A trip to New York will not be comprehensive if it does not involve a couple of visits at the city’s most critical museums, galleries and well-liked internet sites exactly where art and history meet.

The American Museum of National History is one particular of the finest examples, becoming one particular of biggest museums all about the planet and  featuring some of the most critical and most fascinating exhibitions following MET, in my opinion. Positioned on the Upper East Side of Manhattan, across the Central Park, a go to at the Museum of National History is obligatory.

The fascinating exhibitions presented in the museum permit the visitor a timehop – a travel back in time. More than 45 permanent exhibitions, a huge library and the Planetarium make a fascinating complete, prepared to steal your heart.

My go to at the Hayden Planetarium was the most magical component of my trip. My 30-minute virtual trip to the outer space had me in awe it is a magical planet out there! The Planetarium is positioned inside the Museum as a component of the Rose Center for Earth &amp Space exactly where a show  – virtual trip to space is presented each hour.

The Dark Space Show in the Hayden Planetarium provides the visitor a 30-minute virtual trip to the dark universe with spectacular photos of the enigmatic cosmos projected on the hemispheric dome with the use of cutting-edge technologies.

The viewer dives into the deep space, acquiring higher information of its structure and history via a show made by a group of astrophysicists and science visualization professionals. From the Massive Bang to the most recent scientific information and space discoveries, the show provides a detailed and precise image of how the universe designed and evolved.

The detailed scenes are primarily based on genuine scientific information, which includes photos from a NASA space probe. 



Traveling up to 40,000 feet on a standard basis, typically tends to make me wonder what lies beyond what meets the eye. I was so a lot in awe by my Heyden Planetarium encounter, I automatically really feel drawn into anything linked to it. Like the Omega Speedmaster watch, for instance – the one of a kind timepiece that has manifested lunar landing and has considering the fact that been the established symbol of human courage and ingenuity.

The Speedmaster history goes back to 1964 when NASA bought a quantity of wristwatches for hardware testing to evaluate their use on future space expeditions. The watches had been all subjected to tests below intense circumstances, which includes temperature, stress and shock  – with only one particular watch becoming the winner: the OMEGA Speedmaster.




This year, the Speedmaster celebrates 60 years from its launch, nevertheless holding its official qualification as the timepiece for each space expedition for properly more than a century. The revolutionary design and style of its predecessor, the chronograph created in the pre-space exploration era, is the inspiration behind the modern day Moonwatch chronograph.


The precise watch has been selected from astronauts and organisations relevant to space for half a century and the name provided considering the fact that then is ” The Moonwatch”. 



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