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Drone shot of Aham Anubhava, Mylambady, Wayanad, Kerala

It is right here that you wake up to the chirping of birds. It is right here that you are fed scrumptious property-cooked organic meals. It is right here that you can understand how to be a farm hand. It is right here that you understand to appreciate the basic joys of life. It is right here that you grow to be one particular with nature. It is right here that you recharge your physical and mental batteries and rediscover your ‘joie de vivre’. ‘Here’ is a conventional plantation property in a quiet village of Wayanad in northern Kerala. It is a mixture of a beautiful Brahmin household, their plantation and farm land and their new hospitality supplying named ‘Aham Anubhava’ or “’I Experience”.

Above Photo Credit:  Pradeep H Gowda

A Motorcycle holiday to Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

They are not your standard homestay and undoubtedly not a resort or a hotel. They are merely a conventional plantation property and if you opt to keep right here, you grow to be element of this property. You grow to be one particular in the loved ones. You keep in their property, albeit in your personal private area in the initially floor. You consume with the loved ones. And if you want you can function with them in their property garden, farm and plantation. And you share lots of lots of exciting conversations amidst pristine nature with a hot cup of property grown coffee or tea. Sounds sweet proper? This is precisely how I spent my festival vacation with them a couple of weeks back on a motorcycle trip to Wayanad. And did I say that I hated leaving this spot and returning to Bangalore. Such was the simplistic, but nurturing and nourishing charm of this spot.

Vishu Kani - Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

Aham Anubhava is that fantastic spot exactly where you can unwind and but choose up new abilities, understand about new subjects or merely indulge in superior meals. It does not matter regardless of whether you are single, a couple or traveling with your loved ones, Aham Anubhava will appeal to every person. And it undoubtedly does not matter regardless of whether you are right here for a couple of days or for a considerably longer duration, you will nevertheless yearn to keep right here longer.

Delicious traditional home cooked lunch at Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

Following are the essential highlights and rewards of living in this conventional plantation property atmosphere:

Banana Plantations of Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

1) An definitely quiet village surrounded by greenery

Advantages: Much better sleep, digital detox, relaxed physique and thoughts, rejuvenation, off beat vacation, pure air, lots of Vitamin D

Everybody knows Wayanad, a well known hill getaway in Kerala. Its quick and quick access from Bangalore has created it a hot weekend getaway from Bangalore. Now, have you heard of Mylambady? I didn’t feel so. It is a tiny village positioned in Wayanad and most of the individuals living right here have farms or plantations. There should really be not extra than a hundred houses and significantly less than a thousand individuals living in this village. Aham Anubhava is one particular such property tucked in a corner of this village. So, not only are you positioned in a remote village in Wayanad, you are positioned in a remote element of the village as well. This implies that the bulk of the sounds that you hear for the duration of the day are sounds of nature. Automobile sounds are a rarity. And nights are eerily quiet. Apart from BSNL, connectivity is a bit poor. So, if you are searching for digital detox, then this may possibly be the fantastic spot for you. If you want to keep connected, Aham Anubhava has absolutely free in-property wi-fi that you can use to keep connected with the outdoors globe.

Rubber plantations of Aham Anubhava, Mylambady, Wayanad, Kerala

This is the sort of spot exactly where you sleep early and wake up early to the chirping of birds (nature’s alarm contact). This is the sort of spot exactly where you can switch off from the humdrum of typical life and appreciate the basic pleasures of life, like a stroll in the morning sun towards the nearby stream or watch the sunbirds jump from flower to flower whilst you sip on your morning cup of coffee or stretch out your legs on the balcony with a book in your hand.

A plantation jeep track - Wayanad, Kerala

You can get lots of Vitamin D right here, either by sun bathing proper in your balcony or you could go on these brief or extended village walks. Greenery is all about, either in the kind of plantations, native trees or farms. So, you are certain to be relaxed at all instances. And the air is so pure that it feels so superior and refreshing when you fill your lungs to the brim with it. It is certainly a far cry from the foul air we breathe in our cities and undoubtedly one particular of the top rated perks for me.

