinner date with a young man I did a volunteer trip with 7 years ago in Mozambique. Darren was in Mozambique carrying out a Master’s Thesis on Whale Sharks, and 7 years later he is a doctoral candidate and a daddy! Even even though seven years had passed and our lives have taken distinctive turns, I felt like I had observed him yesterday. I feel when we share experiences with other people who share our passions, that bond is pretty powerful. We had a wonderful dinner and discussion, and following, we showed a single a further our babies, his son and my two grandchildren!

What is seven years involving mates? Now.
And then.

I can inform you that the Baja has so significantly to present you for a superb trip! Whale Sharks, Whales, Sea Lions, Globe Heritage Web sites, and wonderful meals. When you choose to go, be certain and go with Red Travel Mexico!

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