Gorilla Safaris in Africa – The Greatest Way To Go on Mountain Gorillas Tracking in Rwanda & Uganda


Did you know that the closest primates subsequent to your brother, sister, father, and mother occurs to be living up in the mountains? They are the Mountain Gorillas who share 98% of humans DNA. Regrettably, they are critically endangered, their population is much less than 1,000. Fortunately, as we reduce trees, burn the forest, hunt wildlife, and mine every single corner of the mountain as we feel there is, there are brave people attempting to preserve these gorillas, guarding them and sparing their really personal lives.

Final year, I was fortunate sufficient to meet these Mountain Gorillas up-close as I did the Mountain Gorilla Tracking in Uganda and what thrilled me, even additional, is that I met the awesome Mountain Rangers who dedicate their time, work, and their lives for these wonderful creatures. Going on one particular of the very best Gorilla safaris in the globe was absolutely one particular of the happiest and craziest days of my life– it was tiring, exhilarating, heart pumping, and surely one particular for the books. Gazing at their glass brown eyes is surreal and did I mention one particular of them even tapped me on my stomach? Here’s how you can do it as well!


Mountain Gorillas can only be located in the mountains of Congo, Uganda, and Rwanda but the excellent factor is, there’s a tour enterprise known as Gorilla Trek Africa who organizes Gorilla Tracking in all these nations, wherever you could be.

P.S. No, this tour is anything you can not do alone. Aside from getting really tough, you will not even be in a position to cross previous the diligent Mountain Rangers!


  • They have versatile tours- Whether or not you have two or 24 days to spare for your tour, they would gladly arrange an expertise you will by no means overlook. You will embark on a journey on a 4×4, stare at the Mountain Gorillas’ watery brown eyes, hike across lush forests, see animals that you have only noticed in books, and most of all, meet the brave Mountain Rangers whose mission is to shield the lives of these animals.
  • They have more than 10 years of expertise- They have been carrying out this for more than 10 years and getting in this sector for that extended, that says a lot about their group. Wouldn’t it be good to entrust this after-in-a-lifetime-expertise to a knowledgeable group?
  • They have regional guides with vast expertise- Not only do they recruit regional guides, but they also have a group with verified expertise in dealing with mammals and birds. Their guides are also people today who know the tourist attractions in their regional location.
  • Their regional guides are nicely-educated in all elements. They are nicely-educated in tracking gorillas, identifying distinct species of plants and animals, and most of all, security coaching is an integral component of their job as a tour guide. Items could go out of manage and getting a guide with security coaching is really vital.
  • There are no hidden charges!!- One particular of the most widespread complaints from people today who did the Mountain Gorilla Tracking with other agencies is that there had been a lot of hidden charges. With Gorilla Trek Africa, all the meals, entry charges, accommodation, cruises are integrated in the total cost as per the itinerary.
  • You can customize your personal tour- Confident, they have a proposed itinerary but you can usually customize it the way you want. If you’d adore a lazy day in amongst and just delight in the hotel’s amenities, then so be it!
  • You can program your trip with a knowledgeable Consumer Service Representative 24/7- No matter what time of the day it is that this tour sparked up your excitement, you’d have somebody to speak to and program items with. Just head on to Gorilla Trek Africa’s Web page and click Chat Now. Anticipate a reply in a matter of seconds!


As I’ve talked about earlier, Gorilla Trek Africa operates in Uganda, Rwanda and Eastern DR Congo but their solutions also go additional to Kenya, Tanzania, and even Burundi! Getting in one particular of these nations, I’m positive Mountain Gorilla Tracking is not all there is– this is why they also provide Wildlife Viewing, Western Lowland Gorilla Tours in Congo, Cultural Trips and Natures Walks, Primates Trekking which includes Chimpanzee, Golden Monkeys, Angola Colobus Monkeys, and so on., White Water Rafting Adventures, Mountain Hiking Trips, Adventure Trips, Bird Watching Tours, Hot Air Balloon Safaris, Volcano Climbing, and a entire lot additional.


1) You require to book months ahead- There are only 80 Gorilla Permits out there each and every day and that indicates only 80 people today could go to the park every single day. This is the purpose why booking months ahead will be very best for you. Trust me, you wouldn’t want to miss this chance!

two) Gorilla Permit Charge varies in each and every nation- This is anything you really should take into consideration. The permit for Uganda is 600 USD, Rwanda at 1,500 USD, and 450 USD in DR Congo. There’s a large distinction, I know, but each and every trek in every single nation is special. This charge would cover the Park Entrance Charge and the funds to assistance the Mountain Rangers.

three) Booking on a rainy season could get you a discount on these permits- The months of June to September and then December to February will bring you to an unforgettable climb but the rainy season promises an exceptional journey (not to mention a discount on the Gorilla Permit Charge).

four) You have to dress appropriately- This wouldn’t be a stroll in the park so count on the worst– you’d slip, you’d fall, you’d touch thorny bushes, you’d get bitten by insects, and whatnot. Getting mentioned that, you truly have to dress nicely. Use appropriate hiking boots, hand gloves, extended sleeves, trekking pants, sunglasses, and hats. A rain jacket and a light jacket will also come in handy for the unpredictable climate.

five) You are 99.9% positive to meet a gorilla- Getting regional guides who have been with the Mountain Gorillas for 15 years, they positive know how and exactly where to track them. Ahead of a scheduled group, a group of rangers hikes up early in the morning to track them with their fresh poop!

six) Children beneath 15 years old are not permitted to do this- I know this trip could be a memorable loved ones escapade but I recommend to reside your little ones beneath 15 years old. In below no circumstance can they be permitted inside the park. Mountain Gorillas are somewhat shy but after they really feel scared or threatened, they will attack and shield their personal. Can you just consider what will occur if a youngster screams about them??

7) You have to keep 7 meters away from the gorillas- Whilst they could appear like your extended lost brother and you are dying to give them a tight hug, that is not attainable. They are really fragile and are susceptible to human-borne ailments like cough and colds. Bear in mind, there are much less than 1,000 of them now and you wouldn’t want any of them to get sick. You wouldn’t want to trigger them as well!

That is it for this post, everybody! This trip could be costly but let me inform you, once more and once more, you are worth it!

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