How to Send a Thank You Note


A handful of weeks ago I received a postcard in my mailbox. The postcard came from my buddy Dani—but it wasn’t just any postcard. It was a thank you letter!

Even even though I’m a frequent traveler (and postcard-sender) myself, it is nonetheless fairly uncommon that I get mail. So, upon seeing a card sitting in my metal mailbox, distinct sized and a great deal much more colorful than the standard white-enveloped letters I get from my banks, it was a welcome surprise.

thank you letter
Nothing at all beats a individual thank you!

In the age of Instagram, social media, and the gig economy, we do not send a lot of letters any longer. I’m guilty of it as a great deal as everyone, but I can say that each and every time I obtain a letter in my mailbox, it is fairly damn particular.

The identical can be stated of “thank you’s.” I do not know if you have noticed like I have, but we do not normally recognize thanks when we will need to—certainly not as a great deal as we applied to. We reside in an increasingly chaotic, busy, stressful globe.

In the age of Instagram, social media, and the gig economy, we do not send a lot of letters any longer.

No one cares about your Instagram
No 1 cares about your Instagram – but a thank you note? Really like it!

The gig economy, fueled by apps which permit issues to come with the touch of a button and small to no individual communication, imply that character has left a lot of our encounters. Do you tip your Uber drivers? Do you leave feedback or comments, or even finish the ride with a “thank you?”

Do you send your Airbnb hosts thank you notes for the comfy bed, the straightforward verify-in, the self-published map of their preferred areas? 

In all probability not. I know I can be much better.

How to Send a Thank You Note

Years ago, soon after I completed a year-and-a-half of backpacking about the globe, I wrote a lengthy report thanking as quite a few of the men and women as I could recall. These strangers along the journey. So a great deal of our lives concentrate on human interactions and individual connections it is vital to recall to say thank you.

And if you cannot say thank you, then you can create it!

write a letter
Grab a coffee and take a short moment away from distractions to create an heartfelt thank you note

How to create a thank you letter

Writing a thank you note or letter shouldn’t be so daunting or so challenging. Yeah, you can reply to an Instagram post, or post a public Facebook status thanking an individual for something—but the most meaningful thank you notes come a great deal much more customized.

Handwritten notes are in all probability the most heartfelt, but who knows exactly where to get a pen any longer?! (Kidding!)

To create an genuine thank you, you have got to say much more than “thank you.” Clarify the feelings you felt in the moment you are thanking for. Share a thing deeper than any superficial, stereotypical saying.

Send Postcards Online - Travels of Adam -
Postcards make fantastic thank you cards!


How to send a thank you note

Sending a customized thank you is comparatively easy—especially with the advent of quite a few on the web apps for sending mail via your telephone.

The MyPostcard app presents thousands of customizable styles for postcards, greeting cards, and other stationery. It is seriously very simple to use and can all be completed from your telephone.

The finest aspect of applying 1 of these customizable MyPostcard styles is that you can select your personal photographs (from your personal image gallery, Instagram, or Facebook)—which implies when sending a thank you note, you can share a selfie or any other relevant image.

Making use of your personal photographs to send a thank you is right away much more individual. And with the alternative to create a private message which then shows up surprisingly to friend’s home—that’s particular.

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thank you notes
Heartfelt thank you messages are normally much more meaningful

Make your Thank You Notes much more meaningful

Do not cop out with an Instagram shout-out or a very simple Facebook greeting.

The finest thank you’s come from the heart and arrive privately—not publicly. Yes, it could look sweet to post an Instagram photo to your personal feed about how a great deal you really like and admire a buddy.

And when that is nonetheless pretty type, the finest messages of assistance are delivered in a great deal much more meaningful and individual techniques. Normally in a mailbox.

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