Finding engaged in Bali! All About How Kenny Proposed to Me in Our Favored Location

Wow you guys. It is been Fairly the busy Spring! For these of you that do not know currently from instagram, I am newly engaged!!!! Let the honeymoon preparing start!! I’m turning the instagram husband into the actual husband, and I cannot wait!

A lot of you have been reaching out asking me all about our proposal so I believed I’d share all the deets right here on the weblog!

How Kenny & I met in the 1st spot

A lot of individuals do not comprehend that Kenny and I didn’t meet traveling! Even though we’re each significant travelers (he’s been to 48 nations and I’m beating him at 61), we basically met for the 1st time in college at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. It was the starting of our senior year – I was president of my sorority and was bouncing to a meeting I was currently late for with a buddy when we stumbled upon him and his buddies running a lemonade stand for the charity he founded to send underprivileged little ones to college in Bali (I know, swoooon). He introduced himself correct away and I grinned – I currently knew who he was. In reality, the girl walking with me had a large crush on him – as I’m quite certain most girls at UNC did. Kenny is sort, super clever, super driven, super entertaining and genuinely freaking handsome. He’s magnetic. That exact same evening, right after our meeting, I was at a friend’s celebration just before going out when she pulled me aside. “Christina, Kenny will not quit texting me about you. He keeps asking me all of these inquiries and telling me we have to meet up with them tonight. I believe he’s genuinely into you.”

All I had told Kenny was my 1st name, and that I was an ADPi, so he went straight to his fraternity brother, who was dating an ADPi, and got her quantity so he could do his ‘who WAS that girl’ recon. His program worked. She was with me that evening and convinced me we just HAD to go to He’s Not Right here – exactly where Kenny and all his buddies (several of his groomsmen!) have been hanging out. I try to remember chatting all evening with Kenny about travel (we had each studied abroad diverse semesters, therefore possibly why we hadn’t met however), and bonding more than getting from the west coast.

Where to Propose in Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

Kenny & I in college at my sorority formal

I believe I quite substantially fell head more than heels for Kenny that evening in Chapel Hill, and I believe he could have as well. But neither of us have been prepared for each and every other… In the following days and weeks, he pursued me really hard, but I was beyond intimidated.  So I did the only factor I could do – I buddy-zoned him, really hard. We hung out all the rest of college as buddies, as substantially as we could.

He was even my date to my senior year sorority formal, and present for some of my extremely preferred instances of my college and post-college life. We each fought feelings for each and every other for a extremely extended time. But they have been constantly there. Just waiting for the correct moment to make sense.

Rapid-forward from college about five years, and we have been nevertheless finest buddies. (Sorry, Kenny!!) It was all for the finest although, I was living in San Francisco functioning in Brand Advertising and marketing, and creating my little travel weblog on the side, and he was off living in Bali right after quitting his significant NYC consulting job and was busy producing his Hawaiian shirt empire – Kenny Flowers.

Proposal Ideas Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

Every person believed Kenny was crazy to quit his properly-paying corporate job and move to Bali, but at the exact same time, we all knew he was a genius. He was operating a thriving business enterprise from the beach and actually LIVING THE DREAM. Kenny was not only producing a solution that individuals have been worshipping, he was producing a brand that individuals wanted desperately to be a aspect of. There was one thing about the Kenny Flowers story that individuals couldn’t assistance but be drawn to.

Kenny totally embodied his brand and the KF life style – he had constantly worn tropical celebration shirts in college and was determined to place a modern day spin on your dad’s classic Hawaiian. So he moved to Bali (just before Bali was the hot tourist location that it is now), and began churning out extraordinary, super higher-high-quality, hand-reduce Hawaiian shirts (just before just about every brand in America attempted to do the exact same factor). And, even as Hawaiians have develop into increasingly preferred more than the previous handful of years – just about every consumer of his will inform you that Kenny Flowers Hawaiians are just diverse. The styles are far better, the fits are far better, and they’re super, super soft. But I believe it is additional than that – the distinction is intangible. Kenny’s golden touch is everywhere, and his passion, perfectionism, and dedication to providing you a piece of paradise to put on with you at all instances, shows on all the things the brand does.

But back to us! Two years ago, Kenny ultimately decided he’d had adequate of my buddy zone and, on a fateful weekend trip he produced to take a look at San Francisco, produced his move. I was kinda-sorta dating a person and, you know, had a complete life going on in SF, but, Kenny Flowers did what he does finest – showed me just how substantially far better life could be. It was quite substantially as if I had been living life in a boring J. Crew buttondown and place on a Kenny Flowers celebration shirt alternatively, AMIRIGHT KENNY!? (Kenny’s rolling his eyes).

Christina and Kenny's Engagement in Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

Anyway. I flew to Bali with my finest buddy a month later. We had the time of our lives. Kenny asked me to keep. I didn’t.

I had a boss, a job, a LIFE. I believed he was crazy. But I was also crazy in like with him. It seemed like our complete lives had been top to this point. Like all the things we had accomplished in our separate lives, whilst nevertheless obtaining this undeniable magnetic connection to each and every other, was ultimately generating sense. Anything in me felt like all of the pieces to our lives, and our futures, have been laid out for us now. But I just wasn’t certain how to click it all into spot.

