Group travel tours versus solo travel — here’s how to select


Let’s say you want to take a trip to Spain this summer time. Your greatest pal was going to go with you, but now can not. You can go alone… or you can appear into going with a group travel organization. Of course, there are pros and cons to each scenarios. I’m mainly a solo traveler, but have attempted a handful of group trips more than the years. As you can envision, every single travel organization varies in the very same way that no two trips are specifically the very same. So, when it comes group travel vs. solo travel, which do you select?

“Traveling with other folks can be a blast, but prior to you embark on a group trip, there are a handful of factors you ought to take into consideration,” Mary “Libby” Emanuel, owner of Premier Group Travel in Mount Dora, Florida, mentioned in an e mail. She mentioned it is necessary to make certain you are seeking for a travel expertise related to what the group gives. “For instance, particular tour businesses have extra of an emphasis on the nightlife aspect of traveling, whereas other folks are extra educational or eco-tourism-focused,” she mentioned. “You want to make certain you and your traveling companions will be compatible in your trip expectations.”

Some group tours may be more nature-based than others.
Some group tours could be extra nature-primarily based than other folks. natalia_maroz/Shutterstock

Just before placing down any deposits, Emanuel mentioned to ask oneself: Do you want to travel with persons closer to your personal age or do you choose a extra wide-ranging generational span? Do you want to space with an individual to reduce fees, or are you an individual who requires private space for oneself? And, are you comfy in group settings? “If you are a correct introvert, you could not love getting with a lot of other persons, specifically if they are all strangers,” she mentioned.

But, the excellent news is, there are so lots of group travel tour businesses out there these days, you can almost certainly obtain 1 that has lots of of the factors you want, from location selections and trip lengths to group size and age ranges. Of course, at the finish of the day, you could make a decision you’d rather organize a group trip with some close good friends or go off on your personal. If you are attempting to make a decision involving going with a tour group or preparing some thing on your personal (no matter whether with good friends or actually flying solo), right here are some factors to look at.

Pros of group travel trips

1. All (or most) of the preparing will be performed for you

If you have a restricted quantity of holiday time and seriously do not want to be concerned about preparing your trip, that is exactly where group tours come in handy. Normally, they’ll program factors so nicely, from excursions to exactly where you will be sleeping, that all you will need to have to do is show up. Plus, most expenditures will be covered, normally which includes travel insurance coverage, so you will have fewer logistical headaches.

two. Constructed-in travel companions (OR good friends) — for life

When you travel with a group, you are bound to bond with at least some of your fellow travelers, which signifies you will have immediate travel buddies. If you are the form of particular person who does not just stroll up to and befriend strangers, then this could be a significant perk of why group travel could function far better for you. So, not only will you expertise new cultures in the cities you are going to, but also amongst your travel group given that they’ll probably be from all more than the planet.

And your new travel good friends will not just be your good friends for the duration of the trip they could be your good friends for life. For instance, when I was 17, my grandma took me on a 3-week trip to Poland… the second-youngest lady was 50 (!) and everybody else was 70-some thing. At very first, I wondered how I’d relate to these persons for a day, let alone 3 weeks. But they all became my pseudo-grandparents and I nevertheless maintain in touch with them right now.

I met Mary and Paul on a group trip in Portugal last summer, and we became fast friends!
I met Mary and Paul on a group trip in Portugal final summer time, and we became rapidly good friends! Natalia Lusinski

three. Access to locations you could not get if you are traveling alone

Some group trips get magical access to locations and experiences that the typical solo traveler can’t get, which is unquestionably a bonus when it comes to group travel, not to mention that some travel destinations are not effortlessly accessible if you go alone, like an African safari or trip to Antarctica to see penguins. In addition, when you are with a group, you will normally be capable to skip lengthy lines that you’d almost certainly have to wait in if you are traveling solo.

four. Insider details

Given that tour guides normally do the very same trips once more and once more, they are chock complete of insider details about every thing from the city you are in to the greatest café in town that no other vacationers know about. And, they’re significantly extra than a tour guide: If you feel they just assist you obtain your way from tourist location to tourist location, you are incorrect — they can be every thing from your travel mentor to your private safety guard. So, no matter whether you are getting a hard day and need to have some emotional assistance or an added element of security, appear no additional.

five. Security in numbers

Even though you could be a pro at traveling solo, at instances, you could also not have felt 100% protected all the time. Or perhaps you have delayed going on a particular trip due to the fact you’d rather go to that location with other folks. In that case, “security in numbers” — i.e., traveling with a group — could be greatest.


1. They normally price extra

Given that lots of group trips are all-inclusive (or mainly inclusive), they have a tendency to not be as affordable as if you are traveling on your personal. For instance, perhaps 1 organization has you keep at 4-star hotels even though you are normally extra a hostel or economical Airbnb particular person (so that is revenue you could have saved). Of course, this aspect — and other folks — will differ from organization to organization, but it is some thing to maintain in thoughts when taking into consideration your travel expenditures. As a solo price range traveler, I was shocked at how significantly some group trips price, which is why it is vital that you weigh all the fees prior to you commit.

two. Restricted amounts of time to sightsee

Even though group tours could squeeze in extra sights in a shorter quantity of time — which could be regarded a plus — this also signifies that if you are seriously loving a location, when the tour bus leaves, the tour bus leaves. (Then once more, you can often return for a longer period of time in the future.) Of course, if you are traveling alone or with good friends, you will be capable to set your personal pace.

With group travel trips, you often need to stick to the sightseeing schedule.
With group travel trips, you normally need to have to stick to the sightseeing schedule. Natalia Lusinski

three. As well lots of persons

Even though some group travel trips are modest, averaging about 10 persons (or significantly less), other folks have dozens of persons on 1 trip, which could be overwhelming. Like Emanuel mentioned, it depends what form of trip you want if dozens of fellow travelers is not an challenge to you, it is not an challenge — you could enjoy all the added possible good friends you will make.

four. Not adequate alone time

Though lots of group tours do give you alone time, it is not limitless amounts, so if you’d rather have extra, you could choose traveling alone with the latter, you will have an added element of acquiring to know oneself far better vs. fellow travelers.

five. Lack of freedom

I’d say the most significant con, aside from price, is the lack of freedom. On a group tour, there’ll be no sleeping in you have got that tour of the Vatican to see! If you are normally an individual who operates on their personal schedule and tends to make plans spur-of-the-moment, you could be far better suited to travel on your personal or with some like-minded good friends.

Like something else, it all comes down to what you want to get out of your travel expertise. If you seriously worth your freedom and do not want to be tied to a fixed schedule, you could obtain that traveling with a handful of good friends — or alone — is a far better match for you. But if you like the reality that everything’s organized for you and you do not have to pressure about what you will do every single day, then group travel could be the greatest alternative. In any case, it is a win-win given that you will travel and see someplace(s) new, which is what it is all about.


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