An old church in Fort Kochi, Kerala, India


Apr 26, 2019

Renuka Walter

How the Photo was Taken

I clicked this photo with my iPhone 6s on a rainy day in Fort Kochi, Kerala. I did slight colour correction with Photoshop. I enjoy this photo for the reflection that I got to capture due to the rains. I like to capture such easy, but charming stuff. Reflections that you get to see due to the fact of the tiny pools of water are additional attractive, as they give you a distinctive point of view of a location.

Photo Place

Santa Cruz Basilica – Fort Kochi, Kerala, India.

About the Author

Renuka Walter

Renuka Walter is a travel blogger who likes to travel solo and extract genuine experiences out of every location she visits. She’s passionate about photography, and likes to capture areas in a style that would inspire additional men and women to travel.

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