For the duration of the evening, you can request the house to switch off all lights and stare at the star studded sky whilst sipping on some hot herbal tea or may possibly be a stiff drink (the option is completely yours).

Delicious Jackfruits getting ready for harvest at Mylambady, Wayanad

two) Birdwatching proper from the balcony

Advantages: Bird lover, Bird photography

Each morning and late evening, I would merely stand on my balcony with a hot cup of coffee in hand and see purple sunbirds, higher flame-backed woodpeckers, widespread mynas, jungle mynas, hill mynas, higher coucals, swallows, barbets, wagtails, flowerpeckers, red vented bulbuls, red whiskered bulbuls, Malabar whistling thrushes, black drongos, racket tailed drongos, jungle babblers, huge billed leaf warblers, parakeets and so lots of other species of birds. And all this with out any binoculars or significant zoom lenses. I could merely spot all of them with my naked eye. Which implies that if you have a superior pair of binoculars, zoom lenses and tripods, you can not only see and study their behavior from close quarters, but you can also finish up taking some wonderful bird photographs.

Green jungles and plantations of Wayanad from the sky
Above Photo Credit:  Pradeep H Gowda

three) Getting in the wild

Advantages: Wild animal sightings, wildlife photography, an adrenaline rush

Aham Anubhava and the whole village of Mylambady is surrounded by national parks, tiger reserves, wildlife sanctuaries and reserve forests. To one particular side there is Bandipur Tiger Reserve and Muthanga forest and to the other is Wayanad and Tholpetty wildlife sanctuary and someplace in the middle is Nagarhole and Kabini Tiger Reserve. This implies that you can just about generally come across a wildlife crossing in this village as it falls in many animal corridor zones. Although wild boars and peacocks are widespread right here, elephants are recognized to spend a take a look at just about just about every week. You can sense this by seeing the elephant dung lying on the many plantation trails. The Malabar giant squirrel is also frequently noticed right here. So are lots of sorts of macaques and langurs. Tigers and leopards are also noticed right here from time to time, even though it is uncommon to catch a view of these stealthy animals. In principle, it is just about the exact same practical experience as a wildlife safari, but you are not inside a forest jeep but on foot and there are no armed forest guards, which tends to make this so considerably extra thrilling.

Blooming flowers galore at Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

four) Understand how to be a farm hand

Advantages: Lots of sunshine, superior workout, choose up a point or two about farming, choose up a point or two about plants, may possibly be plant a couple of plants to do your bit for mother nature

It is not normally that you get to understand how to be a plantation owner, a farmer or an agriculturist. At Aham Anubhava, you can join the loved ones whilst they go back their each day function in their farms and plantation. Not only will this give you superior Vitamin D and workout, but this will also make you understand a point or do about farming, plants, fruits, vegetables, spices, irrigation, composting, recycling, and so on. Based on the season when you are going to, you could even plant a coffee or other sapling. This is one particular exclusive attribute of staying with Aham Anubhava.

If you have a lot of time at hand, you could also discover the possibility of volunteering or teaching at the village college nearby.

A tranquil riverside - Mylambady, Wayanad, Kerala

five) Indulge in conventional Tamil and Kerala cuisine

Advantages: Sattvic meals, organic meals, satisfied gut, choose up some conventional recipes for property

Most of Aham Anubhava’s each day fruits and vegetables are property grown. What ever is not property grown comes from nearby farms. So essentially, all the raw components are fresh, organic and complete of wealthy nutrients. Add to it a brilliant cook, also the lady of the property, and you have a gastronomy extravaganza. Conventional recipes cooked employing ancient tactics guarantees that you get the very best taste attainable. Raw jackfruit vegetable, green pepper pickle, sweet mango sauce, fried okra in yoghurt sauce and lots of other conventional, but super scrumptious dishes are on offer you right here.

If you are interested, you can assistance with the vegetable choosing from the garden, help with the cooking or even understand some recipes and take it back property. What ever you do, the smell of fresh firewood, the vapors of coconut oil floating in the air and the smiling conversations are bound to linger in your thoughts forever. Such is the charm of the kitchen atmosphere right here.

