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Raja - the guy who sells Nongu and Padhani near Courtrallam, Tamil Nadu

The sun is beating actually difficult on us. This could be one particular of these actually hot summers. Staying cool is of paramount significance. Modern day day drinks out there in the super markets are loaded with sugar and artificial chemical substances and do not cool you down correctly. If you want to cool oneself down working with a conventional summer season fruit drink, then study on as this report is just for you.

Most of us know of the overall health and cooling rewards of the electrolyte packed fresh tender coconut water. But, did you know that there is some thing else out there in the tropics that not only cools you down impressively, but is also super scrumptious. I am referring to a mixture of a fruit and a drink produced from the sap of the tree. This combo is named Nongu and Padhani or Nongu and Pathani in Tamil.

This fruit and sap combo drink is loaded with nutrients such as calcium, phosphorus, zinc, vitamins B and C and other minerals and all-natural sugars. This scrumptious summer season drink is exceptionally low in calorific worth and therefore excellent for diabetics and for all these who are watching their weight, but nevertheless want to cool down this summer season. This lip smacking drink is also stated to be immensely very good for your skin and stomach.

Kid all smiles with his Palm fruit at Kallidaikurichi

The palmyra fruit (nongu) is portion of the palmyra palm that grows abundantly in the hot and dry tropical regions of South and South East Asia. The Tirunelveli district in Southern Tamil Nadu is one particular of the ideal areas to come across this tree, fruit and drink and as it is my homeland, I have had the privilege of obtaining this summer season drink a very good quite a few occasions. The tree sap is collected each morning at dawn, diluted with water or palm fruit juice and then served with fresh palm fruit in a fresh palm leaf. No plastic, no paper cups, no straws. Every thing is bio-degradable. In truth, they will turn into terrific compost for future plants to develop. The only point to maintain in thoughts is that as the day goes by, the tree sap begins fermenting. Although fresh and mildly fermented are very good for your physique and assist in minimizing the physique heat, the additional fermented one particular can make you really feel tipsy. Therefore, make certain to ask the individual about when the tree sap was collected and attempt to have this drink prior to 11 AM or most up-to-date by 12 noon to make sure that it hasn’t gotten quite fermented.

Nongu fruit in palm leaf

Generally, six fleshy fruit pods (from two complete palm fruits) and two glasses of drink ought to price you INR 60 in the countryside and could be a bit pricier in cities. This drink performs quite speedily. Inside a matter of 15 minutes, you will start off feeling its cooling effects and that is when 40 degrees or additional heat will really feel like 30 degree Celsius. This is my trick to carry on with my everyday outside way of life for the duration of summer season devoid of letting the heat impact or bother me. What is your summer season trick?


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