five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires



Right here are our new five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires. A prior New Year’s Eve fire in Dubai’s five-star hotel, the Address Downtown Dubai, demonstrates that even contemporary, sophisticated buildings at instances, can hold such dangers. Extra not too long ago, the Mandarin Oriental in the heart of posh London had a extremely publicized fire. As luck would have it, all escaped actual harm.

I am conscious of fire hazards even at dwelling getting selected to reside in one particular of Washington’s older neighborhoods, exactly where despite the fact that uncommon, two fatal fires have taken place there and in the nearby location. The terrific danger is either becoming unaware a fire has began or becoming unable to get out immediately.  On travel, in particular abroad, fatigue, language issues and lack of familiarity with short-term lodging can compound the challenge. I have observed this come about whilst on a ski trip in Europe. Aspect of our group at a neighboring hotel had to evacuate in the middle of the evening mainly because of a fire. Thankfully, no one particular was injured. For these of us solo travelers, not getting a travel mate, we have to have to be vigilant to recognize the challenge and to get out safely.

These are our 5 strategies for single travelers (and all other individuals) in case of fire:

five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires: Tip 1:

On arrival at your lodging, find fire exits, and bear in mind in an emergency electrical lighting may possibly not function or smoke can make visibility tough.  (Just not too long ago, I discovered my leading hotel abroad had only an unmarked fire door. If you occurred to uncover it by means of trial and error, it did have the words “fire exit” inside!) As a outcome, note the ideal path out by counting the actions to the exit or becoming guided by the walls if they are not as well hot to touch in a fire.  This is as vital, if not a lot more so, if you are staying in a quick-term rental which may possibly not meet the fire prevention requirements of an up-to-date hotel.

five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires: Tip two:

As they say on pre-flight guidelines, note a second or alternate exit which  may be behind you.  This is vital considering the fact that you may possibly uncover your main exit is blocked.

five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires: Tip three:

If you choose, pick out a reduce floor rather than one particular greater up. (In any case, the latter are probably to be substantially a lot more costly.)

five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires: Tip four:

Do not assume a fire alarm is a false alarm.  You may possibly have only seconds/a handful of minutes to leave your space. Just before going to sleep, place your footwear (and a jacket in cold climates) subsequent to your bed in case there is an emergency in the middle of the evening tuck your hotel essential and smartphone in your pocket.  If it is probable to return to your space, you do not want to wait in line along with everybody else who is then locked out of their rooms! In addition, if you previously took a image with your telephone of vital travel documents, like the 1st web page of your passport and visas,  or emailed them to oneself, this will speed up receiving replacements exactly where destroyed by fire. (Do be confident to password safeguard your smartphone so that you will not develop into a victim of identity theft.)

five Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires: Tip five:

Be especially conscious of fires in the course of festive celebrations exactly where fire operates can get started a blaze, or a lot more normally, Christmas trees (even artificial ones), can catch on fire.

Thankfully, if you pick out your lodging meticulously, fatal hotel fires are not a probably everyday occasion. Even so, taking affordable precautions can aid to stop really serious injury and not disrupt your trip.  Follow our 5 Single Traveler Strategies on Security-Hotel Fires for safer travels.


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