Ladies more than centuries have claimed equality as active members of the society and by getting ultimately won the fight for their rights amidst worldwide conflict and alter is inspiring, to say the least. What now is taken for granted although, is the outcome of years of fighting more than inequality. Currently, I am going to share a great story with you.

A story reflecting the diversities in each attitude and style that females from all more than the globe share and how a luxury watch manufacturer left its mark on the wrists of millions of females more than the years.

In the course of the early 20th century, as the women’s rights movement rise, a revolution in the women’s watch-generating sector started. At the time, it was regarded as rude and inappropriate for a lady to appear at her watch – possibly suggesting she was feeling bored or disinterested. OMEGA stepped in to provide a remedy by starting the production of “secret jewelry watches”: pieces that looked like jewelry but had, in reality a tiny watch hidden inside.




1902 was a milestone for OMEGA considering the fact that the OMEGA ladies watch became a signature piece and a distinguishing function of women’s style. A handful of years later, OMEGA matching the Art Deco movement, presented new pieces that featured wealthy colours and bold shapes, inspired by the popular twenties style. OMEGA’s renowned precision complemented every single watch – all discerning females of the time cared as significantly about the outdoors of the watch, as they did for the inside.

1 of the brand’s commercials from the 1950’s stated that “In all facets of life, a lady is just as active, sporty, and as busy as a man. Like him, she demands a watch of precision.” To superior reflect that attitude, all OMEGA’s marketing of the time appeared contemporary and gender-neutral in order to help the varied life style of females everywhere.

The Ladymatic – 1 of my all-time preferred pieces – was designed in 1955 and it featured the world’s smallest rotor-equipped automatic calibre. Luxury and excellence in all levels!

In 1995, Cindy Crawford became OMEGA’S 1st Brand Ambassador – it was when the luxury watch maker 1st linked its name with females of self-assurance and good results which includes Nicole Kidman, golfer Stacy Lewis and athlete Jessica Ennis-Hill.



With the 20th century more than, OMEGA is proud to be at the forefront of sector with its ladies watchmaking. The technologies of the brand has women’s desires as its key concentrate, making sure that each the beauty of every single watch and the innovation inside meet the highest requirements of excellence.


Maria Kalymnou

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