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As the Easter break comes to a close and my two weeks in Barcelona has almost ended, I honestly cannot think that it is almost May well. This year is flying previous!

At the finish of each and every month I now create a month-to-month update with my travel updates, new issues that are taking place with Girl about the Globe and any lessons discovered throughout the month. So here’s my month-to-month update for April:

This month I travelled back to Africa to fulfil the final element of my Africa trip and meet a buddy. If you haven’t study my African story however you can study it right here). I flew into Angola in Central Africa and then onto Sao Tome &amp Principe, an island off the coast of Gabon. Getting in Africa surrounded by Portuguese speakers was absolutely a initial for me and immediately after a difficult handful of weeks in West Africa it was good to expertise a distinctive side of Africa and study extra about this area.

If you haven’t heard of Sao Tome, then you are fully forgiven. This compact island is its personal nation and is a producer of chocolate and coffee (which I absolutely advocate). I also met an entrepreneur who distributes coconut oil from the island.

The nation mostly draws Portuguese vacationers (due to the language) but if you are searching for someplace a bit distinctive then I advocate spending some time right here. The south of the island is extremely lush and reminds me of Dominica in the Caribbean. It is quick to attain with direct flights from Lisbon and I’ll be writing a guide on this tiny nation quickly.

I have not spoken considerably about my six.five weeks in West Africa, except a single post on Lessons Find out in West Africa which in all probability came across as a bit unfavorable. Going back to Africa taught me this month’s lesson… there is constantly a good. 

The lush landscape of Sao Tome and an fascinating shaped rock

There’s no denying that I located West Africa difficult. As an seasoned traveller I hadn’t pre-empted the culture shock of travelling to this area. But while I struggled with several elements of the trip, I have also located several positives:

1. One particular large good from my initial Africa trip was that it gave me the time and clarity to consider about my brand. With no Wifi comes the possibility to actually get clarity and I realised the significance of getting a technologies detox and fully switching off.

two. I have lots of material for stories. Despite the fact that the locations that I went to weren’t the mainstream ’10 Points To Do in Togo’ I have lots of stories about staying in an old asylum centre, dancing with villagers and taking element in my initial (and in all probability final) voodoo ceremony. These experiences are priceless and I now appreciate just about every excellent moment.

three. My trip opened my eyes to tourism. Seeing young children holding out their hands and asking for gifts produced me re-query our function as vacationers/travellers. Getting an advocate of conscious travel I have realised the want for in-depth facts about each and every nation we check out and that the globe does not have a a single-size-fits-all ethical strategy.

four. As life is unpredictable, so is travel. Points do not go to program in standard life and we are regularly getting to adjust so why would travel be any distinctive? It is not about what takes place, it is about the way that we deal with what takes place. Irrespective of whether we see them as inconveniences or basically as lessons that we want to overcome. The extra difficult the expertise, the larger the transformation. Developing and evolving as a particular person is not comfy. We want to get applied to getting uncomfortable if we are open to adjust.

five. I met some awesome solo travellers throughout my trip. Booking myself into a hostel in Ghana at the finish of my overland tour I met some inspiring ladies who helped me with material for my upcoming articles. Sharing our experiences as solo travellers will aid me create about how it actually is to travel to this area as a Western lady and how critical it is to share our stories to aid each and every other.

six. As considerably as I preferred this trip when I was alone, I can now see the positives of the group tour that I took. Obtaining previously travelled by way of South Africa on the most awesome overland camping trip I had set the precedent for camping trips. But just due to the fact it wasn’t the ideal camping trip for me didn’t imply that it wasn’t a superior corporation. It just didn’t match my requires. Once again, it has offered me extra material to be in a position to create a comparison chart for overland providers and the pros and cons of each and every a single. 

Returning to Africa this month helped me to appreciate Africa extra. Each Angola and Sao Tome shocked me and I felt extra comfy arriving in this area. If we have a thirst for the globe then we want to be open to what we perceive. Just after all, how can we appreciate the superior moments when we haven’t seasoned the negative? (or what we perceive as negative).

Do not let the climate cease you from enjoying your vacation &#x1f642

So right here are my takeaways from April

  • Give your self a right break to switch off. When you go on your subsequent solo trip turn off your telephone and permit your self time to actually soak in the culture.
  • Attempt not to have any expectations from a nation.
  • Every corporation or tour is distinctive and there are so several variables to a trip from group dynamics to the adjust of itinerary or the tour leader that you just want to go with it and don’t forget to make the most of each and every moment.
  • Give someplace a second possibility. You could come across that you appreciate it!
  • We can study so considerably from other cultures if we are open to them. Alternatively of comparing it is critical to ask queries and come across out why issues are a particular way. Our cultural variations are a blessing and aid to make us a diverse planet of human beings.

In regards to Girl about the Globe I am generating lots of modifications to the internet site to make it much easier for you to use as nicely as functioning on a brand new item (which is large!) All to be revealed extremely soon…

I hope you had a excellent April. I’d like to hear exactly where you spent April or any lessons you have discovered. Comment beneath x

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