So, I moved to Maui. Now what?


Aloha loyal close friends and readers of The Sweetest Way!

On this beautiful morning, I’m writing from Maui, Hawaii, my new residence sweet residence.


Are not we all.

It has been a wild year, and that is placing it delicately. In reality, let’s just get in touch with a spade a spade: 2018 fucked. me. up.

It would be futile to attempt and clarify just how earth-shattering 2018 was for me, at least in a single weblog post, but suffice it to say that I am NOT the exact same Leah you applied to know.

In a excellent way even though. Guarantee.

And even though I completely anticipated to get in touch with Maui residence ultimately, I couldn’t have predicted the how or the when of it all. In that sense, I just sort of followed my gut, generating this selection for the reason that I knew it was correct for me.

Placing all that self-enjoy stuff I’m generally speaking about into practice for when.

I’d wanted to start off a new life right here ever because my take a look at back in October of 2017. In reality, that was the very first time I’d felt such a powerful sense of figuring out when it came to exactly where I wanted to place down roots. It shook me to my core.

Moving to Maui was all I could feel about following that.

As I’ve talked about several instances ahead of, I didn’t really feel at residence, nicely, anyplace all through my travels. I guess you could say I was waiting for that location that just spoke to me in a way no other location had–the location that lastly referred to as me residence.

And on September 30th, 2018, I stepped off that one particular-way flight from Seattle into the balmy Hawaiian air and promptly burst into tears.

This was it.

Maui had referred to as me residence.

It nonetheless tends to make me tear up when I feel about that moment.

And it is likely also clear by now, but I’ll just state this is plain terms as nicely: I moved to Maui by myself, and I am no longer engaged.

That is likely the one particular component of the story exactly where I will not be going into excellent detail, out of respect for Hans as nicely as my personal individual boundaries.

You see, one particular of my greatest lessons for 2018 was studying how to set healthful boundaries, and my individual relationships are exactly where I draw the line in the sand when sharing my story on the internet.

Content material creators, for the record, do not owe their audiences each small detail of their individual lives. And I thank you in advance for respecting my selection on the matter.

So, let’s just jump ahead to the component exactly where I landed in Maui.

You know you have created a excellent selection for oneself when your life just begins to flow, and that is specifically what occurred from the moment I arrived. Fortunately, my mom had just moved to Maui two months ahead of me, so I was capable to remain with her till I located my personal location.

I had been scheming up a strategy for my new enterprise, Kindred Soul Studios, for a couple of months currently by that point. I was, likely for the really very first time, taking myself seriously as an entrepreneur.

Blogging had been a exciting experiment and all, but it never ever truly felt like a good results and I’d generally struggled to feel of myself as a enterprise owner.

This time, items have been unique.

I’d sought out photography mentors and a enterprise mentor and was functioning diligently on a enterprise strategy. I took the time to craft a vision I could be proud of, which, I will admit, is not one thing I ever did when beginning this small weblog right here.

It is funny how motivation finds you when you are undertaking function you are truly passionate about. When you are lastly operating from a location of objective.

When I woke up on the morning of October 1st, I hit the ground operating. That really exact same day, I purchased a auto (the very first auto I’ve owned in practically a decade!). I was on Instagram looking for neighborhood photographers to connect with, and setting up shoots with close friends to construct my portfolio.

Inside two weeks, I’d located my dream apartment in Maui’s upcountry: a cozy, mainly-furnished studio with white walls, the sweetest landlords, and an impressive view of the West Maui Mountains.

And when I say “my dream apartment,” I imply that in no uncertain terms. I had been visualizing the great location to reside for months at that point, and in my mind’s eye it looked quite a lot just like this one particular.

Except, what I got is truly Greater than what I’d hoped for. Manifestation, y’all. It is actual.

Initially, I practically located it tough to think just how conveniently Maui was accepting me I’d heard from just about each Maui neighborhood I’d ever talked to that the island is, er, really certain about who she lets remain.

