How to Discover the Golden Circle on a Day Trip from Reykjavik, Iceland: Map and Self-Drive Guide


Prepared to take a self-guided tour of the Golden Circle? Study on for a road trip map and uncomplicated self-guided itinerary. 

Iceland’s Golden Circle is a preferred for guests passing by way of Reykjavik, and for very good cause. The area is spectacular and comparatively uncomplicated to access, whether or not you are going with a group or driving oneself. 

This tends to make a fantastic day trip, enabling you to escape the city and chase waterfalls but be back in time for a an Iceland fish dinner.  

Most folks favor the freedom of traveling on their personal by way of Iceland and opt for to do the extended Ring Road route, which requires you about the perimeter of the whole island. This requires at least 7 days, nonetheless, and is not sensible if you are only going to Iceland on a extended layover. A Golden Circle tour lets you see some of the greatest Icelandic nature out there even when you are on a tight schedule. 

Aside from the price tag of gas and meals, this is an cost-effective trip to do on your personal, with most locations obtaining no admission costs. This is a rarity in Iceland, which is an highly-priced nation commonly. Do not bother shopping for a water bottle. The folks in Iceland are proud of their pure springs and encourage you to fill up a reusable bottle from their several all-natural taps. 

Right here are the major sights to see on a Golden Circle day trip from Reykjavik. 

Golden Circle Iceland Map 

You can opt for to discover the Kerid Crater initially or final, going clockwise or counterclockwise from Reykjavik.

What is the Golden Circle?

Rainbow over a waterfall in Iceland

The Golden Circle is a series of scenic tourist stops that get started and finish in Reykjavik. The drive amongst the principal points of interest is about three-four hours, but if you aspect in the time you invest at every single attraction it’ll most likely take six-eight hours to total. 

The Blue Lagoon is not integrated in the Golden Circle. It is much better to go to that website on your way to or from the airport due to its proximity. 


Renting a vehicle in Iceland 

Iceland Road Trip Self-Guided Route

If you want to drive oneself all through the location, you just will need to get a rental vehicle and have access to a GPS program. I didn’t will need an international driver’s license when I visited, but verify with your rental vehicle provider to be confident. Your greatest bet is to choose up and drop off your vehicle straight at the airport. Some of the lots can be confusing, in particular on a rainy day, so be confident to get a map of exactly where your vehicle is from the rental vehicle provider just before you step outdoors in inclement climate. 

WiFi along the Golden Circle can be spotty. I had a mobile hotspot to remain connected and get directions on my telephone. Make confident you hav a vehicle charger and ample backup chargers due to the fact driving directions have a tendency to drain your mobile battery. I do not propose employing telephone information as it adds up and gets quite expensive. If you have an unlocked telephone, you can get a neighborhood SIM card to have web access and remain connected. 

The roads are mainly highway and uncomplicated to drive, but beware of driving in the dead of winter as the route can get icy and blocked by ice and other obstacles. Warmer months, like April to September, are perfect. Some folks like to rent a van and sleep in the camper van all through the road trip to save cash on accommodations. This is a secure solution. 

Quit 1: . Þingvellir National Park 

Iceland Road Trip Map

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? This website is featured as the impenetrable pass to Eyrie in Season four and can be observed when Brienne and Hound engage in a fight. It is a gorgeous location with serrated rocks and waterfalls You will pass the visitor’s center on the way in, a very good location to cease, use the restrooms and grab a snack. There are a number of stops along the way, every single with their personal separate parking lots. You can effortlessly stroll amongst lots offered the water is good. 

This is also exactly where you will uncover the Silfra split, a singular place popular for enabling guests to practical experience what its like to snorkel or dive amongst continental plates.  


Quit two: Gullfoss 

Gullfoss Waterfall during the day

The waterfalls at Þingvellir National Park will pale in comparison to Gullfoss. The name indicates “golden waterfall,” and a sunny day you are assured to spot a rainbow. The waterfall is two-tiered and around 105 feet tall. It is been named 1 of the major 10 waterfalls of the globe.

The whole surrounding location can be a “splash zone” based on the strength and path of the wind when you are going to. Admission is absolutely free and there’s parking on website. 

Quit three: Strokkur Geyser 

Geyser bubble about to erupt

Strokkur is the most active geyser in Iceland, erupting just about every handful of minutes like clockwork. The water on a regular basis reaches heights of additional than 50 feet. It is aspect of a larger park that characteristics other smaller sized geysers, hot springs, mud pits and other geothermal activity.

There’s also a significant welcome center right here with a selection of dining possibilities, drinks and a significant present shop. There are no entrance costs right here either and there is a gravel parking lot on website. 

Quit four: Kerid Crater  

Kerid Crater view

This is a volcanic crater with vibrant colors that can be attributed to the lava and iron deposits. It is estimated to be three,000 years old. It is also enormous, about 180 feet deep and 550 feet wide. There’s a modest admission charge right here of 400 ISK, around USD$three.

You can stroll all the way down to the water or take images from above. The water from the lake comes mainly from rainfall and the depth will differ based on the time of year you go to. The trails are comparatively nicely created right here, generating it a good and uncomplicated spot for hiking. 

Quit five: Horses

Icelandic horses in a field

At any point all through the route you can cease and admire the gorgeous Icelandic homes. They’re privately owned and enclosed with either fences or moats so you cannot get as well close, but you can feed some of them so bring carrots or apples along to aid you make a new pal. 

Icelandic horses are as opposed to any other horses in the globe. Not only are they gorgeous, they have a unique trot and breeding. Icelandic horses are exclusive to the nation and descended from Vikings. The Golden Circle is a fantastic spot to see them in their all-natural habitat, and catch spectacular images of these beauties. 


Till subsequent time, secure travels!

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