Rock Crawling & Bluegrass in Moab


Part of the joy of travel is not only learning about other cultures, but sharing your culture with others.

Part of being a good traveler is being a good ambassador for your country.

As Carson from Crazy Family Adventure said after a day of celebrating ANZAC Day with us,

“I want to travel with people from other countries more often as you can celebrate their holidays with them too.”

On our jeep tour in Moab this week

Which is exactly what we were doing: sharing our traditions, the soul of our white Australia culture, our idea of mateship, our food, games and of course, our lingo!

I just happened to find an Aussie lingo book the night before our celebration and our friends took great delight in studying it and learning our secret language.

I love how Australians can be talking English, yet other English speaking foreigners have no idea what we’re saying. Our slang is just so unique.

They also fell in love with our national sport – cricket. I ordered a plastic set off Amazon especially for the day.

We headed out for the cactus field with gorgeous snow capped mountain views (very un Australian) for some backyard cricket – off course with our thongs on and Fosters tinnies in hand. (I know. It was our only Aussie option here in Moab.)

Craig ended up with smashed feet and stepping on a cactus as it had a plugger blow out. Everyone got a handle of the game quickly and had a blast staying out there for a couple of hours.

I loved how the kids got the cricket set out the next day and took themselves off down to the pitch to play together.

We had a sausage sizzle with potato wedges with sour cream and sweet chili sauce. Tim Tams and Caramello Koalas for dessert. and Kalyra and Melia made ANZAC biscuits for everyone.

All of them were a hit. The vegemite not so much. I just don’t understand why!

We had every intention to play 2 UP but completely forgot once we settled in our chairs around the fire.

All in all it was a great day sharing our culture with our American mates.

This week 21 wrap up of our USA road trip shares our adventures from Saturday to Friday.

I publish the posts on Sunday (I need a few days to prepare it!) More in-depth posts on each region with loads of tips and suggestions will be coming soon.

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Things we did in Moab, Utah

Moab is madness. Jeep week moved into Car show week and there were still loads of people around. The town is super crazy busy. But, no wonder as there is just so much to do in the surrounding areas.

Here’s what we got up to:

Jeep Off Roading in Moab

I had no idea what we were getting ourselves into when we signed up to join the group off-roading adventures with 13 families from Full Time Families group we are boondocking with in Moab.

We got a great group discount on jeep hire and I knew it would be loads of fun exploring the backcountry roads of Moab – this area is famous for it.

I’m sure Moab would have the highest number of jeeps in the world.

The drive started pleasant and scenic through the La Sal Mountains, and then we hit the trail and our first rock.

OMG. We have to crawl over that?

For the next 7 hours we learned how to be pros at managing our fears, enjoying our screams, and crawling up and down rock faces.

Man jeeps are awesome!! I want to own one now and do more of this. It’s incredible how sturdy and flexible they are.

I’m really glad we were in a group and one of the experienced jeepers, Matt was excellent at guiding us over the rock faces.

The scenery was spectacular and reminded me of Sedona. We ended our day in the sand dunes having fun driving the jeeps up and over the hills.

This was an epic Moab adventure for sure!

Canyonlands – The Needles District

We set off early to head into the Needles District of Canyonlands. It’s separated from Island in the Sky by the Colorado and Green River so takes just over an hour to get in.

The drive in through the valley is spectacular.

It is very different to Islands in the Sky, which is the mesa overlooking the canyon. This area is famous for its pink and white striped rock pinnacles that look like needles.

To explore the needles you need a 4WD high clearance vehicle (experience necessary) and all hikes in there are 6 miles or longer. For that reason, it wasn’t as great as I hoped, as the shorter hikes (more family friendly ones) are quite a distance form the Needles.

It was still beautiful and we enjoyed the hikes we did do, but it’s something to consider if you  have young children, it may not be worth the detour down there.

Although, because of its remote location you will have the place almost to yourself.

We did the following hikes:

Slickrock Trail

This trail went over the rim of a much smaller canyon with beautiful views the entire way,

Pothole Point

You get some views of the Needles in the distance.

Cave Spring

An easy walk around the edges of some caves, past an old cowboy camp, some petroglyphs and then up some ladders at the end for views.

You can read last week’s wrap for our adventures in Island in the Sky.

Arches National Park

We headed back into Arches National Park to finish exploring. You can read last week’s wrap for the Delicate Arch hike we did then.

Landscape Arch

Landscape Arch was such a pretty hike and you get to see a few other arches while there. A short detour takes you to  Arch and Pine Tree Arch.

The walk to Landscape Arch is so colorful with the orange, yellow, pink and white rock formations, the green valley in front and the blue skies. Delicious!

Landscape Arch has the longest span of the arches. Just off to the right of it you can see the Double O arches. You can walk and extra 1.2 miles to get closer. We only walked a little further up the rocks for beautiful views.

