The greatest thriathlon in Greece celebrated its 5th anniversary and it was greater than ever!

I was in Spetses amongst May perhaps five-7 to expertise exclusive moments of sportsmanship as properly as participating in a fantastic bring about considering that the race is a single of the most critical sports events in Greece.

The 5th year of the occasion proved to be a single of the most prosperous in the history of Spetsathlon, breaking any prior record of participation  – and I am grateful for getting there to expertise it.

For a glimpse of how fascinating this weekend was, I kept you updated by way of my Instagram stories Spetses is such a magical location to be so, of course, I had to share it with the globe.

Far more than 1.100 triathletes participated in the Endurance, Sprint Thriathlon, Swimming Race, Bike Race, the SUP occasion and the Twilight Charity Run. In addition to the thriathletes, there had been much more than three.000 guests in Spetses to attend the occasion, producing Spetsathlon a single of the most well known sports events in Greece.



Photo credits: Νίκος Καρανικόλας, Luc Percival, Παναγιώτης Μαυρομάτης

On Friday May perhaps 5th, the Twilight Charity Run opened the occasion, to be followed by the key races with the 1000m Swimming Race on Saturday at the beach of Agios Mamas. Nikos Simantiras and Katerina Politi had been the race winners.

There is a single moment I will normally cherish from day a single of the occasion and this was when the Paralympic winner Dimitris Karipidis completed the race, getting the warm applause and welcome by the crowd recognizing its tremendous work.

Day a single continued with the Spetsathlon SUP Occasion and the 25K Spetses Bike Race which had been held on the exact same day and ended with the Pasta Celebration – a preferred for all the athletes and guests of the occasion! Sunday was the day of the Spetses Thriathlon Sprint (750m. Swimming, 25k cycling and 5k operating), the Thriathlong Endurance (1.5k swimming, 50k cycling and 10k operating), as properly as the relays.





Mrs. Marina Coutarelli was the heart and soul of the occasion who, along with the Communication Lab group, managed to pinpoint the significance of participation, the worth of the athletic spirit and the significance of persistence, fair play and work.

Apart from that, their outstanding organization presented each a single of us the chance to pay a visit to and like Spetses so significantly, we cannot wait to be back once more – this time to participate and compete!

The motto/hashtag of the weekend indicates the spirit of the occasion: #2winis2participate.


I was enjoying Biotherm’s Brunch at the terrace of Hotel Posidonio, watching the triathletes and the superb view of the sea ahead. Despite the fact that, I did not have the opportunity to participate this year, I am prepared to do so subsequent year!

You can watch anything about my expertise at the Spetsathlon on my Youtube channel.


A substantial thank you to Communication Lab for the invitation to attend this year’s Spetsathlon so I could share my expertise with all of you and to Spetses Hotel for my accommodation. It was a magical weekend and I am currently counting the days to be back in Spetses!

Maria Kalymnou

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