So we produced a program. He’d come to take a look at for 10 days in among a trip from Bali to the states, and we’d figure it out. He told me he’d move to SF. I was like, hmm, wait… but Bali sounds a lot additional entertaining. We each knew at this point the clock was ticking on my corporate job anyway – I just required a push – one thing, a person, to inform me that I could do it – that I could quit my job, travel the planet, weblog complete-time, and construct my personal brand. My weblog had grown from a modest side hobby to a thriving top luxury travel brand – and it was doubling in readership just about every day. My Instagram @JetsetChristina was getting featured at the leading of lists like Travel & Leisure’s Prime Luxury Travel Instagrams, and IZEA’s Prime Luxury Travel Influencer in the Globe. I was basically beginning to make adequate to make a living from it. I knew that if I wanted to give it my complete power, I had to do it quickly. But the thought of quitting my cushiony corporate job to be an entrepreneur and travel weblog complete-time was beyond scary to me.

Kenny did additional than encourage me to give my all to Jetset Christina – he, without having being aware of it, gave me the security net I required to make the most significant selection of my life. To acquire a 1-way ticket across the globe.

I figured, if all else failed, I’d invest a handful of months in Bali with my boyfriend, providing my two most significant dreams the shot they deserved.

A handful of months later, I was functioning tougher than I’d ever worked in my life as a travel influencer. And loving just about every second of it. I was finding paid to travel to corners of the planet I’d by no means even heard of, and staying in five-star, $2000 a evening hotels and overwater bungalows with private pools. I was performing what I like – writing and traveling, just about every single day. But I was also craving additional. I’ve constantly been a person who requires 100 points on her plate to really feel productive, and I thrive with a thousand projects going on at as soon as. So, I began assisting Kenny with his marketing and advertising (possibly a way to spend him back for the endless instagram-husbanding he’s accomplished for me more than the years?!). This way, I could flex my branding and marketing and advertising muscle tissues, and assistance Kenny construct out his women’s line. It was a match produced in paradise.

We made the most wonderful Kimonos, and these adorable beach cover-ups for bachelorette parties and group trips. And, right after Kenny’s mens’ swimwear became such a results, we even launched a line of women’s swimwear this Spring – Watercolors – a dream of mine and a project I’ve been excited about for a extremely extended time.

I can wholeheartedly say that neither Kenny nor I would be the individual we are currently without having each and every other. We have been there for each and every other considering that the starting of each of our firms (he was 1 of my extremely 1st followers and most significant fans, and I was his 1st girl consumer of Kenny Flowers). As buddies, we watched, supported, and celebrated each and every other as we began our new firms in pursuit of a life diverse from the norm. As boyfriend and girlfriend, we gave each and every other the challenge and backbone we required to push the envelope even additional.

When individuals say they really feel *sparks*, all I can believe about is how I felt from the extremely second I laid eyes on Kenny at that lemonade stand. There was constantly a spark with us that we didn’t dare let ignite – for the reason that we knew if it did it would light the planet on fire.

The timing for us just didn’t make sense. Till it did.

Kenny decided to propose to me in Uluwatu, Bali which tends to make me super content for the reason that Bali is specific to us for so several motives. It is exactly where Kenny’s Kenny Flowers shirts are produced, it is exactly where each of our firms have bloomed with each other, and it is exactly where we fell in like. It is exactly where he convinced me I could quit my 9-five job and pursue my travel weblog complete-time (!!!). And it is also exactly where we contact dwelling when we’re not traveling for @JetsetChristina or in the states. These days, we invest about half the year in Bali.

Uluwatu, the aspect of Bali exactly where he proposed, is specifically magical to us –  it is the 1st spot in Bali Kenny ever took me.

And that extremely 1st evening I ever spent in Bali, we watched the most wonderful sunset I had ever noticed go down in Uluwatu. My buddy Lindsey and I going to have been Bali 1st-timers, and have been in total awe of this paradise island and the sky that was seemingly on fire, but we felt specifically fortunate when Kenny told us it was not just an typical Bali sunset – it was the most wonderful sunset he had ever noticed out of the thousands he had noticed in Bali. He stated that Bali was displaying off for us. And it surely was.

Two years later, Bali was displaying off once again the evening Kenny proposed. Overlooking the cliffs of the Six Senses Uluwatu, below this image-fantastic frame, Kenny got down on 1 knee and asked me to invest forever with him.

But just before he did, he asked a stranger to take our photo against the quite sunset backdrop, without having telling him what was about to happen… and he even told waiters to pop in with champagne as quickly as I stated yes. (He knows me properly!)

The ring was so beautiful I didn’t even know what to do – a gorgeous custom-produced oval diamond with a delicate gold-with-wraparound-diamonds setting that he had picked out all on his personal – and it was just fantastic. It was all so fantastic, in just about every way.

I was wearing a wonderful Juliet Dunn dress, Kenny’s was wearing his Waka Flockers flamingo hawaiian shirt

I honestly had no thought he was so nervous – we had the absolute finest day top up to this fantastic evening, spent soaking up the sun, playing in paradise and listening to Jimmy Buffett.

I didn’t cry till we have been walking back to our space afterward, when I believed about that 1st evening in Uluwatu, that 1st sunset, not substantially diverse from tonight’s, and how far we’ve come considering that then. How all of the puzzle pieces of our crazy, wonderful life with each other have fallen into spot. And how I couldn’t possibly be happier.

Exactly where did you guys get engaged? Or where’s your dream spot to get engaged? I’d like to hear in the comments! XO