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Tokyo is 1 of my preferred cities to pay a visit to – it in fact claims a spot in my leading three most-loved cities about the globe and it completely deserves it. I am a enormous fan of Japan’s culture the Japanese are mainly identified for their kindness and respectful behavior at all instances, a characteristic I deeply cherish. Tokyo is a city with lots of faces,identified for its superb gastronomic alternatives and the enormous assortment of solutions it presents to its visitor.


My list of ideas could go on forever, so I narrowed it down to 5 to give you an unforgettable knowledge when going to Tokyo. 


1.Travel back in time at the Asakusa


Asakusa is positioned in the northeastern element of the city and it is thought of 1 of the most touristic components of Tokyo. When getting into Asakusa you will encounter the Kaminari-nom, the gigantic entrance gate and symbol of Asakusa. The gate leads to Senso-ji, an ancient Buddhist temple, identified for its stunning colourful exterior constructed in the 7th century. Apart from Senso-ji Asakusa is dwelling to lots of smaller sized temples with their characteristic miniatures-statues. The financial development and flourishing of arts and culture for the duration of the Edo period in between 1603 and 1868 helped Asakusa develop even with no becoming inside the city’s walls.

Go to Asakusa to knowledge Tokyo’s history in 1 of its oldest districts.






two. Get Lost in Shibuya

The heart of Tokyo beats at Shibuya. It is 1 of the buzziest components of the city, becoming compared only to the New York’s Occasions Square. Commence your pay a visit to from the popular Shibuya Crossing, the intersection identified for its scramble crossing and get lost inside the tiny alleys of the district.

To completely comprehend the Shibuya phenomenon, search Tokyo in just about every travel guide or short article on the Web – you are going to see it everywhere. Seeing it from above will give you a complete viewpoint of the giant beating heart the Shibuya Crossing in fact is with the hundreds of people today crossing it just about every second of the hour.

three. Get pleasure from a ride on the regional Taxis


The taxis in Tokyo are oh-so-vintage cute knits, drapes, vintage decorations. Though the Japanese are identified for their kindness, foreign languages are not their strongest asset – make confident you have your address written down.



four. Visit the Tsukiji Market place

A single of the biggest fish markets in the globe, the Tsukiji Market place is the location to be if you are in the mood for fresh and scrumptious sushi. Overlook the classic american rolls – the genuine sushi knowledge is right here – subsequent to massive tuna pieces prepared to be auctioned.

five. Experience the city buzz in Tokyo’s alleys


The Shibuya crossing is popular for the millions of people today crossing it per day but there is a entire other globe prepared to discover a couple of methods aways. The rest of the city centre options smaller pebbled alleys, colorful homes, retro shops with vintage posters serving hot japanese soup. 







six. Enjoy the view from above


To admire the finest city view all you have to do is pay a visit to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Constructing at the Shinjuku district. You will get pleasure from the view from the 52nd floor – and you can do so for free of charge! Keep in mind the film “Lost in Translation”? Effectively, the view will remind you of it.





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