The Sibelius Monument, a Grand Tribute to a Glorious Musician


At 1st, when I arrived at Sibelius Monument in Helsinki, I was shocked to see a big crowd. Intrigued I walked inside the open-park, far more of forest in fact, and there it was! A gigantic musical note, dangling in the air. At least, so it appeared, when I 1st glanced at it. As I got closer to the monument, I noticed a bunch of people today practising ‘Yoga’ on my left. On my proper, was the Jean Sibelius sculpture, with his face to be precise. Wherein, proper in front of me, was this magnificent organ of music. Awesome vibes for the 1st time, visitor. No wonder, this renowned landmark of Helsinki, is visited by hundreds just about every day.

The Sibelius Monument

Perched involving tall trees, the Sibelius Monument is a silver-colour archetype, a musical wave that reflects the phenomenal panorama surrounding it. Even even though, what ordinarily enhanced my expertise was the Reside music functionality by a Finnish musician. For as extended as, I was at the Sibelius Monument, a subtle sound of the harmonium kept lingering in the background. Ultimately, I was lured away by the music and I did invest thirty minutes, listening to just about every small detail of the composition. As about the monument, it is a collection of more than 600 silver pipes tethered collectively as an instrument.

Sibelius Monument in Helsinki

Mentioned to symbolise the adjust of season, the Sibelius Monument resonates chirping sounds, ocean breeze and organ music. Which, is why this is the most effective spot in Helsinki to practice Yoga. For these who could not know, Jean Sibelius is a renowned Finnish composer and violinist of the early modern day era. On the other hand, he’s far more respected as he helped Helsinki discover its identity through the war of freedom.

Sibelius Monument Finland

Eila Hiltunen, the creator of the Sibelius monument, had recommended the concept to the heads of the state, which, was instantaneously authorized. Finland holds higher regards for Jean Sibelius. Anything they expressed by obtaining his image on the currency till 2002. Afterwards, the Finnish currency got replaced by the Euro. So to say, the Finnish government was thrilled by the concept of building a monument for Sibelius. In 1967, Eila Hiltunen curated the Sibelius Monument. Which, she hand-completed by placing collectively 600 hollow stainless steel pipes. That have to be a lot of really hard-operate, thinking about that this monument weighs 24 tonnes.

Sibelius Monument

Eila Hiltunen added the essence of 14 various components to improve the musical note alike monument that honours Sibelius by its sheer formation. The face sculpture was added later soon after Hiltunen faced the critics. Just this one particular update resulted in nationwide acceptance inside no time. As they say, just about every monument has a story. In this case, it is a grand-tribute to the man who not only, made globe-class music, but also, 7-sets of orchestras. I feel the monument is an definitely, beautiful piece-of-art. The fantastic tribute!

To add to the celebration, Finland also celebrates the national flag day on 8th-December, which is Sibelius’s birthday. Several events are organised on this day, for the Finns, to participate. As, a matter of reality, in 2015, Finland celebrated the 150th-anniversary of Sibelius. So if you are going to Helsinki anytime quickly, make positive to drop by this iconic landmark.

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