And even if you haven’t stepped into the kitchen, the meals in itself are superior sufficient to develop an everlasting memory of tastes, flavors and smells. I would merely return to this spot in a heart beat just for its meals. It is vegetarian meals only, but it spans a diverse menu. I feel all foodies will fall in adore with this spot.

Lush nature of Mylambady, Wayanad, Kerala
Above Photo Credit:  Pradeep H Gowda

six) Go on extended nature, farm and plantation walks

Advantages: Lots of Vitamin D, superior workout, pure air and top quality de-cluttering time

The scrumptious meals and the guilty pleasures that you appreciate in the dining area give you an incentive to discover the nearby village, nature, farm and plantation trails by foot. Not only do these walks enable you to burn all these calories, it somehow tends to make you prepared for extra of that amazingly yummy meals. Lots of sunshine, superior workout, pure air and lots of nature are some other excuses to go on these village walks. One particular of my preferred issues to do right here is to go to the village center, order a cup of hot lemon tea, invest in a tiny piece of cake, feed the loved ones of property sparrows and watch the village life go by whilst listening to the satisfied chirps of the birds. Undoubtedly a far cry from our mad city life.

The yellow flower that is taking over the hedge at Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

By now you would have realized the rustic charm of this spot. I am certain there are ton extra issues to do, practical experience and find out right here, but I guess I would have to have lots of extra trips for that. For the time becoming, I can inform you that this conventional plantation property in rural Wayanad is really a slice of god’s personal nation, with out any of the frills of contemporary tourist infrastructure. If relaxation and rejuvenation in pristine nature is your point, head to Aham Anubhava. If superior meals and loved ones is what you are searching for, head to Aham Anubhava. If a rural vacation practical experience is what you are searching for, head to Aham Anubhava.

To know extra about Aham Anubhava, appear up their web page. If you have to have any extra facts or if you are interested in booking this spot, make contact with Menaka Ramanan (menaka at ahamanubhava dot com).

Drone Shot of mountain stream flowing through Mylambady, Wayanad, Kerala
Above Photo Credit:  Pradeep H Gowda

How to get right here:

By air: The nearest airport is Kozhikode, about two hours away. But, if you are searching for an airport with a wider connectivity, Bangalore airport, at 300 kms away, is your very best bet.

By rail: Mysore, Bangalore or Kozhikode would be three train stations with superior pan India coverage.

By road: Mylambady is someplace amongst 260 and 300 kms away from Bangalore based on which route you opt for. The Bangalore –&gt Mysore –&gt Gundlupet –&gt Muthanga Forest –&gt Sultan Bathery –&gt Mylambady is possibly the quickest and the road in the very best situation. There is an alternate route through Hunsur and Mananthavady that passes via Nagarhole Tiger Reserve. Only 4 wheelers are permitted on that route. Each routes are open only from sunrise to sunset.

A festival rural holiday to Aham Anubhava, Wayanad, Kerala

Nearby Hidden Tourist Attractions:

1) Karapuzha Dam

two) Wayanad cricket stadium at Krishnagiri, a scenic cricket stadium surrounded by jungles and mountains

three) A tiny mountain stream fully reduce off from outdoors view and that is surrounded by lush greenery

Drone shot of Mylambady, Wayanad - forests, plantations and farms
Above Photo Credit:  Pradeep H Gowda

Nearby Mainstream Tourist Attractions:

1) Kuruva Island, a beautiful island on the Kabini river

two) Edakkal Caves, recognized for its cave paintings from the Neolithic era

three) Banasura Sagar Dam, one particular of the biggest earthen dams in the area

four) Chembra Peak, the tallest peak in the area and a spectacular trekking place

five) Soochipara Falls, a attractive waterfall accessible to all

six) Meenmutty Falls, a beautiful forest waterfall that demands a decent trek

7) Pookote Lake, a attractive lake recognized for its lilies, lotus flowers and boat rides


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