It felt like such an honor to be generating a new life right here, a lot significantly less with (relative) ease.

That is not to say I haven’t faced any challenges in the final 5 months. I imply, I did just finish a connection with a man I loved (and nonetheless enjoy) really deeply. And I nonetheless to this day come across myself in the midst of a season of really serious emotional upheaval, with previous traumas resurfacing at a fast clip, demanding to be felt.

It has been absolutely nothing brief of cathartic and healing, but it leaves me feeling disoriented and rundown a lot more typically than not.

By way of the marathon approach of assisting my mom downsize her life in Washington in preparation for the move, I discovered SO Significantly about myself. I also RE-discovered a lot about myself, items I had extended because forgotten.

As each excellent American family members does, we held onto boxes upon boxes of relics from my childhood years. And in wading by way of the mess to make a decision what to retain and what to let go, I got to revisit the sweet and innocent small girl that I’d when been–you know, ahead of life brought its hammer of destruction down onto that delicate small head with the choppy residence-reduce bangs.

I remembered the animal lover that delighted in studying the rainforest, who checked out the exact same book on dog breeds from the library week following week, and who dreamt of one particular day becoming a marine biologist.

I got to study her poetry, bear in mind what subjects she liked and didn’t like in college, and discover about her greatest fears (spiders losing individuals she loved).

I came to have an understanding of how she created her enjoy for travel, and that Maui had generally held a particular location in her heart (in one particular brief story about going to Maui for Christmas, she referred to as it her favored location in the globe and talked about the rush of adrenaline she felt when the plane took off).

And in the approach of becoming reacquainted with small Leah, I understood that the difficult emotional function I was undertaking was specifically the issue that was going to set her totally free.

The layers of hurt I was shedding each and every time I crumpled onto the floor in a heap of sobs have been gradually but certainly revealing that childlike essence, bringing me deeper into the heart and a lot more closely resembling my really soul.

In hindsight I can clearly see that the practical experience was largely accountable for my capacity to even RECOGNIZE what it was my heart wanted (moving to Maui, even if it meant going alone), and to trust it adequate to make the selection. A painful selection, yes, but the correct one particular.

I’m grateful for the time I was capable to commit in Wenatchee, my birthplace and the location I linked with so a lot discomfort. It was healing, and offered me with a excellent deal of a lot-required closure. But as quickly as my mom left, the final shred of connection I felt to it vanished with her.

I knew–my heart knew–it was time to move on.

So right here I come across myself, thousands of miles from my preceding life and what feels like thousands of miles beyond my comfort zone, undertaking items on the every day that scare the living shit out of me (I want I was exaggerating).

But hey, development is what we are right here for, so I’m not so a lot complaining as stating details.

Largely even though, I’m tending to that sweet small girl inside of me who lastly got her dream of living in her favored location on earth, and located the courage to pursue one thing that truly sets her soul on fire.

Hawaii is residence for the foreseeable future, and Kindred Soul Studios is my major enterprise. This weblog is not going anyplace, and I’ve got a strategy for it, rest assured.

I will continue to share the rest of this journey with you as it unfolds, as honestly and vulnerably as generally (likely a lot more vulnerably than you are applied to, truly).

I know several of you are likely nonetheless asking yourself about the logistics and sensible elements of the move, so that is on my list of subjects to tackle subsequent as I ease back into generating content material for this internet site.

For me, the move was relatively simple for my mom, it was a unique story. I have small in the way of possessions, whereas she owned a residence, cars, and was traveling with pets, amongst other items.

So, to give you a nicely-rounded concept of what moving to Hawaii truly appears like, I’ll do my most effective to cover it all. Specially the errors we created, so you can stay clear of generating the exact same ones.

If you have particular queries for me about moving to Maui or something else about living life in a tropical paradise, please drop them in the comments and I’ll be positive to address them in future posts.

Till subsequent time, a lot enjoy and aloha, and thank you for hanging with me by way of this most current of important life overhauls &#x1f609

You are appreciated a lot more than you know!


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