Duchy of Teschen or how to taste Central Europe


Receiving to know the city is like consuming a gourmet round cake. You can of course concentrate on the surface, lick its entire sweetness, leaving the rest. There is absolutely nothing incorrect about that. But only swallowing and digesting it all, hulling all the one of a kind tastes hidden deep inside and mixing them collectively will let you encounter its elevated and true aroma.

There are areas that, in addition to the extremely sweet and frosted surface, hide intriguing and diverse flavors deep down. They can be identified in particular in Central Europe location, the spot that Milan Kundera after described as “maximum diversity in the minimum space”.

In the territory of the former Duchy of Teschen and its capital – Cieszyn – you breath multiculturalism. But to really feel the complete taste of the cake the foodie-explorer would have to invest weeks on chewing, swallowing and digesting. Therefore this guide for explorers – you can decide on, find out for your self and attempt the taste that intrigues you the most. These are, of course, only the most critical ones.


For breakfast – Viennese egg

Austria-Hungary is nevertheless trendy! Lengthy and grey Habsburg moustache and huge grey bushy eyebrows give a shadow in many pubs, cafes and restaurants. Duchy of Teschen has been aspect of the Habsburg Empire for a number of centuries. The sentiment to grandma Austria is nevertheless understandable amongst the inhabitants. Particularly that back in the days the area was treated as the critical center by the core – Vienna. That is when the spectacular town homes, the art nouveau architecture and the outstanding constructing of the theatre (now Adam Mickiewicz Theatre) had been constructed in Cieszyn. You can conveniently admire the beauty in public. For the duration of the Napoleon Wars Cieszyn was the short-term capital of Austria – that is exactly where the Habsburg court has hidden when Napoleon troops had been attacking Vienna.

You can sate Austrian and Viennese vibe also on the street level, attempting to catch middle class – coffee homes life-style of Cieszyn’s inhabitants. You can notice the remnants of the old pride of the town – the shortest tramline in the entire Austria-Hungary! For more than 10 years it made use of to take passengers from the Upper Industry all the way to the train station. Even if it is not completely correct that Cieszyn got its glory thanks to Habsburgs (a lot more about that later!) it certainly was noticed by Vienna as the critical center.

Second breakfast – a straightforward sandwich, eaten on the run

That is the favourite taste for everybody ticking off monuments, these who appreciate stones, fossils, museums and history. The sandwich has extremely small freshness, its taste has been adjusted for more than thousand years but nevertheless it is pretty conveniently digested.

More than thousand? That is not a error – the fortified gord remembers initially Slavs, these who had no notion about Jesus Christ existence. Nearby, in Chotebuz, you can uncover the reconstructed gord that is normally known as “Czech Biskupin” (referring to the name of the oldest gord in Poland). The city has been creating currently when Habsburgs had been nevertheless not so critical line – back then Cieszyn was beneath the Piasts rule.

A single of the most significant attractions that we can undoubtedly get in touch with “touristy” is the Castle Hill. You can uncover there the remnants of the fortified castle. If you nevertheless have doubts about graying hair on city’s eyebrows head to the 3 Brothers Effectively and find out the legend about 3 princes that met right here in the year 810. They had been so content about their meeting and they liked the location so substantially that they’ve decided to remain right here, establish the settlement and – as a reminder of their content meeting – get in touch with it Cieszyn (which is extremely comparable to “be happy” – “cieszyć się” in Polish).

For lunch – power bar for these who do not know what the shortness of breath is

We have fossils, we have grandma Austria but we didn’t overlook about these who do not uncover happiness living in the previous. These who have to run 100 km per day, do 500 sit-ups and really feel the wind in the hair to have a fulfilling day.

The area does not disappoint – gorgeous Beskidy Mountains tower above aspect of it. You can place the guitar on your back, hide the song book in the backpack and hit the trail. A further choice would be checking 1 of many effectively ready biking trails, either on the Polish or on the Czech side.

For these of you who adore profile images with a gorgeous background view I propose Równica Mountain or – on the other side of the border – Javorovy peak. That is exactly where you will uncover paragliding center but that, to be truthful, is not my sort of things…

Greasy Sybarite’s dinner – for these who are often brief of breath

Why the crossroad of cultures is so magnetic and one of a kind? Since distinctive ethnic groups cultivate their traditions surrounded by other people, juicing up the colourful scenery. What’s a lot more: if they coexist collectively extended sufficient they can – without the need of losing their identity – build the one of a kind mix, so common for a particular spot. That is what occurred in the Duchy of Teschen – German, Czech, Polish and Silesia traditions developed a totally integral essence of Cieszyn and surroundings. It is almost certainly most effective noticed in the regional cuisine. The correct foodie cannot be bored right here – in addition to the at present most preferred Central European dishes such as kebab and pizza you can uncover on each sides of the border areas serving nearby meals.

Extremely efficient explorers of the nearby tastes are beer lovers. Cieszyn’s brewery traditions came from the Middle Ages, the ducal castle brewery was established right here in the middle of the 19th century. No wonder nearby breweries either on the Polish or on the Czech side of the border are undertaking so great – beer lovers go to the Duchy of Teschen a lot more than normally!

Frosting or stuffing?

The Duchy of Teschen, just like other comparable Central Europe historic regions, does not have a gorgeous frosting that would attract crowds of sweetness lovers. In these described areas almighty confectioner focused a lot more on consistency. However – foodies have a a lot more hard and ambitious process than frosting lovers. You can recognise the surface from far away but it is not so uncomplicated with the inside of the cake.

On the other hand in the areas like this we can gradually see that the race to see as lots of more than sweet cakes as attainable is pointless. This report, in a extremely casual and sketchy way tells you about most fundamental tastes. Why casual and sketchy? Each and every of us has distinctive taste buds and ought to attempt the cake himself. Be the independent explorer.


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