The Hawaiian Islands are a diverse place–and this is not just referring to the flora and fauna.

A rainbow of cultures exists on Maui and all through the Hawaiian Islands, but a single came initially: the regular Hawaiian culture of its original inhabitants. Whilst going to Maui, the very best way to connect with the island is by way of a regular Hawaiian culture activity.

These activities come from the rituals and celebrations of the native Hawaiians, who initially came to Hawaii from Polynesia as early as 400 CE. The traditions have been passed down by way of generations and lots of are now accessible for travelers to attempt out.

Right here are eight approaches to celebrate Hawaiian culture on Maui, and the very best spots to attempt them.

8 ways to experience Hawaiian culture in Maui

1. Stop by the Kihei Canoe Club

At the Kihei Canoe Club, guests are immersed in Hawaiian culture. Devote a day in the visitor paddling plan, and encounter considerably additional than just a canoe ride.

Through the paddling plan you will be provided an introduction to Hawaiian culture, encounter many Hawaiian chants, discover sea life, and be instructed in outrigger canoe paddling, known as wa’a. You may well even see a green sea turtle up close as you paddle beyond the reefs.

Stop by the Kihei Canoe Club on Tuesdays or Thursdays and for just $40 you can have this exceptional encounter only accessible on Maui. Bring your swimsuit and be ready to get wet!

two. Go to an genuine luau

Handful of Hawaiian cultural experiences are additional iconic than a luau. They may well appear like just a celebration on the outdoors, but luaus are element of the wealthy Hawaiian culture.

Luaus originated when the king of Hawaii initially permitted ladies and males to consume with each other. There was a giant and totally decadent feast to celebrate–as you do.

Apparently, this decadence was quite common, simply because luaus are now celebrated on the each day across the Hawaiian Islands! Through a luau you can delight in roast pig, poi, and other Hawaiian delicacies.

There are typically fire dancers, hula, and so considerably additional. There are tons of locations across Maui that you can stop by for a luau. Having said that, for the most genuine encounter, attempt the Old Lahaina Luau, which is extensively respected for its cultural sensitivity.

How to experience Hawaiian culture in Maui

three. Consume regular Hawaiian dishes

When in Hawaii…eat like the Hawaiians consume! There are so lots of fantastic eats on Maui that it can be challenging to select.

Whilst I know it is tempting to have a smoothie bowl for each meal, be certain to attempt the regular Hawaiian foods as effectively (açai bowls, regardless of their prevalence in Hawaii, in fact originated in Brazil).

The genuine crowd pleasers incorporate Poke (cubed raw fish, typically served in a rice and salad bowl), Poi (a fresh paste created from taro root, served savory or with dessert), and Kalua pork (slow roast pig typically served at luaus).

For a contemporary spin on regular Hawaiian foods, attempt a poi mochi. This chewy Japanese dessert is created from Hawaiian poi, mixing two of the Islands’ cultures into a yummy concoction.

How to experience Hawaiian culture in Maui

four. Take a hula lesson

Hula dance is not just a super enjoyable exercise, but an vital element of Hawaiian culture. On Maui there are so lots of possibilities to encounter hula.

You can take totally free hula lessons at Whalers Village Buying Center (Fridays at 3pm), or Lahaina Cannery Mall (Thursdays at 5pm). If you want to splurge on a private lesson you can also book with the Hawaii Hula Firm For an additional dose of cuteness, watch a Keiki (“children”) Hula Show at Lahaina Cannery Mall (Sundays at 1pm, totally free!).

five. Discover how to make leis

Most guests to Maui and the other islands obtain a lei upon arrival – a attractive garland of island flowers. Leis are so significant on Maui… they symbolize not just welcoming to the island, but also act as a sign of appreciate, acceptance, and respect. They are provided on birthdays, graduations, and even memorials.

Attempt your hand at lei producing with a totally free class at Whalers Village Buying Center. Classes are provided on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 11-1pm.

How to experience Hawaiian culture in Maui

six. Take a Hawaiian language class

So lots of persons do not know that there is an actual Hawaiian language–this is known as Ōlelo HawaiʻI and it is a single of the oldest recognized languages. Not lots of persons are fluent in Hawaiian language today, but it is nevertheless an integral element of the islands’ culture.

On Maui, you can immerse your self in the Hawaiian language by way of a class–the very best alternatives are the totally free Hawaiian language classes provided through on-line sources and apps. Regrettably, the University of Hawaii Maui no longer presents its totally free weekly Hawaiian language course. Having said that, you can nevertheless discover longer term possibilities at the University of Hawaii Maui and the College of Hawaiian Language.

7. Jam on a ukulele

The ukulele is, very actually, the sound of Hawaiian culture. As the official Hawaiian instrument, ukuleles have a tropical sound that is not only attractive, but also somewhat effortless to find out.

If you are like me, you may well have dabbled in a couple of ukulele chords on your personal. When in Maui, although, you must certainly spring for a lesson. Head to Lahaina, Maui exactly where you can take totally free lessons from Lahaina Music, provided 5 instances a week. You can also attempt out Ukulele Mele, a Maui native who presents on-line classes.

How to experience Hawaiian culture in Maui

eight. Program your trip about a Hawaiian culture festival

An effortless way to pack in some regular Hawaiian cultural activities is by organizing your trip about a festival. See the island come alive with festivities that are uniquely Hawaiian. Maui has lots of festivals that celebrate Hawaiian culture, and there is a single for every person based on your interests.

Foodies must attempt the Hawaii Meals and Wine Festival in October, history buffs may well delight in the Olukai Hoolaulea in May possibly which celebrates the island’s ocean culture, film lovers must come to the June Maui Film Festival…and if you seriously seriously seriously like poi (see #three), consume ‘til your heart’s content material at April’s East Maui Taro Festival.

Maui has so considerably to offer you. It is seriously a vibrant and diverse neighborhood, but so considerably of what it is currently is thanks to the Hawaiian native persons. As travelers it is so significant to respect and honor the traditions of the locations we travel. In Maui, you can attempt any of these eight experiences to celebrate Hawaiian culture.

What Hawaiian cultural activities would you most like to attempt whilst on Maui?