Sand Dune Arch


This is a great place to play for awhile with kids. It’s basically a giant sand pit in between rock walls.

Go a bit further in and you will see a small arch in amongst the sand. The kids loved playing in the sand here, climbing up on the rock and jumping off and wrestling each other.

We loved sitting in the shade and resting after Landscape Arch. it was a pretty hot day so this is where you can get relief from it.

North and South Window

I love this hike in Arches – if you can call it that. You are surrounded by arches – double arch, turret arch and then the windows – north and south. It’s a very short hike which also makes it so good.

Make sure you hike over to turret arch from north and south window and look back.

That’s where you’re going to see The Face.

This is probably my favorite view in Arches National Park – so mystical and ancient.

Bluegrass Music at Moab Backyard Theater

Oh this made me miss North Carolina, home of Bluegrass! Every Wednesday night (may be seasonal) the Moab Backyard Theater puts on live free bluegrass.

It’s in a tiny theater outside under a beautiful tree. The bluegrass was really good although we found the crowd oddly quiet and still.

We were up the back dancing and bopping and the kids were out the front playing. There was was space for them to play,  but it was difficult to keep them quiet, and since the crowd was so sedate it felt really crazy so we left a little early. It was fun though.

When full time families rock into town.

We have definitely found the night time experiences in Utah to be very sedate.

I don’t think you come to this state for that kind of thing. If that was North Carolina there would have been some whooping and two stepping happening for sure!

Camp Life

What a great week at camp.

The girls had loads of friends to play with. They had fun activities with the Fulltime Families group like Easter Egg hunts and games, a glow worm dance party and movie nights.

We had a relaxed Easter at camp, and the girls said it was the best ever. Probably because we didn’t see them much!!!

Craig, Jake and Craig went for a boys night out in Moab at Eddie Mcstiffs.

A fellow camper had a hot air balloon with him and kindly let the kids have free rides early one morning,

It was tethered to the ground and he took them about 100 feet up in the air. We could barely see the top of Savannah’s head peeking over the basket.

I was so amazed at how brave the kids were in going up. They had a blast.

As we’ve hot air ballooned a couple of times, and felt we’ve stretched the odds enough, Craig and I were happy to watch.

We also helped Knox celebrate his seventh birthday with a pizza party and a special visit to see the new Marvels Avenger Movie: End Game.

Can you believe this is the first Marvel movie I have watched, I think the last superhero movie I watched was when Michael Keaton was Batman!!!

I have no idea about DC or Marvel or what superheroes are about. I was stunned at how many there were in that movie.

I was also stunned by how much I enjoyed it. I was super impressed with the star line up, the story line and the wow factor. Of course  in keeping with our Aussie them of the week, Thor was the best!

RV and Road Trip Lessons



I think we had a largely uneventful time this week in relation to the RV. She was parked the entire time so not a lot of opportunities for things to go wrong.

We’re just learning that it’s exhausting boondocking. It takes a lot of extra time to keep your water topped up, do your dumps, and discard your trash.

But it does save you money and I’m dreaming of my lovely settled life in Raleigh with my own home, so I want to save money for a house deposit!

Travel Costs

Arches National Park

Each week, I include our travel related costs for the week.

I don’t include things like business costs, insurance, and souvenirs etc. That’s so personal that whatever I told you wouldn’t necessarily be true for you and your budget.

The following, apart from perhaps our groceries, will give you a reasonable estimate of costs related to travel.

If you are new to our weekly wrap, our costs each week are usually around $1,000 – $1,300. We’re really trying to stay under $1,000

My 30 days to Money Mindfulness Course helps you learn how to master your money (and do things like weekly spending checks no matter how much they hurt!) You can’t change what you aren’t aware of.

Vehicle Costs

  • Fuel: $61
  • Parking: $ 
  • Uber: $

Accommodation Costs


  • Park Fees: $
  • Tours: $ 236 (jeep rental)
  • Tickets: $
  • Tips: 


  • Restaurants: $
  • Coffee: $
  • Groceries: $444
  • Take out/ snacks: $59
  • Alcohol: $30

We eat a mostly whole foods, organic diet, which means our grocery bills are higher than what would be typical.

Don’t forget with eating out costs, tip will be included in the prices and the odd glass of wine or two.

RV supplies and living

  • Laundry: $15
  • Firewood: $ 15
  • Propane: $
  • Supplies: $
  • Dump: $
  • Postage: $31

Total paid by us: $891

Arches and Canyonlands would have cost us $30 each for a 7-day pass. We have a National Parks Pass which gives unlimited access to federal lands. It costs $80 a year.

It’s absolutely worth it for a trip like ours and saves us hundreds of dollars.

Where to Next?

Arches NP

We’re on the move again. After more than two weeks in Moab, we’ve decided it’s time to see more of Utah.

Today, we head to Goblin Valley State Park followed by Capitol Reef National Park, Escalante, and my favorite national park in the USA – Bryce Canyon.


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